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Ayia Napa dating guide advises how to date Cypriot women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

Dating Guide

A group of hot girls enjoying at The bell bar in Ayia Napa

Cyprus, officially called the Republic of Cyprus, is an island nation in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean. Cypriot women are extremely beautiful and they know it. They work hard to keep in shape as well and work out regular to keep their body healthy. Cypriot women are cautious of what they eat to maintain their health.

Ayia Napa is a party destination and the girls are accustomed to that atmosphere. They are outgoing, cheeky and don't mind dancing and even stripping when they are in the mood. What they usually look for is a confident person who they can interact with. They are also very funny and pretty delicate. Most of them have knowledge of various men and you have to be intelligent in order to attract them. They are able to notice stingy people fast and usually tend to ignore them. They also need men who treat them respectfully. Those men who only know English will not woo them easily, as the majority of them speak Greek. Knowing a few Greek words will at least give you the upper hand with these women. In order to impress Ayia Napa women, an outgoing personality is crucial. A man's trust is very necessary in order to win Ayia Napa women.

How to Date Cypriot Women

Cypriot women are usually well aware of their style, looks and personality. They are very cautious, smart, and have the right expertise in handling men. They usually judge people very quickly, and since they have dealt with many men, they can easily conclude whether you have money or not. Money is important to them and is a crucial factor in attracting the women of Ayia Napa. Dating these girls can be a very fun and exciting experience. The real question is how to approach them?

  • Looks matter: This doesn't mean your face or features only but how you dress up and carry yourself. Your hair, your clothes, your posture, hygiene habits, all of these play a crucial role when it comes to impress these beautiful Cypriot women.
  • Keep it creative: Start the conversation and keep it creative. Compliment her for her elegance and beautiful looks once in a while. She will know that you appreciate her and love her by the way you praise her. Cypriot women are usually not afraid to reply naughtily to your questions. So, be brave in looking for a prospect partner.
  • knowing the local language: This will play massively in your favour. You will be able to have a smoother conversation and she will understand you better. Even if you don't know how to speak any of the three local languages, pick up a few phrases that will let her know that this is not another lazy attempt.
  • Be a gentleman: Women still want a man who will sweep them off their feet and make them feel like a princess. It is not that hard to maker her feel that way. Small gestures, sweet compliments, thoughtful gifts and a little pampering is all it takes.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

You even have to understand yourself as a person before you start searching for a girlfriend here in Ayia Napa. Try to be a little pushy when having fun with them. You can even request them for their contact information after a small conversation. During the day, you will be able to spot many girls, making it the perfect time to approach them. Most women are searching for partners and these women usually like to spend some time on the beach during the day. It's good to look for hints that will indicate if a woman is single. You will be able to tell whether they have a partner or if they are waiting for one by analysing their body language. The venue plays an important part as well, for example if you see a women at her place of work, she is most likely going to reject any advances so be mindful of that as well.

Some of the best places to meet single girls in Ayia Napa are:

  • Plaza Shopping Center
  • Ayia Thekla Beach
  • Santa Napa Gift Shop
  • Venus Superstore
  • Black & White
The beautiful Ayia Thekla Beach is a great place to meet young and available women

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Nightlife here in Ayia Napa is usually characterized by nightclubs, bars, girls, loud music, and fancy drinks. Flashing your money around will win you many single ladies especially at night. These women are party freaks and they usually like men who spend a lot of money on them. Since they want to wind off and just blow some steam, they want to spend the night in the company of a man who knows how to have fun. This is crucial so make sure you visit these night venues with the right kind of attitude. Do not just sulk in the corner, show her a good time and she will be smitten in no time.These women have dealt with many men and are able to tell from a far if you have money or not. Several of the nightclubs and bars here in Ayia Napa operate throughout the day and night. Entertainment is guaranteed here just bring your party mood and proper attitude. Stripping events are also held in these party joints with most of them being held late into the night. Dressing is important for your night game here in Ayia Napa. Do not go too over the top. Put on a nice shirt and also try to dress according to the club you're going to. The staff in these entertainment joints is usually charming and offer quick and reliable services to customers. They are usually friendly and strive to make your night entertainment to be very memorable. Some of the nightclubs and bars found here in Ayia Napa are:

  • Abacus Restaurant and Lounge Bar: The interior decor of this bar is fabulous and mimics those found in bars in the West including furniture and even the lighting features. The drinks sold here include both local and international ones thus there is something for everyone here. The ladies who come here enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that is created here. They also like the drinks offered here thus you can begin a conversation with them by offering to buy drinks for them. If the night goes well and she responds positively to your advances, you can ask her if she won't mind spending the night with you.
  • Pepper Bar Lounge: This bar brings out the party feeling in everyone who visits it. Right from the lighting features which is neon lights to the fantastic and lively music that is played here. Both food and amazing cocktails are available here and are offered at affordable prices. The ladies who come here are ready to get the groove on and get the party started. They won't mind if you approach them so long as you have lots of money to spend on them and also have that party mood. You can get in that party mood and dance with these ladies into the night while enjoying the amazing cocktails that are offered here. Don't be shy to ask these women if she would like to spend the night with you.
  • Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar: The wines that are offered here are truly sweet and amazing and many people who come here enjoy these drinks and even the relaxing atmosphere that is created here. You can chat with these ladies and bring up interesting topics when you talk with them. Compliment here and also be seductive when flirting with her. You can later invite her to your hotel room or place of residence. Her response will most likely tell if she will like to spend the night with you.
  • Ambassaden Bar: This entertainment joint is both a bar and a nightclub combined. The neon lights that meet you when you enter here brings out that party mood in you. The loud music and amazing cocktails ensure that you have an amazing night here. The dance floor is usually full with everyone who come here yearning to release their stress dancing well into the night. You need to confidently and charmingly approach the ladies who come here. You can break the ice bu asking them for a dance or even buying them a drink. Whatever she is in for will increase your chances of spending the night with her. Invest in what she has chosen and make sure she experiences the best night she has ever had. You can then ask her if she won't mind spending the night with you. After making her feel like a queen and treating her lavishly, the chances of you having a wild night with her quadruples.
  • Liquid Café Bar: The drinks and shisha that you will able to enjoy here are an absolute delight. The wines that are offered here are imported thus you will be able to enjoy different wines tat are world class. The beers and cocktails are amazing with real fruits being served together with the cocktails to bring out that fantastic flavor. The girls who come to enjoy themselves here are usually mesmerized by the drinks that are offered here. It will do you a lot of good if you buy for them as many drinks as possible here. The great music that is played here gets them in that party mood. You can then ask her seductively if she would like to spend the night with you.
  • The Square Bar: The drinks, music, and crowds that come here complete the lively and party atmosphere experienced here. You need to put on casually and be ready to party with the gorgeous ladies that come here. You can even spoil them with lots of drinks and if they like you, they may strip for you. You can then seductively ask this you are interested in if they would like to spend the night with you.
  • Flames Restaurant and Bar: The staff here is amazing and ensure that you have a memorable night here. The drinks and food offered are tasty and very affordable. You will be able to enjoy the night here with the beautiful ladies who like to come here and unwind about the day's activities. You need to be charming and also seductive in order to have the upper hand to spend the night with these ladies.
  • Nissaki Bar Restaurant: It is located close to the beach so partying here is very assured. The amazing food and drinks offered here will wow you. You can even party with these gorgeous ladies who enjoy being in the company of interesting and charming people. You can then politely ask her if she won't mind spending the night with you.
  • The Agrotikon Restaurant & Bar: You will be able to enjoy amazing food and drinks offered here at very affordable prices. The management at this bar makes an effort to ensure that customers have an enjoyable time here. The drinks offered here are world class. There is enough sitting arrangements here hence, you can choose where you are comfortable with and enjoy your drinks. Converse with the gorgeous ladies who come here. Entertain them with interesting topics and even offer to buy them drinks. Single out those who you are interested with and ask them if they won't mind spending the night with you.
  • Blueberries Restaurant and Bar: The various types of drinks offered here will most likely make you want to stay here forever. They have an amazing array of beers, wines, spirits, and even cocktails. The party atmosphere here is usually on. You can also enjoy amazing food that is offered here at very affordable prices. The ladies who come here enjoy relaxing and the amazing drinks that are offered here. Use these preferences to your advantage. Buy drinks for these beautiful ladies and have interesting and conversations with them. If all goes well, you will be able to enjoy an amazing night with them.
You will find plenty of girls partying in the Nightclubs of Ayia Napa

Dating Apps

The use of online dating apps have grown extensively among the youth in Ayia Napa especially the ladies. You will be able to flirt with ladies here in Ayia Napa using the following apps:

  • Tinder
  • Pure
  • Grindr
  • Tonight
  • Field

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