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Prague dating guide advises how to date Czech women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Prague, Czech Republic.

Dating Guide

A group of hot girls at the Epic club in Prague

It's not easy to date a girl in Prague, especially when there are so many tourists who are trying to date these girls. Furthermore, several Czech girls are dissatisfied with the same uninteresting and monotonous approach. There is a widespread perception that Prague, as well as the Czech girls, are synonymous with low-cost beer & straightforward men. However, this is untrue, and those who claim to have almost certainly never visited the Czech Republic. Overall, Czech women are some of the most attractive European women, with appealing physiques and facial features that can turn heads on the streets.

Most Czech girls have blue eyes and soft skin. That does not, however, mean that they all have blonde hair. Because of its strategic location, the Czech Republic has served as a crossroads for many various nations throughout history. You will find a large number of gorgeous Czech girls who want to raise a family, and you're both happy to like you without any effort or trouble. If you are looking for some great single girls for your companionship, you are exactly on the right page.

How to Date Czech Women

From the first meeting until you take her down the aisle, this article will teach you the Dos & Don'ts of dating a Czech lady. Either it is a first or second meeting, dating a girl is not such an easy thing. So, follow these rules to date perfectly!

  • At The First Meeting: When you first meet a Czech Republic lady, she is receptive to everything about you. They are, though, very specific about how you welcome them. In the Czech Republic, it is traditional to kiss a young woman on the cheek quickly and boldly. If you're not feeling brave, give her a brief peck on the cheek instead. Then you should extend your hand for a handshake & then kiss her on the back of her palm with a chivalry kiss. Our recommendation is that you should not extend a handshake on your first meeting and leave it at that. And make sure she gets kissed on the cheek or behind her palm. You risk blowing your chance if you don't meet these rules. Knowing the first impressions is everything. You can take her to a restaurant or a coffee shop where you can spend your time with her and know about her likes, dislikes and grow your bonding with her.
  • When You Have a Gift-Giving Intention: You can choose to go on your first date with one or get her anything special later. In every case, you must be certain that the gift is not too costly. The consensus has been to buy something for $15 or less. If you buy her a pricey present, particularly early in the relationship, she might think you're trying to buy her love. This may also be the end of the chances. Flowers and chocolates are a popular sight at Czech dating as well as other social gatherings. When it appears to a romantic date, though, there are floral gifts. Females in the Czech Republic are very cultural. To win her heart, you must bring an unusual number of flowers. Be sure the flower isn't a chrysanthemum, however. Chrysanthemums are kept for gravesides in the Czech Republic.
  • Your Personality: From the moment you meet a Czech Republic lady before you meet her friends, you must be a gentleman. Your dignity must be going a little too far. You must be on schedule, have a decent sense of humor, open a door for your girl, take her hat, let her have the first seat, hold her on the pedestrian portion of the walkway, speak respectfully, walk at her speed, and perform a variety of other chivalrous acts.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

You've come to the right place if you're looking for the best places to find girls in Prague as well as a dating guide to help you figure out where to drive them after you've picked them up. This is one of Europe's best party cities, and with a valid reason, but that doesn't mean it's easy to find love in this place. Online dating, like any other form of dating, may be effective. The theme of this article will be that there are a lot more single guys out than single ladies, so you'll need to use all of your tools to hook up, and dating apps are amongst the greatest options you can use.

We'll pass on to the dating guide pages after we've covered all or most of the best ways to meet single ladies. Romantic hotels, cocktail bars, low-cost dates, and daytime games will also be included.

Like other sites, there are some advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss and you go through this article. We'll start with the top locations to meet single women in Prague, with the city's fantastic nightlife as the centerpiece. Here are some renowned restaurants and malls where you can find single girls.

  • CottoCrudo
  • La Dégustation Bohême Bourgeoise
  • Coda Restaurant
  • Siddharta Café
  • MYSLBEK Shopping Center
  • Westfield Chodov
  • Shopping Center Atrium
  • Vinohradský Pavilon
  • Cerna Ruze Shopping Center

If you're looking for a club or a pick-up bar in the city, you won't be disappointed. As you may know, the Old Town District is brimming with a single nightlife, but there are plenty of other decent clubs & bars in the city where you can try to hook up.

Then there are your day game opportunities, which, like other older European cities, are plentiful. In reality, we adore cities like this because you don't need to schedule anything; simply place yourself in high-traffic areas to go where the day takes you.

There can be a lot of overlap here; several of the best nightlife spots for singles can also be perfect date spots and vice versa. Following that, we'll go over a short travel guide for visitors. Let's start with the wonderful club scene that this city is famous for.

Westfield Chodov

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

The following are some of the most famous nightclubs for hooking up with Prague girls:

  • Valhalla Beer Club at Ruská: If you meet a girl at a bar or a pick-up bar, it would usually be easier to catch up with her. The biggest explanation for this is very straightforward: alcohol. It will not only raise their desire to be laid, but it will also give you the confidence to pursue them with abandon. As a result, several guys would consider the various clubs in this area to be the best places in Prague to meet ladies. Many of the top locations to try to meet up in the town can be found in the Old Town neighborhood, also known as Staré Mesto, situated in Praha 1. Although this Valhalla Beer club is known for its vibrant nightlife, that guarantees that finding a date will always be easy.
  • Lucerna Music Bar: The Lucerna Music Bar of Palác Lucerna has been one of Prague's largest bars, located just off the busy Wenceslas Square. While it has one of the larger dancing poles in the area, it often loads away quicker than most. From cocktails to every other type of drink are served here.
  • Rouge Chapeau: Chapeau Rouge can be your favorite place when your night starts to feel a little hazy. It does not seem to be anything from the outside, but it's because you are just looking at it from the ground surface. Several levels of bars & dance floors can be found here. This gets crazier when you get further into it. Chapeau Rouge seems to be the place for the wildest, filthiest night out you can imagine.
  • Zlaty Strom Music Club: Zlaty Strom is a good place for any partygoer, like one as it comes. On the floor of the Golden Tree hotel, its place is one of the most comfortable, right across Old Town Square & the Charles Bridge. You'll undoubtedly find something of your liking among the three underground nightclubs, each with its own DJs and themes. That is if you can figure out how to get around the perplexing structure, which sometimes looks like an underwater labyrinth.
  • Roxy: Roxy, one of Prague's most famous nightclubs, guarantees an exciting night out. The environment is lively, and the club's interior, including its one type of art and bold color theme, just adds to the atmosphere. Roxy's mission is to "revitalize the night club room through graphic arts," & the symbiotic partnership between art & music creates a brilliant strike on the senses.
  • Karlovy Lazne: Some people will suggest you stay away from Karlovy Lazne at all costs, but there is an explanation why there is still a long line of excited party-goers nearby. The five-story club bills itself as Central Europe's first. It has a dance floor that can accommodate almost any kind of music. As a result, it's a decent choice for a large audience that is picky on whatever they want. There's even an ice bar on the premises. With a cover charge inside a cover charge, it's a lot of a tourist attraction, but statistically, it's pretty damn beautiful.
  • U Sudu: It has the feel of a sporting bar or restaurant, but the atmosphere is unlike any other drinking establishment you've been to. U Sudu is a cellar bar – a pub in a cellar – in Prague. It's like partying in a dungeon, just cozier, and it is perfect for fun hangouts & romantic dates. That is, as long since you're not tired.
  • James Dean: With such a name as James Dean, it should come as no surprise that this establishment is a late 1920s American diner. This restaurant is full of retro touches, from the completely working playlist to the Modern Art toilets & a full-sized 1955 Victory motorcycle. Thankfully, unlike most decorated diners, where the food is cheesy, James Dean's is genuine. Take a seat in one of the best red vinyl booths for a very well American-style dinner. Try the hot Texas burger or the fried shrimp from Bubba Gump. Alternatively, the satisfying American breakfast will help you recover from a headache the next morning (served nine am-noon).
  • Hospůdka na Hradbách: It's difficult to spell, but it's easy to love. Inexpensive beer & priceless views of the city can be found at Hospůdka Na Hradbách. It has a lot more local atmosphere than the other city center bars and pubs, and it's all very low-key: there's only a bar selling beer, a grill serving burgers, and a large open outdoor area on such a hill overlooking Prague. Whenever it comes to breaking open the cold one on a hot night, this is the one spot in Prague that surpasses all others.
  • The Pub: This is a unique establishment: each table has its own tap from which to drink your own beer, with such a live leaderboard trying to keep track of each table's intake. If you have a competitive spirit, you'll find yourself drinking beer in order to achieve the top ranking. Though admittedly something of a tourist trap, the Bar is a nice place to start a night out.
Party at the Epic club in Prague

Dating Apps

Are you looking for the best messaging app for connecting people from various apps? We are going to suggest the best apps which are completely free. Anybody can download these dating apps and begin meeting new friends.

These apps are some fantastic Czech Republic chat room applications that allow you to begin chatting with friends. There are numerous retina chat rooms and eská dating applications available, but we are suggesting you the best. Here you can chat in the retina with Czechia people. People from other European countries also visit the free chat room. Don't put it off any longer; download these fantastic dating applications and start talking in European chat rooms right away. Below are some of the dating sites which you can follow -

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