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Tokyo dating guide advises how to date Japanese women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Tokyo, Japan.

Dating Guide

A group of hot girls enjoying at the Contact club in Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of the country of Japan. With more than 13 million individuals residing in the city, Tokyo is the most populated metropolitan region on the planet, Tokyo Metropolis has a populace of more than 37 million individuals. This enormous, well off and captivating city has something for everybody, be it entertainment, shopping, culture and dining or inventions like Toto pods or vending machines with bread and Ramen. As a tourist, you will undoubtedly be curious enough to explore the local culture and traditions. But as a tourist who is looking to date the local Japanese beauties, you must try and understand the local dating culture before making any sort of move on the local hotties. Hence, given in this section of the article is a brief overview of the same, keep reading to know more.

The local dating culture encourages women to be feminine and men often have to make the first move. With the massive cultural changes that the city has undergone, one can be assured of having to bring their A-game to succeed here. The local men are tough competition but for foreigners, their ethnicity is the biggest benefit. Women are often curious to know more about you and are willing to oversee some unintentional lapses of the local dating culture if you are loveable and respectful towards them.

Group dates are very common in Japan and are referred to as Goukon so make sure that when they float the idea of a Gokoun you know what it means. The idea can be a little daunting but can also help you relax and get comfortable as well. It is more about how you perceive it. Planning and organization is a big part of Japanese culture in general but it is also crucial on dates. Japanese girls want a man who can take the lead in planning where to go and what to do on the first date. So keep this in mind when you are asking out the girls especially girls you will meet through online dating platforms.

How to Date Japanese Women

The Japanese women are very cognizant about the sort of men they decide to connect with or date. However, Japanese girls are very indirect with their communication so do not expect her to outright say what she thinks and what she wants. You would have to read her body language and subtle hints to get an idea. Some of the tips that will help you in dating Japanese women include:

  • Be respectful: This is a no brainer but it is important to mention because when you are dating a girl from a different country, culture, ethnicity it becomes important to remember that. What might be acceptable in your culture might not be something they are appreciative of. Be respectful in every way.
  • Do not generalise and base off your assumptions from Anime: A great percentage of tourists get fascinated by Japan and Japanese girls from Anime and start assuming that is what the culture is and that is how Japanese girls behave, however that is far from reality. Do not start giving references of Anime and do not show your disappointment when you find out that the mannerisms and behaviour of Japanese girls is not how they show it in Anime. The reason behind this is that already the local Japanese people have this perception of foreign tourists that they do not know anything about Japan and Japanese culture, they only know of the fantasy land portrayed in Anime and this has created a sense of hostility in local people towards foreigners. You will be just adding fuel to fire by saying anything aforementioned.
  • Be on the same page: Casual relationships, hookups, one night stands might be common in Japan and some studies have shown that younger people in Japan do not want to get married and you will find more of these girls in Tokyo as they are more ambitious and want to be independent. However, Japanese girls are encouraged to settle down before 30 so if you are dating a girl in her late twenties, it would be better to be honest about what you expect from the relationship and if it is something serious or not.
  • Play the dumb tourist: Playing the dumb tourist looking for suggestions is profoundly valuable in the city of Tokyo. The ladies love foreign men and they will give a valiant effort to direct them and help them out. So act ignorant, ask them for bearings, ideas about bistros, cafés, and bars, and following a couple of moments into the discussion, inquire as to whether they might want to go with you to the proposed place.
  • Learn Japanese: If you want to date a Japanese girl, learn the language. Show that you care. Work on the basics and keep at it. If you can’t communicate, most of the times, it won’t work out

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The city of Tokyo has the best possible and the most astounding places for tourists to visit, where one can meet ladies during the daytime. Nonetheless, similar to the advanced cities across the globe, there isn't a spot as great as a shopping mall to meet ladies during the daytime. The shopping malls lead the ladies to have a sense of security and they likewise offer a large group of dining and entertainment choices under a solitary rooftop away from the furthest extremes of the climate on the outside. However, if the weather is good and the outdoors are lucrative, make sure you head to the open-air bistros, gardens and parks to spend some quality time in the lap of nature meeting single Japanese girls worthy of dating. Given below are the best possible options for a tourist to consider:

  • DiverCity Tokyo Plaza
  • GINZA SIX Garden
  • Tokyo Midtown
  • Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens
  • The Roastery By Nozy Coffee
  • BONGEN COFFEE Tokyo Ginza
  • Narisawa
Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Office life is amazingly unpleasant in the densely crowded city of Tokyo, workdays are long and the ladies hope to vent post-work, the ends of the week are much more exciting. The best places to meet ladies during the night are without a doubt the nightclubs and bars. Regardless, while venturing out at evening time, it is significant that you dress well. The majority of the ladies take extraordinary endeavours to look appealing and they expect something similar from men who are going to charm them into bed. So be at your sharpest best and head to the following nightclubs in Tokyo if you wish to pick up the hottest Japanese women in town:

  • PlusTokyo: With present-day workmanship pieces and neon signs, a troublemaker themed VIP room and another room enlightened with pink-toned lighting, all of which join to make PlusTokyo the ideal jungle gym for craftsmanship enthusiasts. This setting has facilitated a few mainstream DJs as of now, including Steve Aoki and Alice Wonderland.
  • Harlem: It is an incredible spot in Tokyo for seeing best in class Japanese hip-hop stars cut their teeth and gain proficiency with the subtle strategies prior to assuming control over the Japanese charts. This Shibuya establishment actually has gained notoriety for being one of the best clubs, not only in Tokyo but in the whole of Japan.
  • Sankeys Penthouse: Occupying the best two stories of Q-Plaza, Sankeys Penthouse ignores Harajuku's bright and occupied roads. Get a beverage in the easygoing bar zone and dance the night away on the tenth floor, or go higher up and sit on a nearly too-agreeable lounge chair to talk with companions.
  • Bar Bridge: It resembles no other club in Tokyo, conveying a wide scope of music from jazz and hip-jump to messy music from the 1980s, all siphoned through their top-grade sound framework. Located barely one moment away from Shibuya station, the club has a great perspective on the renowned Shibuya intersection and highlights various inhabitant DJs who are rotated consistently.
  • Arty Farty: It is an extraordinary spot to discover after a couple of boozy beverages in the Shinjuku Ni-chōme territory, Tokyo's LGBTQ center. The famous dance club consistently has a good time and inviting groups, the menu is amicable and the beverages are sensibly priced.
  • AgeHa: With numerous dance floors, a list of the greatest names on the electronic music scene, waterfront sights and surprisingly a pool on the overhang, AgeHa is the best spot to go for a major night out in Tokyo.
  • Oath: A little dark entryway drives you into a room decked with crystal fixtures, lights, reflects and surprisingly a stuffed deer, making an exquisite and rich inside. It has a portion of the world's best underground DJs and serves excellent beverages.
  • The Room: Located under the buzzing about of Shibuya is The Room, a little storm cellar where you can tune in to jazz, soul and R&B tunes. Despite the fact that it's little in size contrasted with your normal Tokyo nightclub, The Room's incredible determination of music and loosened up environment compensate for it. This is the spot to be in case you're searching for a calm evening tasting on bourbon in the company of a sexy Japanese woman.
  • A-Life: Roppongi is notable as Tokyo's definitive clubbing suburb, and one of the zone's most famous nightspots is A-Life. It's spread more than three storeys, and the music here is about straightforward and unrestricted fun.
  • Contact: The main room includes an extremely severe no-drinks, no-cameras strategy, and the scene will in general draw the really insightful techno and dance music fans. The passage is covered up back from the city's central avenues, and to access the club, guests should enroll online to turn into a member, however, once you get past the entryways of Contact you'll concur the exertion is worth the pain.
Party at the ageHa club in Tokyo

Dating Apps

The city of Tokyo is the heart of modern Japan and has consistently been the focal point of technological progressions. Clearly, an extraordinary degree of their populace approaches the web and they utilise different applications and sites. Hit on an obvious conclusion and you will understand that the greater part of the more youthful ages of Japan is dynamic on different web-based dating applications and sites. The essential explanation for this being that, most men in Japan are modest to flirt with a lady straightforwardly and subsequently, they decide to break the ice by utilising different web-based dating applications and sites. Simultaneously, the ladies decide to look for appropriate accomplices on these internet dating applications and sites. Given underneath is a rundown of the absolute most famous applications that tourists can utilise to discover a date or to connect with Japanese women while they are touring Tokyo:

  • JapanCupid
  • Tapple
  • MeetUp
  • Tinder
  • Dine

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