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Baku dating guide advises how to date Azerbaijani women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Dating Guide

Hot girls of Baku at the Energi club

The city of Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. The city despite being a massive location in the region and being home to over 5 million people (considering the entire metropolitan region) does have rather strict dating guidelines. As a tourist, you will have to face considerable challenges and unlike most major cities, dating in Baku shall not be akin to walking on marshmallows. To begin with, a tourist mustn’t lose hope, things are unquestionably changing with time. Women are moving towards a more modern approach regarding dating. The younger population especially resonates with being liberal and living their life on their own terms. There are plenty of foreign girls as well who have changed the dynamics of the local dating culture and the existence of many nightclubs and bars have allowed the dating culture to flourish in Baku.

While things are changing and Baku being a popular tourist destination means that the dating culture cannot stay too rigid, a large majority of local girls are required to follow draconian practices and strict rules. They have to deal with sexism, misogyny, being slut shamed on regular bases. Society, all in all, is a patriarchal one which means local men are incredibly defensive when it comes to the ladies. A large section of them still believe that men and the elders of the family should find a guy for the women and arranged marriages are widely accepted. Going out in the town with these ladies means you should expect things like directly asking her out to make the arrangements for the date, being flexible about the time, and surprisingly taking care of the bill etc. This means that you should offer something extra special in order for the ladies to consider breaking the norms and customs for you.

However, the dating culture is not only restricted to local women. Those who are lazy to take the effort must know that the city is host to a variety of global events, right from a Grand Prix to UEFA football matches, so you will encounter lovely women from different countries across the globe, dating them will be much easier and will require far less effort.

How to Date Azeri Women

Dating in the city of Baku is an amazing experience. The majority of the ladies in the city fantasise about dating men from foreign nations, they take extraordinary efforts to deck up and meet these men. The women despite having an unspoken affinity for foreign men who come from the West, they hesitate to interact with them. Therefore, it is essential to be extremely patient as the women take some time to open up to men, they may not do so in areas of public scrutiny but away from prying eyes. So don’t give up hope, pursue a woman you like with politeness and more importantly at the right place and you might end up catching their fancy. Be reasonable about the social and customary distinction. Acknowledge her customs and culture and surely don't ridicule it. In the event that there is something that you don't have faith in graciously avoid and don't offer your well-qualified assessment on it. That comes a lot later when you two are past the period of being seeing each other. On comparative lines, you will need to regard the nearby suppositions of individuals and maintain a strategic distance. This could prompt tattle that can tear into your back sooner than you might suspect. Be just about as gallant and heartfelt as could really be expected, the neighbourhood ladies do not appreciate over-the-top signals as well and they in every case long for the little gestures.

As a tourist, it is upto you to also take some effort in return. Surely women love dating foreigners but some extra effort will go a long way. The best possibilities of dating ladies in Baku is for the men who can communicate in Azerbaijani, this is a significant basis as the ladies can't converse well in English and they incline toward adhering to their local language, in the event that you can talk even basic Azerbaijani, you will get fortunate without an excessive amount of exertion further. Keeping this in mind, women can get a little materialistic, so along with all the gestures, make sure that you impress them with a few gifts, a few fancy meals, some quality time together and above all long drives in your own car, the fancier, the better!

The modern Azeri women from Baku are comfortable with the idea of dating and are used to of frequenting nightclubs to meet new people

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan and without a doubt it is home to some of the most exciting places to meet single girls. As a tourist, you must target visiting some of these places if you wish to make an acquaintance with the local girls. Keep in mind, the dating scene in the city isn’t as straightforward as it is in other capital cities across the globe, some measure of subtlety will help you take things a long way. Remember, the city of Baku is an unmistakable shopping destination in the country and it is an outright easy decision that the local ladies love venturing out of their homes to go for their shopping trips. It is a gateway for them to have a good time and meet their companions while indulging themselves a bit. The protected environment of a shopping mall shields them from the extreme winds outside and offers a wide variety of dining and shopping options. Thus, make sure you visit the malls to meet single Azeri women. Also, one can attempt and visit some of the local parks and gardens, these are places where women come to spend some quiet time or even get some exercise, while they do not wish to be seen interacting with unrelated men, the privacy in some desolate corners of these parks shall make them a little bold and thus easier for you to approach. Given below is a list of places that you can visit in Baku to meet single Azeri women:

  • Molokan Gardens
  • Dənizkənarı Milli Park
  • Ganjlik Mall
  • 28 Mall
  • Park Bulvar Mall
  • Coin Cafe Baku
  • Bristol Gastro Pub Baku
  • Coin Cafe Baku
Inside the Park Bulvar Mall

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Despite being an Islamic country, Azerbaijan is home to some amazing nightclubs and bars, while there might be constraints about local women visiting it, do not worry about the ambience and the party environment as these bars cater to local and international crowds with zest and vogue like none other. Going to places such as bars and nightclubs where liquor is consumed and sold, or dancing to profane music while enjoying revolting acts of showing love and affection with obscure men is viewed as a transgression as per the religion of most local ladies in Baku. Thus one can certainly say that the city is home to an extremely traditionalist group of women. The vast majority of the nearby ladies try not to go to bars, bars, and dance club as it is viewed as a sin. But without being dejected, tourists must look at the bright side and count those few women who actually visit the nightclubs to be sure shot targets who are liberal and open-minded, willing to date or even have casual sex. Thus, listed below are some of the most prominent bars and nightclubs in the city where you can meet the hottest Azeri women in town:

  • Sinitek: For all the enthusiasts who are keen on delving into the nightlife in Azerbaijan, Sinitek Baku is quite possibly the most zapping nightlife spots in the capital city, giving you an ideal mood to party with your companions. This bar is accessible just on the ends of the week where local people bounce in to dance on the famous techno tracks.
  • Barrel Playground: Barrel Playground is found almost 5 kilometres from the downtown area and this bar is open occasionally. This ocean-facing delightful property highlights vivacious exhibitions of mainstream DJs and live groups playing jazz, blues, and so on.
  • Otto Club: It is situated in the downtown area, a few metres away from Fountain Square. Otto club is renowned to encounter the most happening socialites in the town. Try not to try to pass up this astonishing spot providing captivating nightlife in the country.
  • People Livebar: It is an inviting and happy bar. Working 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays, this bar permits you to invest quality time with your local women over a glass of local beer or Azeri wine. This bar gives an alternate measurement to Azerbaijan nightlife with its incredibly scrumptious rarities and homegrown feels. So visit this spot for an ideal amicable environment where you can have conversations for quite a long time while grooving to the live band.
  • Finnegan's Irish Pub: It will move you to the valid Irish bars of Ireland. This famous chain of the pub is about sports, offbeat music and Irish beer. In the event that you are searching for a night with not so boisterous music, a lively and amicable host, this Irish Pub can unquestionably acquire a spot on your rundown of nightlife in Azerbaijan.
  • Enerji: With two distinct types of ambience ruling on two unique floors, Enerji is about extraordinary music, an immense dance area and arranged porches over the Caspian Sea. Enerji has top of the line themed gatherings, unconstrained and remarkable shows, and insane DJ shows which makes it one of the top choices among local people and travellers the same.
  • Pasifico: One of the tip-top areas of the city, Pasifico impeccably mixes the top-notch food and relaxing experience. Found right in the core of Baku, the setup of this spot will undoubtedly contact your spirit. Chill either on the intriguing cowhide couches inside, outwardly porch, or by the bar counter with shining mosaics and enjoy the delectable rarities from everywhere in the world. The place likewise has probably the most sizzling get-togethers in the city!
  • IN Club: Introducing Techno to the city of Baku, IN Club is known for its insane and lavish electronic music parties that happen every end of the week. The excited youthful group on the dance floor, insane beats of music, showy insides, and ceaseless energy has handled this club in the rundown of spots to have the best nightlife in Azerbaijan.
  • ETUD Cafe and Bar: It is an underground centre for the local youth. Live jazz meetings, gigs by nearby entertainers, old-style music evenings, dynamic group, and local beer and wine summarise the evening of this bar. Head to this spot on the off chance that you are searching for a spot to proceed to chill with a sexy Azeri woman with a glass of chilled beer.
  • Madrid Bar: Giving the feels of Spanish bars, Madrid bar is situated in the core of the capital city. The climate of this bar encounters a juxtaposition of comfortable and insane. Exhibiting the speciality of bartending in the city, the bar is renowned for its beverage blends mixed in with the Spanish touch that will undoubtedly make your evening.
Party at the Barrel playground in Baku

Dating Apps

Dating in Baku has always been difficult, it is akin to a game of hide and seek that young couples have to play with the conservative locals to avoid gossip but technology has helped people date and understand one another better. In like manner, dating apps have helped people connect with one another better than ever. As a tourist, you too can make the most of this and interact with likeable women on the dating apps and websites before you even reach the city, so that you waste no time in going on dates and taking things further upon your arrival. Some dating apps worth using in Baku are:

  • SinglesAroundMe
  • lovehabibi
  • Badoo
  • Bloom
  • AzDate

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