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Accra dating guide advises how to date Ghanaian women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Accra, Ghana.

Dating Guide

Hot girls of Carbon at the Accra club

The city of Accra is the administrative and commercial sector of Ghana. It is located on the Gulf of Guinea on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The girls in this city are very beautiful and well-educated. Accra is one of the most developed cities in Africa and you will see many girls living in the city as well as in its surrounding area. Ghana is home to many ethnic and cultural groups along with many foreign girls. The variety of these group of people is quite large. You will have to choose a girl whom you find interesting along with her culture and likes. Some of the girls you will find here belong to the village areas and some of them are born and brought up in the city. The two most important things that you should consider are, how the girl behaves and what she wants, a one-night stand or a relationship. This will help you to adapt to the situation and make the right decisions. However, the dating culture in Accra and the whole of Ghana is quite liberal. While some girls may only be ready for long-term relationships, whereas, others are seeking casual dating. Those girls who have not stayed in the city for a long time will be less interested to get into a relationship with a stranger. These girls are only interested in relationships that will last longer. On the other hand, those girls who have been living in the city for a longer time and are studying in higher learning institutions are easily available for casual dating.

How to Date Ghanaian Women

If you’re dating a Ghanaian woman, then make sure to treat her with respect and look your best when you go out on a date with her. The first impressions are very important, your capacity to spend money and the effort on your looks impress her. Remember, every woman wants to feel proud when she introduces you to her friends and family. Women are gradually embracing the beard gang. If you are going out on a date, make sure to not only dress smartly but also do some serious male grooming. Do take a shower and a shave, use some nice cologne and comb your hair. Ghanaian women love to hang out with the men who listen to them and gives them all the attention they need. Make sure you don’t just nod and smile, but tell her your honest opinions and suggestions. Spend more time with her and ask her a lot of questions to show her that you want to know more about her and her family. Love and trust go hand in hand. The best way to impress a Ghanaian woman is to look straight into her eyes. Hold her gaze while she is talking to her and smile at her. If you will not look at her directly in her eyes, then you’ll seem shy and nervous which will turn her off. Make sure you shower her with gifts instead of waiting till her birthday. It’s not really about the price of the gift, quality, and quantity, whereas, the thought behind gifting her is what matters. So, be thoughtful and creative while giving her gifts from time to time. Think out the box and do creative things which she doesn’t expect and you will win her over completely. Do not forget to put your best efforts if you want to impress the girl and want her to fall in love with you. Make her feel like the most amazing and beautiful woman in the world. Be romantic and passionate with her and everything you do. Appreciate her and compliment her for the least favors she does for you. However, if you want to impress a Ghanaian woman, you must be able to read her body language. If she looks nervous, then try to relax her, and if she seems distracted ask her the reason. The more attention you pay to her the more she’ll get charmed by you.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The main area for single's nightlife in the city of Accra is Oxford Street in the Osu district. It is probably the most important road in the city where you will meet a lot of single girls. This place is not only filled with the top nightclubs in town but also where you can visit and find single girls for casual dating. However, another area with good nightlife is Labadi Beach. Make sure you try to book a hotel on the right side of Oxford Street or near Labadi Beach. This will improve your chances of getting a perfect girl for dating. There are also other fun cities in Africa for dating and pick-up girls. Abidjan in the Ivory Coast and Yaounde in Cameroon are two of those fun cities where you will find single girls. Accra is not that different from other cities as it has many places for you to visit and have a good time. These places are located both within the city areas and also outside the city and are easily accessible for everyone. Such places attract many people including many single girls who come to spend their holiday and free time. They are also ready to meet new peoples of similar interests. Before you visit any place, make sure to get enough information about the place. It will help you to prepare yourself in case of any emergencies, whether you need to carry cash or any other requirements. Other places where you’ll meet single girls are the malls and shopping complexes like:

  • Marina Mall
  • Mulberry Agro
  • Achimota Mall
  • Accra Mall
  • ANC Shopping Center
Marina Mall

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Every evening, thousands of local people and foreigners come to the numerous clubs in Accra for having a good time. Friday and Saturday are the most preferable days for the party animals. Many of these party-goers are office workers, so they do not have to worry about staying out late and waking up early the next day to go to work. While many clubs are famous for their indigenous afrobeat music. The growing demand for international music has made many clubs blend the two to satisfy the preferences. Here are the top 10 nightclubs and bars that are worth visiting in Accra:

  • Vienna City - This is one of the biggest entertainment spots operating in the city from 11 am to 5 am throughout the week. It consists of a club, a restaurant, and a casino. This place is located at Kwame Nkrumah Circle. The restaurant will offer you the best European, Asian, and continental dishes. However, this club has a very strict dress code and you will need to check these requirements. Many people are usually turned back if they don’t fulfill these requirements.
  • Hot Gossip Night Club - This club has won many awards over the years. It was awarded the best nightclub in Ghana in 2015 and the best nightclub in Accra in 2016 according to the Ghana Tourist Authority. The club not only has several bars but also a pool table to enjoy after taking a rest from the dance floor. The club is well-known for its best selection of music. However, it also serves shisha for those who enjoy it.
  • Plot 7 – It is known as the liveliest spot in town. Plot 7 is situated in the Nyaniba Estate. There are a variety of DJs who plays a variety of music from pop, dance, house to afrobeat. The second edition of the prestigious Jack Daniel’s Nightlife Awards was launched on May 17, 2018. This nightclub took home the Night club of the year award as well as the best event of the year award.
  • Club Onyx - This is one of the newest clubs in the city of Accra and is owned by a famous local DJ. It has already become popular with many local celebrities and DJs performing here. Although it is a quite small club and can become crowded. It is also one of the most vibrant clubs in the city which will offer you a great experience. Onyx is open from Thursday to Sunday, from 11 pm to 5 am.
  • Twist Night Club - This is the oldest nightclub in the city of Accra. Twist nightclub has a perfect dance floor for those who want to dance all night long and small booths for a hideaway. There is something for everyone in this club. It's easy to grab a drink and relax in its cozy atmosphere.
  • Carbon Night Club – This club joint is situated at the top of a penthouse named the Icon House above a restaurant. The carbon nightclub has an eye-catching interior decoration that gives the place a surreal ambiance. This club provides quality music which makes it one of the trendiest spots in the city.
  • [Republic Bar and Grill accra Republic Bar and Grill] - This bar is well-known for its live music on Wednesdays to the themed evenings. This club plays all kinds of music from highlife to hip-hop and Afropop to soul. Republic bar and grill is located in Osu along the Asafoaste Tempong Street.
  • Afrikiko - This place is well-known for its laidback outdoor complex of restaurants and dance floors. The club has Kizomba sessions every Wednesday and also has a live band that plays the best old-school music. It is situated along Liberation Road opposite the French Embassy.
  • Labadi Beach - This club resembles the features of Labadi Beach. This is a raucous club with an outdoor area serving the best food, beach fun, and the occasional dance contests. The club is particularly popular on Thursday night, especially for its local music performances. It has one of the biggest and the best sound systems in the city.
  • Duplex - This is an old-school nightclub that has a lot of bright interior decoration and a relaxing ambiance on its terrace. Duplex is a very popular spot especially for its themed nights throughout the week. Therefore, if you want a club where you get to enjoy your drink and dance, then this place is just the one for you.

Dating Apps

  • Afro Introductions – This dating site has been popular since the year 2002 and is the largest and most trusted African dating site. It has connected over 1000 African singles around the world. However, it has a successful membership base of more than 4.5 million which is still growing. You will find thousands of Ghanaian women at this site among which you can choose the right partner for you. It is quite easier for you to go through the profiles and find true love, dating, or friendship.
  • Badoo – It is one of the most popular dating apps which has been successful in making good relationships in Accra. If you want to date a Ghanaian woman through this app then make sure that you’re and you know what you're looking for. Badoo is more than just a dating app, it creates a social network that allows you to match and find a partner or to connect with friends close to you. It is a platform that ensures complete safety and respect within the community. It restricts any kind of inappropriate behavior and also has strict guidelines.
  • Ever match – This dating app was specially designed to select the ideal partner who will be the most suitable for you. Every match develops complex and personalized profiles, which helps you to precisely select the right person. It makes it easy for you to make the right decision and finally settle down. It has been successful in the matchmaking of many couples in Ghana.

If you're tired of searching and meeting women who don’t share similar thoughts, then this is the right app for you. Here, you will find many Ghanaian women who are looking for serious relationships and true love. Therefore, it only focuses on meeting people and chatting to develop a serious relationship. Every profile on this app is carefully screened during the signing up process and all the information is properly checked and then only it is approved.

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