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Madrid dating guide advises how to date Spanish women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Madrid, Spain.

Dating Guide

Madrid is the capital and most populous city in Spain. It is home to over 3.4 million people living within its boundaries and approximately 6.7 million inhabitants living in the metropolitan area. The large population makes Madrid an ideal place to get into the dating scene for travelers; there are many women to choose from, and you will likely find someone of your taste without much struggle. Women here are gorgeous, have playful personalities and artistic inclinations. Each bit of them always gives you a reason to choose them for a partner. Impressing Madrid girls is pretty different from other parts of the world. Girls here are soo real and are often pushed away by most people's values and fancy.

As a traveler, you will have to be very outstanding, attractive, and have good communication skills to go on dates with these Spanish babes living in the city of Madrid. To play right, you will need to understand the city's overall dating culture to prevent yourself from getting embarrassed.

How to Date Spanish Women

The dating culture in the city of Madrid is very chilled out and casual. As a tourist, especially from western countries, there is nothing much to worry about, as most things are similar to those back home. Still, as for those from other parts of the world, a few things are essential when looking forward to date a Spanish babe. As in many cases dating in Spain is highly appreciated by the community and more so the parents. Many young adults begin dating and make their relationship status public, where friends will congratulate them and family members invite them for introductions. As a tourist, you can also begin dating some local girl in Madrid very quickly, all you need to do is showcase your charming and witty personality while being a gentleman, and you can be assured she will fall for you. Some of the key things to increase your chances for a YES include:

Always keep your word. If you said you would call, they expect you to call. Sticking to your comment and building trust means a great deal to Spanish girls. Always speak your truth instead of exaggerating staff or even overpromising things.

Always be honest with your needs. Spanish girls love honest people. Being straightforward is essential for a successful date. Suppose there is something you don't like. You are expected to say it even if it makes them uncomfortable. Honesty is the cornerstone of Spanish culture, and almost everybody values these attributes with admiration.

Spanish girls like expressing their feelings at once, which may seem too much for you. Soo always respects their decisions when it comes to dating and love. Their passion for everything allows them to live life to the fullest, making them very impressive among men from different parts of the world.

Spanish girls are family-oriented, so they always expect to be introduced to their family after a few dates. They are also dedicated to finding a soulmate who is ideal for them. Soo as a tourist who is around for just two to three days dating here could be an actual little bit hard compared to those planning to stay a little longer.

Most importantly, Spanish girls are known to be faithful hence ideal partners for serious relationships. Once they decide to style down with you, they mean it, so they never betray their faithfulness since they expect the same for you.

Spanish girls are not punctual. Spain is a country of cheerful people who enjoy watching time pass by. When your girl turns up late on a date, don't get angry at them, it's just the way they are brought up. They don't do it on purpose. If you are impatient, try considering your dating priorities; otherwise, accept this fact about her.

Spanish women love delicious foods. If there is anything that can make you outstanding, here is food. The women love cooking national dishes and traditional cuisine, so always be ready to try them all. When you visit their parents always eat whatever they offer you. Failure to do this is seen as an act of ignorance to their hospitality.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Nightlife in Madrid is always at top levels. the city is home to many bars, nightclubs, and other open places to meet single ladies. There are three main places to meet up with single girls while in this city, and one is in the different nightlife spots where you can flirt with waitresses. You can also opt to get online with apps like tinder and Amanda, which are used by hundreds of thousands every day. Another great option is open places like museums, parks, and famous streets. Universities and colleges are also great spots to pick up single girls. Unlike most western cities, the problem is not meeting girls but where to take them for dates. The good thing about Spanish women is that they will help you come up with date ideas. Here are some of the favorite spots to get single girls in Madrid.

Bars, pubs and nightclubs.

Madrid city is home to some of the best nightclubs and bars ideal for both locals and tourists. The spots are your best chance to flirt with local and foreign women. While here, always be at your top game when it comes to impressing women. You can offer to buy some drinks or even request them to dance with you. Some of the best spots to pick up girls include Liberty, Stardust Club, Fucking Monday, and Independence Club.

Shopping malls.

Shopping malls have become a scorching spot to pick up quality girls in the city of Madrid. The small cafes, restaurants, and clubs inside malls attract many people, especially women. Most malls also have cinemas inside that attract a large group of movie lovers. Meeting single women in malls is no longer strange but a common thing today. The main reason women prefer malls is that they are more convenient, safe, and secure. Some of the city's famous malls include La Gavia, Centro Comercial Islazul, and Centro Comercial Principe Pio.


There are lots of outdoor places to meet up with Spanish girls. Significant options include roadsides, parks, public transport, and sites of attractions. Starting conversations in these places is more challenging than in bars and clubs. You will often meet most of them not in a good mood, resulting in a turnoff. Outdoors like swimming pools and beaches are a little bit different and will likely get a hookup. Some of the best outdoor venues in the city include El Retiro Park, Puerta del Sol, and Madrid's Royal Palace.

Universities and colleges.

Spain's capital has some of the best universities in this part of the region and the world. They attract both local and international students all year long for various courses. Most university students are usually up for casual sex and relationships, so it is a great spot to try your luck. Madrid's most famous universities include the Autonomous University of Madrid, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and Rey Juan Carlos University.

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Madrid is a massive city with a wide selection of bars and nightclubs to pick up local girls. Knowing the best places to check out can be a very daunting task for anyone unfamiliar with the city. Most of these clubs are often crowded, especially during weekends. famous clubs in the city include:

Fabrik. His is a Spanish techno temple located in the outskirts of Madrid. It can host over 7000 people with several halls, each playing a specific kind of music. Popular genres played here include electronic music and techno music. The club attracts famous Djs and international musicians, especially during special events and weekends. It has a feeling of Ibiza clubs characterized by good music and robust sound systems. Principal musicians featured at the club include Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex, and Laurent Garnier. This is a perfect place to hang out during your trip to Spain and hook up with some local party girls.

Goya Social Club. This is among the most visited clubs in this part of the region. The club is located in Calle Goya 43 and attracts large crowds of techno and house music lovers. Some of the famous musicians featured include The Magician. the significant crowd is young youth below the age of 27 and house music lovers. It's an excellent place for tourists and ex-pats looking to get laid by Spanish girls.

Teatro Kapital. This is an iconic club located a few steps away from Atocha train station, right in Madrid city. It features seven floors, each with a different atmosphere and style. Here you will find whatever you like ranging from foods, women, and drinks. The club is flooded, especially during weekends and special occasions. Major music played in the club included. Reggaeton, EDM, and hip-hop, while the second floor is a karaoke room where people show their singing skills. While here, make sure to taste each room's style and not miss the Megatron in the main room.

NOX club. It's one of the techno music nightclubs in the city of Madrid. The club features some of the best Techno Djs in the region and also international musicians every month.NOX club has invited some of the most famous techno musicians like Gaiser, Pleasurekraft, and Uner. While planning to visit here, make sure to buy your ticket earlier to avoid being left outside. it's a great place to hook up with both local and international girls.

La Liviera. This is among the famous luxurious clubs in this part of the region. The club has hosted some of the best concerts in the city of Madrid. During weekends you could visit both your favorite rock band and also the clubbing session. They play music genres ranging from electronic music to pop-rock concerts depending on the audience's mood. it's a great place to party and enjoy yourself like a kid.

Gotham. This is a famous club in the city, especially among students. It is located near to some of the most populated universities in Madrid. The music played is mainly house and electro music on Fridays and Reggaeton on Saturdays. It features two large rooms which can hold up to 900 people each. It's an excellent place for those looking forward to hooking up with hot university students.

Sala Arena. This is among the most popular nightclubs in this part of the region. It is located next to Plaza de Espana. the club is one of the pillars of Madrid's electronic music scene and hosts some of the most successful parties in the city. Major hits played include EDM on Thursdays, Tecno music on Fridays, and Mondino on Saturdays. It's an excellent destination for ex-pats and travelers looking for hookup spots.

Sala Pirandello. This is the most open-minded club in this part of the region. Its welcomes crazy nights as a "no pants party" and many other nights with live shows from time to time. The club is crazy, so you need to show your weirdness to feel like part of the community. They play Dance and house music which will make you dance all night. It's an excellent place for hookups with both local and international women.

Dating Apps

Technology has changed the way people relate and date across the Globe. Madrid was among the cities that were reluctant to appreciate online dating sites due to their trust culture. The best thing with dating apps for foreigners is making friends and creating a connection before you land in Madrid. It's a great way to prevent wastage of time checking out for girls on the streets. There are many dating apps on the internet serving different purposes. Some have extensive follow up while others have few users. The most common dating apps used in berlin city include:

• Tinder. • Badoo • Meetic • EDarling

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