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Dubai dating guide advises how to date Emirati women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dating Guide

Hot foreign girls at the Budoir club in Dubai

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates and also the capital of Dubai. It is a major tourist destination due to its large number of top-notch hotels and lavish lifestyle. Most of the local girls from the city are honestly a dream to date. They are super friendly and outgoing, making them some of the best women to date in this part of the region. While here, you will note that not all local women are open-minded and liberal to the idea of casual dating. Being an Islamic nation, Dubai has some restriction on women regarding the concept of dating. This makes some of the local girls tough to impress.

A large number of ex-pats and short time travelers visit the city of Dubai all year long. This has brought global exposure to the local women living in the town and has also empowered them. While approaching the local women, you will need to learn a little bit of their culture to adhere to the religious rules and regulation of the nation. Most local people are extremely religious. Certain restrictions such as consuming alcohol and other drugs are taken very seriously and are against the law. Women here seldom get any freedom. Local women are expected to avoid any premarital relationship with men. Anyone who violates these rules is looked down upon and disrespected by other members of society.

Due to the rapid development of the city and the increased number of foreign tourists, the dating culture of the town is slowly becoming lively. Most wealthy families are a great exposure to western culture, and casual dating is normalized. As a tourist dating local women, you will have to keep the relationship secret at to avoid ruining the reputation of your date and getting her in trouble. To date a local girl, you need to be very charming and lucky (and muslim). Dating apps like Tinder and Badoo are top-rated among Dubai youth, hence increasing your chances of connecting with a local Emirati woman.

How to Date Emirati Women

Dating Emirati women is no easy task. They are bound by the rules of the society, religion and culture. All of this can come off as a little too orthodox and extreme at first, however things are changing. The younger generation of Emirati women is more accepting towards the idea of dating. However, one of the main hurdles you will face when wanting to date the local Emirati women is of religion. If you are not a muslim then your chances of going out with them are pretty much eliminated. Exceptions are always there but it is not the norm for Muslim Emirati women to date non muslim guys. If you do find yourself smitten to a local beauty and can't stop thinking about her then there are a few tips which will help you in getting the lady of your dreams:

  • Impress her parents: Your dating life with Emirati women will be successful if her parents like and accept you. If they reject you, you can opt to leave the girl and search for another, or you can proceed with your women and expect to be cut off entirely from their circle.

Be rich and have a fancy life: The only foreigners that get the chance of dating Emirati women are the rich and influential guys. Money definitely matters in a city like Dubai where you will see the fanciest sports cars being driven on the roads, world's biggest and fanciest shopping malls, the most luxury hotels etc.

  • Join dating apps: Dating apps might be the best way to find the Emirati women of your dreams in Dubai. They are more open, confident and flirtatious on these apps since it is safer and less riskier.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Dubai is a great destination, especially for the rich and famous across the globe. It is home to some of the hottest women in the United Arab Emirates and neighbouring regions. As a financially well off tourist, you will be able to get into some of the major venues in town and meet the hot single women. Most local women are introverts and shy, so always lower your expectation. Aggressively pursuing local women will only and you in trouble and also will be a total waste of time and money. There are popular places to meet up with single girls while in the city, and one is in the different nightlife spots where you can flirt with waitresses. You can also opt to get online with apps like Tinder and Badoo, which are used by hundreds of thousands every day. Another great option is open places like parks and areas of attractions. Universities and colleges are also great spots to pick up single girls. Here are some of the favorite sites to get single girls in Dubai.

  • Bars, pubs and night clubs.: Dubai is a constantly evolving city dominated by modern and futuristic sky scrapers and unbridled luxury. The city has much to offer in terms of nightlife, with its trendy rooftop bar, a beach club on the beach and mega discotheques. Most of the nightclubs and bars in the city are located within hotel complexes. These are the only structures to find alcohol and other drugs. Although strictly forbidden, these mega-hotels are the only places you can drink freely. Striking conversations in clubs and bars is more straightforward and will often yield results. You have to be attractive, well dressed, and a nice pickup line. When you spot some lonely women, you can approach and offer to buy some drinks. If they like you, they will respond quickly, but if they don't accept, move to the next since they may be already picked or not in the mood to interact. Some of the most visited clubs and bars include White Dubai, Circle Le Soir and Billionaire Mansion.
  • Shopping malls: Dubai is a popular shopping destination across the globe and home to some of the biggest malls on the planet. Here you can buy anything from clothes to a sports car. Shopping malls are home to some of the most beautiful girls in the city. While walking around shopping malls, you won't stay long before you see some hot and gorgeous Emirati women. Starting conversations in such areas can be hectic, but if you play your cards right, you will land yourself quality women. Shopping malls now have restaurants, swimming pools, and many other exciting entertainment places. These places attract a large number of people, especially young women and girls. Malls are popular due to ease of goods purchase, secure and more comfortable. Some of the popular shopping malls in the city include The Dubai Mall, The Dubai Festival City Mall and The Outlet Village by Meraas.
  • Outdoors: Dubai city was recently built; hence no heritage buildings here that you would explore. The stunning modern architecture of the town is also something you can explore and have great fun with. You can take pictures and also meet hot single women from the city. Some of the popular outdoor places in the town include Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Museum and the Dubai Fountain.
  • Universities and colleges: The city of Dubai has some of the best international campuses of the most popular institutes worldwide. The rich in the neighbouring countries prefer their kids to join Dubai universities due to the quality of education and the flashy secure lifestyle in the city. There are many girls in these institutions willing to hook up with foreigners. Here you will find someone who ticks most of your boxes. If a girl shows a level of disinterest, always retreat and move to the next. University students can be found in local clubs and shopping areas, especially during weekends. Some of the famous universities in the region include the University of Dubai, the University of Wollongong in Dubai, Canadian University Dubai and Zayed University.

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Most young and moneyed people in the city love to visit bars and night clubs in the evening before heading home. They believe that beers help them relax and also let go of the pain of hard work. As a traveller or an ex-pat looking for a hookup, don't be surprised if a girl from these clubs comes up to you and asks for a dance. If you spot a girl that impresses you, all you have to do is stand up and offer some drinks. Start a good conversation to impress her. If they don't accept your offer, move on to the next one since there are many girls in the city to choose from. Some of the top clubs to pick up Emirati women include:

  • Club Boudoir: This is a popular Dubai marine Beach resort and Spa located in Jumeira Road Dubai. This is among the best places in Dubai to experience the city's nightlife. It is mainly visited by rich people and exudes luxury and opulence in every corner. It features red sofas, enormous crystal chandeliers and an electrifying atmosphere. The club can accommodate over 500 people, making the entrance very stiff but very easy for women. Women also receive free champagne all evening. Musical events in the club are different every night, with each dedicated to another musical genre. They also host some of the most popular DJs in the world and various world-class concerts and events.
  • N'Dulge Club: This is another favourite night club located within the Atlantis Palm Hotel. It's one symbol of Dubai nightlife. The mega-club is divided into three distinct areas, each with a very different character. The three are namely N'Dulge Arena, Lounge e Terrace and E'Arena. The clubs open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It also serves local and international cuisines to cater for all its customers. There is also a terrace where guests can enjoy the rich, lush landscape as they sing and dance under the stars. Major music played in the club include R&B and hip hop. There is a small entry fee but a free entry for women. It's a great place to hook up with women and also party all night.
  • Armani (Burj Khalifa): This is a popular night club located in the worlds tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa. The dress code in this exclusive club is stringent, and the prices are inaccessible to mere mortals, but once you access it, you will be thrilled by the style and class of the place. The club is divided into three distinct areas: the dance floor, a veranda facing the Dubai fountain, and a raised VIP area. The main crowd here is composed of the young rich, and fashionable of Dubai. They host some of the renowned DJs in the world who entertain the revellers all night long. It's one of the best places to party all night.
  • Cavalli Club Dubai: Cavalli Club Dubai is located in Sheik Zayed Road in Dubai city. It s among the most glamorous places in the town, visited mainly by tourists and the rich. Famous names who frequent here include Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith and others like Sean Paul and Akon. The award-winning restaurant serves some of the best Italian cuisines, while the lounge serves expertly mixed premium liquors, cocktails and other Vintages.

Other famous clubs in the city include:

A lively party at the Mirage club in Dubai

Dating Apps

Dating apps have risen in popularity in recent years. Using dating apps is a great way to prevent wastage of time checking out for girls on the streets. There are many dating apps on the internet serving different purposes. Some have extensive follow up while others have few users. The most common dating apps used in Dubai include:

  • Badoo
  • Tinder

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