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Athens dating guide advises how to date Greek women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Athens, Greece.

Dating Guide

A group of sexy girls having a good time at the Toyroom club in Athens

Greek girls make great romantic partners, especially girls from Athens. They really know how to have fun and lighten up a situation. They are great conversationalists and can talk about anything and everything for hours. They also love to dance and celebrate their culture. This is something you should keep in mind. They want someone who can match their energy. Athens is a famous tourist destination so the local girls are used to having lots of foreigners around so you will find them warm and receptive towards your advances. One thing that might pop in the mind of every reader is the language barrier, while Greek is the official language, English is also widely spoken so there will not be a massive language barrier especially in a city like Athens. Traditional gender roles are still propagated in Athens and you will see that the Greek women are taught certain mannerisms and they are taught gender roles that will ensure they become the perfect wives. This might sound outdated to some but it is an integral part of the Greek culture. Women also want a man who can take care of them, pamper them and take the lead in a situation. This situation might not be as intense in a progressive city like Athens but it is still present to some extent. They can be very possessive and get jealous easily as well so you have to make sure you are clear about your arrangement since day 1. You need to be honest with her about what you are looking from the relationship.

How to Date Greek Women

Dating Greek girls in Athens can be relatively easier when compared with other European cities. They are very friendly and receptive towards foreign guys. You will not have to beat around the bush too much but Greek girls do like it when a guy goes out of his way to woo her. Simple gestures like a rose, opening the door for her, complimenting her hair, makeup or outfit will take you far. Confidence is also key. Some other things that will help you in dating a greek women include:

  • Respect her culture and heritage: Greek women take pride in where they come from and their culture so it is something very important to them. There might be cultural differences between you two so you should be careful as to not offend her in any way. Learn and ask questions but do not be demeaning.
  • Take the lead: As mentioned before, greek women want a man who can be in charge and can take the lead in situations. This is something that is a major turn on for them so if you want to date a Greek girl you will have to learn how to do that.
  • Be caring: Greek women want a man who knows how to show love and care. They are possessive of their significant others and they want constant reassurance so if you really want a Greek girls to fall in love with you then you will have to be comfortable with gestures of love and affection.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The city is crowded during the daytime, and there are many options for you to meet and interact with girls. From parks, tourist attractions, and beach parties, there is everything available in an instant. Some of the places that you can visit during the day are as follows:

  • Athens Riviera
  • Metro Mall
  • Monastiraki Square
  • Syntagma Square
  • Marina Zeas
Monastiraki Square, Athens

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Greek ladies are usually open to meeting up with new people and building connections. They also like to hang out in bars and clubs here in the city where they can unwind and just have some fun. The entertainment joints in Athens offer a wide variety of drinks and different venues accommodate different budgets so you will not have to worry about breaking the bank. The ladies here can get wild and enjoy partying with you through the night. You need to join in the fun and avoid being a party bummer. Some of the best bars and nightclubs that you will be able to hook up with girls here in Athens include:

  • Rock n Roll: This club is popular among the locals here in Athens. The interior décor of this club is breathtaking. The music played here is usually lovely with the amazing drinks offered here being a plus. The staff here is usually charming and offer fast service to customers. The ladies who come here want to unwind from the activities of the day and you will be doing them a great favor by getting in the mood to party. Buy for her drinks and dance with her until she decides to rest. You can take this opportunity to ask her if she wont kind spending the night with you.
  • The Clumsies: It is housed in a historic building here in Athens. Be prepared to spend money here as the prices offered here are usually high but is reasonable when you compare with the world class service you are going to receive here. The locals who come here come to have fun with gorgeous Greek women coming here to party their hearts out. You can buy them drinks and have fun dancing with them into the night. When the time is right, you can ask her if she is open to the idea of spending the night with you. Focus on her body language as it would clearly interpret her response to you. You need to have booked a hotel beforehand.
  • Dybbuk: It is one of the famous clubs here in Athens. Partying here is guaranteed with the DJs playing the latest hits bon the decks. The sound quality here is exquisite. The dance floor is also huge and the lighting features create that amazing partying atmosphere that is found here. You can approach one of the ladies who come here and offer to buy her a drink. You can then proceed to dance with her on the dance floor. The music here is usually amazing and the party do not stop until very late into the night. You can then ask her politely if she is up for spending the night with you. If she agrees, then you are guaranteed of having one of the best night s of your life.
  • 360 Cocktail Bar: The atmosphere created here is usually relaxing. Locals usually come here to have fun relaxing and to enjoy the amazing cocktails that are offered here. The ladies who come here are usually open- minded and won’t mind talking to a stranger. You need to break the ice by sparking an interesting conversation between the two of you and even offering to buy her a drink. Have a good sense of humor when flirting with her and also employ some form of seductiveness and she will be more interested to what you have to say. You can then ask her gently if she would like to spend the night with you.
  • Cinderella: This disco club is located along Georgiou Street in Athens. It is best suited for those who enjoy music from the 1970s. the locals who come here come to enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere that is created here. The ladies enjoy the music that were played in the past and you will be able to have the upper hand with them here if you join in on the party. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +30 21 0722 2977.
  • Enzzo de Cuba: It is among the best nightclubs in Athens. The party mood created here is usually amazing with the management having set up unique dancers to even teach the crowd to dance and get everyone involved. The music here is usually lively and you can be guaranteed that you will enjoy yourself here. Mingle with the ladies who have also come to have fun here. Flirt with her and if she responds positively to you, summon up courage and ask her if she won’t mind spending the night with you. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +30 21 0578 2610.
  • Couleur Locale: It is situated near Monastiraki station in Athens. The cocktails offered here are usually amazing and are served to you by charming bartenders. The DJs here are also experienced and entertain crowds here with party music. Several live gigs are also held here every Sunday. The ladies who come here want to enjoy themselves. You can buy them a drink then flirt with the one you like the most. Her body language is what will tell you whether she is interested in your vibe or not. You can the proceed to ask her politely if she would like to spend the night with you.
  • Kitty Cat: This entertainment joint serves as a bar and a club. The décor of this place is quite exquisite. The lively atmosphere here keeps that partying mood going with local DJs entertaining the crowds here with the latest hits. Ladies who come here want to enjoy themselves and are usually open to any advances that men make towards them. guys who meet their taste usually have an easy time hooking up with them. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +30 210 3423560.
  • Bolivar Beach Club: This club is located along Posidonos Avenue in Athens. It is a beach club so the fun is not limited only to the dance floor as you can take the fun to the ocean. You can enjoy the sun and the beach here, not to mention the amazing drinks offered here. The women who come here come to have the time of their lives so also get in the mood for partying when you are here so as to vibe with them. The DJs who come here are usually experienced thus you are guaranteed of having non-stop fun here. Ladies who enjoy themselves with you here will most likely spend the night with you if you ask them politely. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +30 697 036 7684.
  • City Zen: This bar is casual and is also suited for those who enjoy having romantic outings here. It has two floors where you can relax on the terrace of the rooftop of this bar and enjoy breathtaking views of the city from here. Be a gentleman and make the first approach to the ladies here. Buy them a drink and charmingly flirt with the one you like. Pay close attention to her body language and if she appears to respond positively to your vibe, ask her politely if she would like to spend the night with you.
Party at the Lohan Nightclub

Dating Apps

Online dating has become popular in Athens over the years. Many Greek women are signing up for these apps so as to find their partners, for casual hookups, or just to flirt. These apps enable you to go through many profiles and narrow down to the ones whom you share interests with and make the first move. Always be interesting and also seductive while flirting with women using these apps so as to make them more interested with what you have to say. Some of the most popular dating apps you can use to get in touch with Greek women include:

  • Tinder: It is the most popular dating app in the world and also in Athens. You will be able to go through women’s profiles and narrow down to the ones you like. You will be able to flirt with them through this app from anywhere in the world.
  • Travel Girls: This app connects you with Greek women who will be interested in becoming your travel companions. You can get to know each other through this app before meeting physically. Some of the women who are on this app are in search of their life-long partners thus, clearly outline what you are in for. There are also women in these app who are in for casual hookups only.
  • Badoo: It is the best app for flirting with Greek women. Many that enroll in this app just enjoy flirting. There are also those looking for marriage partners thus if you are lucky, you may even find your long-term partner among Greek women using this app.

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