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Addis Ababa dating guide advises how to date Ethiopian women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Dating Guide

A group of hot local women having a good time at the Flirt Lounge in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is the administrative and commercial capital of Ethiopia. It attracts women from all parts of the country, making it the hub for Ethiopian women. Most of the girls and women come to the city in search of jobs, education while others come to have a good time in the capital. The city has many attraction sites that keep everybody entertained all day long. Some of the major attractions that travelers visit include museums and archeological sites. Ethiopian men are known to be flirts which means that the girl you are dating will be loudly admired, approached, and regularly praised, making you jealous. To successfully date an Ethiopian girl, you will need to understand and appreciate their culture to ensure you do things the right way. Most girls here take reputation very seriously. She will never take you to meet her parents unless she feels sure that you are the one for her. Ethiopia is a heterogeneous country with a large number of different cultures, each with different beliefs. Women here are open to dating any person that appreciates them the way they are. If you are a traveler looking to meet beautiful girls and get entertained, then Addis Ababa is the place for you. If you seek to date an Ethiopian girl from the city, you need to set your priorities first. There are opportunities for occasional sex, one-night stand, and even long-term relationships. Ethiopian girls are known to be welcoming and super friendly. To date a local girl, you need to be very charming and lucky. Many women here do not conform to the cultures in the rural areas when it comes to hooking up and dating. Dating apps like Tinder and Badoo are very popular among the youth hence increasing your chances to get women all around the city.

How to Date Ethiopian Women

Ethiopian women are beautiful, and you will often find yourself getting attracted to them. The women here are in good shape with average height and natural. Most Ethiopian women fancy tall men and will go any length to get their attention. They also have varying characters; you will meet some who are shy, some who are over caring, while others are short-tempered and outspoken. Women between the age bracket of 18 to 29 are the best choice for casual dating. These women are super friendly and are likely looking for casual dates and not serious relationships. Be careful if getting attaches too quickly because most young girls switch partners very easily without a second thought. There are no particular guidelines for dating these girls, so always work with what's works for you best. Any Ethiopian girl who likes you will always make it easier for you, but if they don't show any sign of interest, they may not be much into you. Here are some unique guidelines to successfully date an Ethiopian girl.

  • Be caring and hardworking: Ethiopian girls are hardworking and would want to be with a guy with the same character. Take care of them and show love. This trait will go a long way to winning the heart of an Ethiopian girl.
  • Learn Amharic: Learning their local language is the easiest way to stand out and attract Ethiopian women. Amharic is the official language and is mostly used over English. Most Ethiopian girls do not speak good English, so she will ignore you the moment you approach her.
  • Go to an Ethiopian church: Most Ethiopian women are religious. Respecting and appreciating their religion will increase your chances of dating an Ethiopian girl. Most churches also offer Sunday services for anybody who is a Christian. Take a point of attending a service with your Ethiopian date.
  • Be fun-loving: Most Ethiopian women are fun-loving and rarely entertain any morbid activity. Whether at a party or an in-house date, they love to dance and enjoy every moment. If you are a fun guy, you have a great chance of having a hot Ethiopian girl.
  • Keep your bragging to yourself: Boating is a real turnoff for Ethiopian girls. The more you show off, the more you lose them. Always stay calm and don't talk much about your career, money, and how you've made it. Most Ethiopian girls are less materialistic; hence there is no point in bragging.
  • Avoid being inquisitive: To successfully date a hot Ethiopian girl, always avoid being nosy. Numerous questions scare ladies off instead of getting her close by your side. Regardless of your curiosity, please take advantage of the time to know more about her.
  • Understand that family always comes first: Most Ethiopian ladies love the idea of marriage, and they seldom divorce because it brings disgrace to her and her family. If you show any intention of marrying an Ethiopian lady, be ready to be introduced to her family.
  • Good manners and moral values count: Always be polite and respectful when conversing with Ethiopian women. Open doors for your lady, and allow her to pass through ahead of you. Please don't cut into her conversation nor yell at her.
  • Respect and appreciate their cultures and traditions: While dating your Ethiopian girl, always appreciate their culture and attend some of their cultural ceremonies. This shows how much you care and love her.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Addis Ababa is among the biggest cities in Africa in terms of both infrastructure and population. Getting around and interacting with different people can be very hectic, especially due to the language barrier. Amharic is the commonly spoken language in the city, limiting tourists and ex-pats from interacting with local women and girls. The city has several unique places you can visit and meet single girls. During the day you should pay a visit to the shopping malls and cafes. These places are mostly flooded, especially during weekends. Since most people here are very conservative, you should approach women with a lot of care to avoid annoying people. During the nights, the best option to hook up with local girls is in bars and nightclubs. Addis Ababa has lots of pubs, bars, and clubs that are hunting grounds for women. Most women in clubs are not conservative and won't mind you approaching them.

  • Bars, pubs and nightclubs: Most activities in the city of Addis Ababa take place at night. The city has some of the most visited nightclubs and bars in this part of the region. These are great places for travelers and ex-pats to mingle and hook up with local girls. When visiting some of these places, they always dress to impress since most women want to be with men who look and smell nice. When you spot some lonely women, you can approach and offer to buy some drinks. If they like you, they will respond quickly, but if they don't accept, move to the next since they may be already picked or not in the mood to interact. Some of the best nightclubs and bars in the city include Fendika Azmari Bet, Memo Club, and Topia Tej Bet.
  • Shopping malls: Addis Ababa has a large number of shopping malls. They attract many people, especially girls and women who love shopping and window shopping. Most of these malls are mostly attended by the upper and middle class. Meeting single women in malls is no longer strange but a common thing. While you can start talking to her, and if the conversation flows, you can then decide to visit a restaurant. In situations where you meet a lady paying for something you can afford, you can pay for them. Most Ethiopian women love that kind of attention. Some of the most popular malls include Dembel City Center, Shoa Shopping Center, and Friendship City Center.
  • Outdoors: Ethiopia has its origin as early as during the biblical times of the Ethiopian eunuch. The city of Addis Ababa has lots of interesting places to visit and have fun. A multilingual tour guide would be very helpful to facilitate your movement because almost everything in the city is written in Amharic. Starting conversations in these places is more challenging than in bars and clubs. You will often meet most of them not in a good mood, resulting in a turnoff. Outdoors like swimming pools and beaches are a little bit different and will likely get a hookup. This is because most people in these places are here to relax or on vacation, so if they see you are foreigners, they will be more impressed. Impress her with your conversation skills and collect their number for the past meetups. Top meetups in the city include The Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum and Mercato Addis Ababa Central Market.
  • University and colleges: The city of Addis Ababa is home to more than 14 universities and colleges. Many universities and colleges have set up in Addis Ababa to cater to the ever-rising population of Ethiopians capital. Universities are a perfect hunting ground for single women who are vibrant and ready for hookups. Some of the popular universities include Addis Ababa University College of Commerce, Addis Ababa University, and Kobe College of Teachers Education.

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Most youngsters and middle-aged people in Addis Ababa visit clubs every day in the evenings before heading home. Beers help them relax and let go of the pain of hard work. As a traveler or an ex-pat looking for a hookup, don't be surprised if a girl from these clubs comes up to you and asks for a dance. If you spot a girl that impresses you, all you have to do is stand up and offer some drinks. Start a good conversation to impress her. If they don't accept your offer, move on to the next one since there are many girls in the city to choose from. Some of the top clubs to pick up local Ethiopian women include:

  • Club H2O: This is among the top clubs in the Ethiopian capital. It combines leisure live jazz evenings with vibrant nights of dancing to music mixed by some of the locally accepted DJs in the city. The club attracts a large number of revelers, especially young people. During weekends the club is packed very livelily. It's a great place for tourists to hang out and interact with the locals.
  • Beer garden: This is among the bars that offer authentic Ethiopian beer. They offer great services at very affordable prices. During weekends and evenings, the bar is usually packed with middle-aged people. It's a great place to relax and chat with friends while enjoying the variety of drinks offered.
  • Black Rose Bar: This is among the classiest evening venues in the city of Addis Ababa. The bars offer a large variety of foods and drinks at very low prices. It's a great place where locals mingle with visitors while enjoying their favorite drinks.
  • The vault: Vault is among the most popular lounges that offer a great selection of beers and vodkas. The happy hour is usually from 5 pm to 9 pm and brings significant discounts on drinks and free snacks. It's great for ex-pats who want to interact with local people.
  • AV Nightclub: This is another popular nightclub located in Africa Avenue in Addis Ababa city. the nightclub has some of the best beers and vodkas in the city at very low prices. There is a large dance floor for revelers to show their moves. The large crowd here are young party lovers and a few visiting guests. It's a great place for hooking up.
  • Flirt Lounge: This is a great venue that has earned a reputation with its excellent live music nights on weekends. Mondays are preserved for Arabian Nights with Middle Eastern music. It's a great club that opens from 5 pm to 3 am.
  • Tobia Teje House: This is another popular bar located on Haile Gebreselassie road in the city of Addis Ababa. It attracts a large number of revealers, especially during weekends. Major music played here includes local popular genre music. The bar has some of the best DJs who ensure the music is awesome to keep the crowd entertained.
Visit The Vault club in Addis Ababa to meet some hot local girls

Dating Apps

Dating apps have risen in popularity in recent years. Using dating apps is a great way to prevent wastage of time checking out for girls on the streets. There are many dating apps on the internet serving different purposes. Some have extensive follow up while others have few users. The most common dating apps used in Addis Ababa include:

  • Afrointroductions
  • Mingle

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