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Singapore dating guide advises how to date Singaporean women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Singapore, Asia.

Dating Guide

A group of hot Singaporean girls enjoying at the Zouk club

Singapore is among the famous city-states in maritime Southeast Asia. The country has a vibrant culture, nightlife, and exceptional cuisine. The dating culture in this city-state is unique and also flawed in its own way. The local dating culture here is influenced by western and Asian values. The central notion here, just like other Asian countries, is that if you are rich and hold a high-paying job or respectable job, you will attract women and are also deemed successful in life. Sex before marriage or casual sex in rural areas is seen as immoral and unethical. Usually, the local Singaporean male is always judged or even shamed for bringing a woman home. One of the traditional beliefs that are still followed by the large community here is you have to have a solid connection with a woman before you can have sex with her. For foreigners dating in Singapore, it is a bit of a mixed bag. If it is just casual dating then you will find it easier but if it is something serious then you will face resistance. It just depends on your look at life, your approach towards women, and what you are looking to find. Singaporean girls are usually very confident, outspoken and they know how to carry themselves. They know how to speak English but the accent can be a little heavy and hard to understand.

How to Date Singapore Women

Singaporean women are deemed to be materialistic and superficial. This is a bit of a stereotype but can also be true in many cases. Money definitely matters in Singapore especially as a foreign guy you need to show off a little to score more girls. This comes from a certain lifestyle that a large percentage of Singaporean girls are used to and the way they have been brought up. Things are definitely changing amongst the younger generation but money and image matters. There are things that you need to know/learn about in order to successfully date Singaporean women.

  • Learn about the local culture: Singapore is a melting pot of different cultures and that is what makes it is so unique. You can find girls from different ethnicities and backgrounds. It is important to know a little about the basic culture of the place before approaching girls so you do not offend them in any way or come off as too strong. The local culture is heavily influenced by Chinese values so the importance of family, community, language has been instilled in the local girls since childhood. You need to respect these things.
  • Work on your social skills: Singaporean women are attracted to guys who are confident and smart. They want someone who knows how to lead a situation or a conversation so make sure you brush up on your social skills if you successfully want to date a Singaporean girl.
  • Register on online dating websites: Make your profile on the local online dating websites in order to get in touch with the hot single girls of Singapore. It can be a safe space to get in touch with the local girls and will also give you an idea of what they are expecting, how you should converse in real life etc.
  • Work on your looks: Singaporean girls want a guy who knows how to dress well and look presentable. A survey did also says that Singaporean women are not also willing to date someone shorter than them. Just as males want to be with physically attractive women, so do females. Be good-looking and presentable to stand a chance to win hot girls. Another essential thing to impress Singapore girls is expressing your love through positive text messages, giving them flowers on dates, and saying I love you during calls.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Singapore has some of the best spots to meet quality women. The girls are nice and super friendly. Their silky hair, slender figures, and fair skin are the primary reasons they attract many people to visit the place. Though being brought up in relatively religious communities, the women are known for their open thinking and liberal approach towards life. Many local girls are eager to land themselves a foreigner, so your job here is to charm these hot girls and get them to want you more than just a friend.

  • During the day: Singapore has lots of outdoor locations where you can go and pick up girls during the day. Another significant plus here is that everyone speaks English; hence no language barrier. One common thing you will find is that locals are scared or not interested by Asian or Indian-looking guys when getting approached during the day time. The best way to approach girls is by starting chit chat which is considered old-fashioned but works. Local guys only talk to girls in clubs or through tinder, making it exceptional and unique to start a conversation. The best thing about daytime is that there are lots of girls to choose from and when you get rejected by one or two you still have a great selection. The famous places to get girls include:

Shopping malls like the ION Orchard, City Square Mall. The Paragon and Vivo City. The malls are usually flooded with hot girls, especially during the weekends.

Clarke Quay is another popular place to pick up girls. It's a great location, especially during weekends and holidays. Orchard streets are also an excellent option to try. Day date ideas include merlion park, Singapore botanic gardens, marina bay, national gallery of Singapore, and Asian civilization museum.

  • At night: Although Singapore is somewhat a conservative country, wild parties still take place here. Most of the techniques you can use during day time also work at night time. Once in clubs or bars, ensure you make eye contact, smile at the girls, and also take the lead, initiate the conversation. When it's time to leave the club or bar, make sure to ask them to an after-party with you. Also, talk to girls when walking along the streets to increase your chances of getting laid. One point to remember is that most clubs do not allow flip-flops or shorts. Always check the dress code.

Hook up in bars: One of the best places to hook up with girls is in bars and clubs. The famous bar in the city is Brix Bar, located in Grand Hyatt hotel's basement on Orchid road. Many of these girls come here to get laid, and others to get some money. Other popular bars in the area include 1-Altitude, KPO, and FireFly.

Night Clubs: Singapore has a wide range of nightclubs that receive many visitors all year long. Many of these clubs are packed with girls who probably want to get laid. While here, make sure to talk to a few of them and see what happens. Attendants are super friendly and also easy to interact with. Some of the famous nightclubs include Attica, Zouk Club, and Fanclub Singapore.

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Singapore is a very silent city during the day but transforms into a vibrant entertainment hub after dark. Bursting through the night is seen as a way of living life to the fullest. There are very nice spots for live wire revealers who want to drink and dance until sunrise. Most of the clubs invite internationally accepted Djs, especially during special events. Standard clubs in the region include:

  • Zouk NightClub: This is among the most popular clubs in this region. It is located at 3C River Valley Road, The Cannery, Singapore. It features nine wine bars and four clubs, namely Zouk, Phuture, and Velvet Underground. The club opens from Wednesday to Saturday from 21:00 -04:00. It attracts both local and international travelers all year long. The club provides an excellent clubbing experience to its customers for over 23 years. the club also offers a great food selection, with attendants being welcoming and super friendly. It's one of the best nightlife attractions in Singapore. With top-notch sound systems, state-of-the-art lighting, and a great selection of drinks, the club can attract excellent local and international DJs.
  • Attica Nightclub: This nightclub is located at 3a River valley road, Clarke Quay Singapore. The club receives a large crowd of people, especially on Friday night. It is divided into two levels: level one featuring furiously flashing lights, sprawling couches, and immersing beats of & R&B.electro music, Trance, and extreme luxury. The club is famous due to its excellent sound system, great cocktails, excellent music selection, and exciting crowd. It is from 10 pm to 4 am every day. The club offers free desserts like ice creams and jaggers to ladies. It's a great place to hang out and meet new stylish people.
  • Canvas: Canvas is a famous club in Singapore, especially among the local youth. It is located at 20 Upper Circular Road, The Riverwalk, Singapore. The club features some very well decorated rooms and fantastic DJs.they offer great music and a variety of drinks at reasonable prices. Its also an excellent destination for those interested in photography, fashion, digital art, street art, and film. typical music is played in the club includes swing, including Techno, House, and Nu-Disco. The club opens from 5 pm to 2 am.
  • Altimate: This is among the famous clubs in this region because it offers a luxury experience in this region. It is located in One Raffles Place, Singapore. This club receives many visitors, mainly locals, ex-pats who value good drinks and laughter after work. It is located on one of the latest skyscrapers in Singapore hence offering breathtaking views. Typical music played includes house genres and Techno music. the attendants are professional, super-friendly, and easy to interact with. It's a great place to meet and interact with new people.
  • Bang Bang: This is another famous nightclub located in Raffles Boulevard, Pan Pacific Hotel Marina Square, Singapore. The club offers a trendy and great party scene which has turned it into among the hottest nightlife destinations in Asia. It is situated in a luxurious, 5-star hotel that attracts large groups of foreigners and local party lovers. They offer a variety of great drinks and foods to their customers. It's a favorite spot for international DJs, especially from lag Vegas and New York City. The dres' code here is essential since it requires men to dress formally and no flip-flops. it's a great place to hang out and meet high-quality women from all parts of

the world.

  • Cherry Discotheque: This world-class nightclub is located in Cecil St, Singapore. It receives a large number of visitors, especially during weekends. It's an underground haven for old-school hip-hop lovers. It attracts a unique crowd with a laid-back street vibe. It is a favorite spot for local girls who consistently get in before midnight. Tey allows streetwear which makes it very popular among locals. It's a great place to meet up and interact with new people. It's also a great place to pick local girls. The entrance cover is 30$ and two free drinks for men but free for women.
  • Kilo Lounge: It is located in Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore. Its popularity recently became one of the top places to enjoy an evening full of good drinks, food, and laughter. It also provides a friendly atmosphere for all party lovers. It attracts famous local DJs due to its vibrant culture. The entry cost is usually 20$ but free on all Thursdays. It's a great place to visit and hook up with local girls.
  • Hero's: This is another famous nightclub located at 69 Circular Road. The club attracts many people, especially the young age, due to its excellent music selection. It is a bit silent on weekdays but gets very vibrant during weekends.
  • Skinny lounge: The lodge is located in Boat Quay and among the most vibrant nightclubs, especially Fridays and Saturdays from 9 pm till dawn. The club is filled with ex-pats in their twenties and thirties who come to the great music, pool table, and fantastic karaoke. It's a great place to meet and interact with new people.
  • LeVeL33: This is a famous nightclub located on Marina Blvd. It's a great place to pick up drinks and women even during the weekdays. Most CBDs working professionals come here after work. It's a great place to interact with people from the city.
Party at the Canvas club in Singapore

Dating Apps

Technology has changed the way people relate and date across the Globe. According to research, online dating in Singapore has been increasing steadily and has a 33% success rate. The best thing with dating apps for foreigners is making friends and creating a connection before you land in Singapore. It's a great way to prevent wastage of time checking out for girls on the streets. There are many dating apps on the internet that have their purposes. Some have extensive follow up while others have few users. The most common dating apps used in Singapore include:

  • Tinder
  • OkCupid
  • Hater
  • Bumble
  • Paktor

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