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Algarve dating guide advises how to date Portuguese women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Algarve, Portugal.

Dating Guide

A group of Alluring and sexy young women at the Matt's Bar in Algarve

Algarve is a province located in southern Portugal. This historical place is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the lower Guadiana River. The local girls can come off as shy in the beginning and might not take the lead when it comes to flirting. However, you’ll have a great experience while dating these women. If you’re planning to take a walk around the city of Algarve, you will encounter couples everywhere. Dating is quite normal in this city and there is no need of hiding your relationship here. The most important dating advice is that you have to be passionate and interesting while you approach a girl. However, most of the girls here are quite easy to approach, but it takes a little bit of effort to connect with them. Also, if you know dancing then you’ll have an advantage when it comes to dating here. Make sure that you’re well-dressed and physically fit while dating the local girls out here. There is no specific way of dating a woman or girl in Algarve, so it completely depends upon you and your partner. You can walk up to any lady in this city and engage her in a conversation without any difficulty. These women are amazingly engaging and they can carry the energy of the conversation pretty well.

How to Date Portuguese Women

To successfully date a Portuguese woman, there are some tips which you must know. Portuguese women are independent and like to have an opinion in the relationship. They do not like to be ignored or seen only as lovers. Rather, they want to make decisions and contributions that will help the relationship to grow. They have been brought up as strong and independent women and they like to stay like this for a longer time. So, make sure that you know how to handle your relationship with a Portuguese woman. However, if you are the type to always control, be possessive, and dominate your partner, then you might be benefitted. Fancy places not only impresses a man but also every woman. If you’re planning a date with a Portuguese woman, think of both exotic and simple restaurants to take her out. When her days are exhausting, take her out to these restaurants and make her feel relaxed and comfortable. However, if you know how to cook, it will be an advantage for you. A simple gesture like making her favorite meal will make her feel special. Do listen and observe the names of her favorite restaurants which she’s been hoping to visit. Make sure to surprise her by taking her to these restaurants for a date. If she is the one who cooks a lot, then join her in the kitchen. These are gestures that will help you to impress her and she will feel more attached to you. Portuguese women have a very different taste when it comes to food. You will find a lot of garlic, onions, and other spices in a Portuguese dish. So, make sure to try these dishes as this will help you get acquainted with her culture.

Be respectful. If you’re coming from a different culture then make sure that you are extra sensitive towards respecting the Scottish culture. Do not stereotype, do not generalise and do not be nosy. Respect the girls in general and their boundaries.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

If you want to meet single girls in Algarve, you have to visit many places where you’ll find many people especially ladies. However, if you visit the bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants, you may have a higher chance of meeting single women. Another way to meet single girls is on dating sites. As a tourist, you do not want to make the mistake of dating a woman who is already in a relationship or one who is married. So, you will only wish to meet and date the single women of the city. Although, there are many places where you can always find women, especially those who are single, and these places are enabling environments. Many single women travel to the Algarve to enjoy the great beaches out here. So, it will be a great place to try and pick them up. However, the shopping malls, public parks, tourist spots around the university campuses are some of the best places to visit to interact with the locals as well as foreign people. Some of the popular shopping districts are:

  • Albufeira Shopping
  • Aqua Portimão Shopping Centre
  • Algarve Shopping
  • Shopping Avenida da Liberdade
  • Centro Comercial Continente Portimão
Aqua Portimão Shopping Centre is a major shopping mall in Aberdeen where you will see a lot of young and hot girls prancing around

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

There are a lot of venues in Algarve where you can pick up girls during the night. The biggest cities which are famous for their nightlife are Faro, Vilamoura, Portimao, and Albufeira. You shouldn’t miss out on the fun experiences at these places while you are in the city. Some of the popular bars and nightclubs to visit are:

  • Sherry's Bar - Sherry's Bar is not a typical Irish Pub. It is a highly rated bar because of its royal service and staff. Make sure to visit here and make new friends especially women.
  • 33 Sports Bar – This is another highly rated which is famous for its amazing atmosphere. The staff will offer you a variety of drinks to make you feel welcomed. This is a perfect place to watch live games, play pool, and enjoy freshly made cocktails. This bar not only has a wide selection of beers in draught and bottles but the prices are also cheap.
  • Sal Rosa – This is the number one cocktail bar in Albufeira. The interior decoration is inspired by the Arabic culture and it offers stunning views of the sea. Make sure you visit this place for delicious cocktails, from classics to specials and signature.
  • Matt's Bar – This is the famously infamous bar in Albufeira. It is the regular place for hens and stag parties. The locals as well as the foreigners come here for the crazy ride on the mechanical bucking bronco bull. This is the best thing you can do before counting your drinks. However, Matt's Bar also organizes cocktail-making classes and boozy brunches.
  • Kiss Disco Club – This is the most popular and oldest club in Albufeira. It is a three-story nightclub, with a capacity of occupying 1500 people. Each story plays its type of music and there is a special VIP section.
  • Club Vida - It is a beautiful club where the lighting, interior, and waterfalls create a beautiful atmosphere. Flip flops aren't suitable if you are attending the best party in town.
  • Le Club – This club is formerly known as Locomia. It offers the best nightlife experience in Albufeira. This is a newly renovated place which is located in Santa Eulália beach and is well-known for its best DJs.
  • Pot 3 - Once you enter this bar, you will never want to leave. It has everything to offer you on your holiday. Spot 3 is a beach bar and the straw sunshades give it that perfect tropical feel. The views, music, drinks, and service are the best around here.
  • Katedral - This club is the hottest place to be during the summer and is packed with locals at the weekends during the off-season. It has some of the best cocktails and delicious food.
  • NoSoloÁgua Club – This club offers the most uplifting nightlife experience of Praia da Rocha. This classy beach club has a swimming pool as well as canopy beds. It is the perfect relaxing daytime destination, to enjoy your food and cocktails with a perfect view.
Party at the Katedral Nightclub in Algarve

Dating Apps

Dating might be hard in Portugal but, if it’s any conciliation, dating is hard everywhere. However, some of the popular dating apps in Portugal are:

  • Tinder - Tinder is probably the most popular dating app in Portugal. Unlike other dating apps where it is a search based on several specific filters. Tinder leaves the choice upon you. All it does is show you one profile after another which you can swipe left or right on.
  • Inner circle - Inner Circle is a dating app that a lot of people haven’t heard about, but it has growing popularity in Portugal. It’s also easy to make your choice with filters like height, age, whether they smoke, have children, or what level of education they have. It also shows you when people were last online, which is also helpful for knowing the right person.

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