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Hong Kong dating guide advises how to date Hong Kong women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Hong Kong, Asia.

Dating Guide

Hot young girls at the Levels Nightclub, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is usually full of slim Asian ladies who are very lovely and caring especially when you speak the same language as them. They usually have a good taste of fashion and love to adore themselves with the latest trends. There are two categories of women here in Hong Kong where they have to be handled differently for you to successfully date them. This is what you need to put in mind before you date Hong Kong women. It is important for you to understand the type your Hong Kong lady is so as to avoid pissing her off and eventual rejection. The two main types of Hong Kong women are the Cantonese and the regular Hong Kong women. The Cantonese women usually speak very little English and chances of you breaking this language barrier is almost zero. These women are usually intrigued by men who have money instead. The general perception that they have is that Caucasian men from the West are extremely rich thus you will have the upper hand if you fit in this category.

The regular Hong Kong women are those who were brought up or relocated to the countries in the West especially United States then late relocated back to Hong Kong. The most common reasons for these women to relocate back to Hong Kong is usually so that they can pursue their careers and culture. These women, having grown in the western culture, tend to have adopted it. They tend to have an attitude of looking down upon other people. They are also not afraid to snob you if they dont like you when you make advances towards them. They usually delink themselves from Cantonese women and tend to be pissed off when you associate them with the Cantonese. They speak and understand English very well thus it would be easy to speak to them if you don’t mind the attitude.

Most of the time, local women here in Hong Kong are usually very busy with their work or studies thus they usually have a lot of things in their mind. You will be able to successfully talk to them when you approach them when they do not have a lot of stress. One of the safest ways you can use to approach a Hong Kong woman here in the city is using a wingman or wing-woman. They will be able to relieve the awkward moments when you meet with the girl that you like by making introductions for you. This doesn’t mean that you need to come with your wingman or wing-woman rather, you can make friends here in Hong Kong through online dating apps and sites. They will be able to introduce to you to as many ladies as possible so as to increase your chances of being lucky.

How to Date Hong Kong Women

As earlier mentioned above, there are two type of women here in Hong Kong thus, you need to know the type of women you desire. We have the Cantonese women who only understand the Cantonese language thus it will be hard to get along with them if you do not understand their language. For those Cantonese women who decide to date you even though you do not understand their language, are mostly only after your money. For the Chinese women, as they have already been exposed to the western culture, they tend to be more open minded and usually prefer to date Caucasian men as they assume that they have a lot of money.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Hong Kong women usually have a variety of unique interests thus you will need to find out the type of interests the single girls you desire have and go the places where you most likely find them. For example, if you desire to meet single girl students, then you need to go to the various universities here in the city and try to charm the girl you like. If you like historians, go to the museums in the city to find those girls who love history. You need to do this research first so that you do not end up making a girl lose interest in you because of talking about things she has no interest in. if you decide that you want to meet single girls during the day, then you need to take your emotions low-key. Majority of the girls here like foreigners thus you will have the upper hand of attracting their attention if you are one. You can also use your status here in Hong Kong to your advantage. Always tell them if you are here on a business trip or you are here to seal of a deal worth millions of money. You will most definitely capture their attention if they know you have a lot of money. Some of the popular places to meet single girls here in Hong Kong include:

  • New Town Plaza
  • IFC Mall
  • The Landmark
  • Times Square Shopping Mall
  • Harbour City
  • Elements Hong Kong
  • Pacific Place
  • Festival Walk
Exterior of Apple store at IFC mall, Hong Kong

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

The nightlife here in Hong Kong has nightclubs, bars, parties, and girls written over it. There are days which are considered dull days to try and explore the nightlife here in Hong Kong, Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays. During these days, you will mostly find foreigners in the nightclubs and bars in the city. The best days to explore the nightlife here in Hong Kong is always on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. This is because many locals including Hong Kong girls throng these entertainment joints to party and have fun.at night, in order to be able to successfully win a girl for yourself, you need to be more straightforward when talking to her. Be bolder and always make eye contact when talking with her. You can even touch her shoulder gently with the gesture of requesting her for a dance or even to go with you somewhere private. Foreigners are usually revered by the local girls here especially Caucasian men from the West. Some of the bars and nightclubs found here in Hong Kong include:

  • Volar: This club is magnificent, from the architecture to the interior décor, lighting features and amazing drinks, this club is believed to be the best in Hong Kong. It is usually frequented by many people including both local and international girls thus, chances of hooking up with a girl here quadruples. The party here is usually lively and the girls who come her want to have a good time. Do not be a party bummer and get in the mood. Enjoy a few drinks and ask as many girls as possible for a dance. You can then flirt with her later in the night and if you are lucky, she might go to bed with you.
  • The China Bar: Here, you will be able to enjoy amazing cocktails as you party with the girls who have come here to have a good time. You will also get to enjoy live performances by the various bands who come here. The ladies here are usually lively and are not shy to respond to your questions.
  • Play Club Hong Kong: This club has gained popularity both in Hong Kong and even across the borders of China. It is usually thronged with many gorgeous local girls who want to have a good time. The dancing hall here is humungous thus, many people can dance here at the same time. The lighting features here are magnificent with the amazing drinks that you will get to enjoy here being a plus. Both local and international DJs perform here, playing the latest music. The girls who come here are out to have a good time thus you can approach one, buy her a few drinks and even ask her for a dance. If she vibes with you, do not be afraid to ask if she would like to hook up with you.
  • DRAGON-I: this club is truly amazing. You will be able to enjoy the amazing Chinese and Japanese delicacies offered here at affordable prices. When the clock strikes 10 pm, that is when the fun starts. Partying in here goes to another level. The girls here like having a good time and won.t mind when you ask them for a dance. Try to be polite when you ask her for a dance. The cocktails offered here are usually amazing with the bartenders being charming. Be advised that this club has a strict dress code thus, find out first.
  • Geronimo Shot Bar: At this bar, you can be assured of enjoying breathtaking views of Lan Kwai Fong. The ladies who come here usually prefer that calm and relaxing atmosphere and you are likely to spend the night with her if you are able to charm her.
  • Drop: At this club, you will be able to enjoy amazing house music mixed at the decks by experienced DJs. The amazing cocktails offered here are truly amazing with the friendliness and professionalism of the bartenders being a plus. The ladies come here to party and enjoy the amazing cocktails. You can use this to your advantage and buy drinks to the girl you like. Live performances are also held here hence you can be assured of unending entertainment here.
  • Ce LA Vi: You will be able to party at this club for many hours. The music that is played here is usually lively and the girls who come her want to have a good time. You can them a few drinks then dance with them at the dance floor. You can later hookup with them when the club closes.
  • The Iron Fairies: It is believed to be the most famous bar in the city. It usually has that romantic atmosphere, perfect for you to flirt with a girl and even compliment he seductively. There are usually live band performances here. If the girl is game, you can book a room later in the night and sleep together.
  • Déjà vu: It has become popular among party enthusiasts here in Hong Kong. The lighting features and loud music make creates that lively atmosphere here. The drinks offered here are usually amazing with the bartenders being charming. There is a lounge area here where you will be able to relax and flirt with many girls who come here. If she responds positively to your vibe, ask her politely if she won’t mid hooking up with you.
  • Levels: It is among the most luxurious clubs here in the city. The lively atmosphere here is created by the lighting features, reflective surfaces, wooden furniture, and an amazing LED-filled dance floor. Girls who come here won’t mind if you request her for a dance as they are here to have a good time.
Party at the Volar Nightclub in Hong Kong

Dating Apps

Online dating here in Hong Kong has taken up a notch with many Hong Kong women enrolling in these apps to find their partners. Technology is heavily embraced here in China thus the concept of dating apps is common in the cities in China such as Hong Kong. You will be able to go through the profiles of the women you like and even begin flirting using these apps. Some of the dating apps you can use to meet Hong Kong women include:

  • Tinder: It is the most common dating app in the world. It is also the best dating app to use to find women in Hong Kong. As many of the ladies in Hong Kong are usually occupied with either work or studies, they usually do not have time to go out and look for their partners thus majority of them enroll in the various dating apps such as tinder. This app allows you to look for your partner at the comfort of your surroundings. Be prepared to go through a lot of profiles in this app as many Hong Kong women have signed up here thus you will need to scroll through each profile to narrow down to the ones you like.
  • 3nder: It is a unique dating app. This app is usually used to connect people in Hong Kong who enjoy having a three-way type of sex. Those who would like to get freaky in bed and would like to do it with Hong Kong women, then this is the best app to use.
  • Happn: This is a dating app that is best suited to rekindle the love you had when you met a lady here in Hong Kong. You might have met a lady in the mall or park and forgot her name, well you can use this dating app to connect with her again. It is also convenient for many users as it connects you with ladies who share common interests with you. You will be able to flirt much better as this app does all the hard work for you.
  • Blendr: This app is best suited for those who would like to hook-up with Hong Kong women. Many of the ladies who have enrolled in this app are ready to have sex with the man they fall for. You need to be creative when flirting with them. Talk seductively and make your chats to be very interesting. You might just get a chance to get laid in Hong Kong through this app.
  • Bumble: This dating app is very unique. It is an unwritten ‘law’ that men usually have to make the first move in order to catch the attention of a girl. Many dating apps adhere to this rule and usually encourage men who have enrolled in their sites to make the first move, but not this app. Instead of the man having to make the first move, it is the lady who is supposed to initiate the conversation with the match she has found. This will save you a lot of time thinking on what to say to her in order to break the ice. Many ladies have also signed up in this app thus there are tons of them that you can flirt with.
  • Paktor: This app is usually easy to navigate and it also connects you with ladies who share the same interests as you and that’s a plus. This app will not allow you to look at the photos of the profiles you select but you will be able to see other details such as age, gender, and personal interests. If you are interested in seeing the Hong Kong woman you are chatting with through this app, then you will need to request her to you her photo through other means or you can do one better and meet up with her.

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