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Barcelona dating guide advises how to date Spanish women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Barcelona, Spain.

Dating Guide

Hot Spanish women at the Pacha Club in Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is notable across the globe for different reasons, most importantly for being the capital city of Catalonia. It is additionally the biggest city in Catalonia. The city of Barcelona has a populace of practically 1.6 million individuals. Dating in Barcelona can be a very interesting experience. It can also be tricky due to the language barrier but Barcelona being a cosmopolitan city does not have this problem in a way other small cities and towns do. People usually go to Barcelona to experience the beautiful Spanish culture and to socialise as well. The girls are used to seeing foreign faces all around and also used to interacting with them so you will find the local girls to be very friendly and warm. There are some things that you should know about the dating culture and some characteristics of the Spanish girls in Barcelona before you go and approach one. This will not only make it easier for you but will also familiarise you with the local mannerisms.

While the digitalising of dating through online dating apps has caught up in Barcelona as well, the local girls still want to meet up the old fashioned way. Spanish girls are romantics at heart so they really do appreciated being approached in person. You can go up to a girl in a coffee shop or a bar and strike up a conversation. Spanish girls also love to party so make sure you are able to match their energy.

Dating is something that is common and people in Barcelona do have a very liberal and open approach towards sex and dating. Healthy relationships are encouraged. This is something very refreshing and you will see that the local girls in Spain are open to dating men from all sorts of ethnicities and backgrounds. However, they are very close to their families, their culture and their roots and they take pride in that. They are overall a very passionate bunch so they can also get easily offended. Make sure you do not offend them and their culture in any way. They can also be very blunt so try not to take that too seriously.

You will find the girls from Barcelona are very relaxed and they have a very chill approach towards life. They are up for any adventure and can be very easy going about dates etc. They do not always expect fancy dates or something special but once in a while they also want to be pampered and want to feel special so make sure you keep that in mind.

How to Date Spanish Women

While Spanish women are extremely hot and attractive, they can also be very different from women of other countries. They are extremely passionate, and a joy to be around. They are also a bit of party heads and always down to have a good time. Most of them extrovert traits and personalities and matching their energy can be a little hard. You will have to mentally prepare yourself for these things if you want a healthy and strong relationship with your Barcelonian sweetheart. Remember, Spanish women, are completely different from their Latina cousins, both genetically and culturally. And, you should never make the mistake of treating them the same as Latinas. A typical Spanish girl has long dark hair, olive skin, brown eyes, and have a lighter complexion than the Latinos. Getting someone to agree to go out with you is just the first of the many phases of a relationship. If you do establish a long term relationship with a girl from Barcelona, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to make your relationship a happy and a successful one. Some very useful tips are as follows: 

  • Be honest about your intentions and expectations: This will ensure that there are no misunderstandings between the two of you and will make your partner happy to know that she is with someone who doesn’t hide anything from her.
  • Establish an efficient way of communication: Once you understand how your partner thinks, acts and reacts to various situations and issues, you should figure out the most efficient way of communicating with them. Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship. It is not only your responsibility to understand how your partner likes to communicate, but hers as well.
  • Respect her values: It is very important for your partner to feel and know that you respect her values and her beliefs. By doing this, you will convey to her that you actually listen to what she has to say and find her worthy enough to respect all of that.
  • Give her some space: It is essential that your partner should not feel suffocated in the relationship. In order to make that happen, you will need to give her some space. Spanish girls generally need more independence in a relationship and they want to have a big social circle. They like to party and they like to meet people so always being possessive about her whereabouts will not sit well with her.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

There are plenty of great places to meet single girls in Barcelona. They actually prefer if someone approaches them in person. During the day time these places can vary from coffee shops to shopping malls, city squares, parks, libraries or any public place for that matter. You have to read her body language and you have to judge if she will be reciprocating positively. If she looks too engrossed in doing some task perhaps reading a book, writing etc or if she has headphones on then she might get irritated if you approach her. If she is idly sipping on a cup of coffee, loitering around etc then she might be up for a little chat. Some of the best places to meet single girls in Barcelona include:

  • Maremagnum
  • Arenas de Barcelona
  • Diagonal Mar
  • Ciutadella Park
  • Jardins de Laribal
  • Parc de Cervantes
  • Satan's Coffee Corner
  • Nomad Coffee Lab & Shop
  • Barceloneta Beach
  • Sant Sebastià Beach

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

The evening time game in the city of Barcelona is incredibly energetic. The vast majority of the ladies are hoping to get out of their homes to drink, tattle, and have an incredible time until the early morning. The best spot to meet ladies during the evening is without a doubt the nightclubs and pubs. The nightlife in the city of Barcelona is awesome. Individuals from all over the globe travel to the city to appreciate a couple of evenings of interminable celebrating. Barcelona probably won't be as popular as the Spanish capital of Madrid, yet the city's nightlife is a real pro, you will discover scores of provocative Spanish ladies dancing alluringly to foot-tapping numbers and chugging shots without care. The absolute best places a vacationer can visit to meet horny young ladies in the city of Barcelona are given beneath, so do explore them if you wish to pick up hot singles in town:

  • Bikini Barcelona: It is a part live event arena, part dance club. It's exemplary among more youthful clubbers and undergrads, who appreciate the straightforward and basic, no-pardons party vibe. The music is mixed, and the scene is isolated into various spaces for live shows just as house and electro parties.
  • La Terrazza: It is a roof nightclub having some expertise in house and techno. It's open all through the late spring season and is one of the principal settings during the Sonár electronic concert, which happens in Barcelona every year. Despite the fact that the outdoors roof needs to submit to confined limits, it offers a dance experience like no other around there.
  • Ocaña: This slick and bohemian setting in Plaça Reial is loaded with old fashioned pieces and has an eatery, a patio, a mixed drink bar and a club. The mixed drink bar, Apotheke, offers a wide choice of live music, as does the club, which is in an underground vaulted space.
  • Sidecar Factory Club: Located in Plaça Reial, it catches the genuine pith of Barcelona nightlife. This underground rock club is mainstream with inhabitants who love exemplary rock and independent; it has live shows, DJ sets and Anti-Karaoke evenings.
  • Jamboree: It is among the best jazz clubs around there, with live exhibitions consistently. It's additionally perhaps the most sweltering spot for hip-hop, R&B and funk. This underground club, in the mainstream Plaça Reial simply off La Rambla, pulls in a blended group including some genuine music lovers and acclaimed jazz artists.
  • Eclipse: Party with the city's elite and influential at Eclipse. This select bar, on the twenty-sixth floor of the five-star W Barcelona on Barceloneta Beach, offers excellent all-encompassing perspectives on the whole city. It is not normal for some other nightclub in Barcelona and has a severe entrance policy, so dress to intrigue.
  • Shôko: Located right on Barceloneta's seafront promenade, is a lounge club and café enhanced with a fabulous Asian-impacted stylistic theme. The mood is cosmopolitan and stylish, however, remember that you'll discover a larger number of sightseers than Barcelona locals here. Music is for the most part hip-hop, business hits and DJ sets, yet there are additionally various gatherings consistently.
  • Marula Café: Situated in the core of the Gothic Quarter, is a comfortable and dull scene that plays R&B, soul, afrobeat and jazz. The nightclub has a laid-back climate and cordial energy, pulling in however many occupants as sightseers. Notwithstanding the club evenings, unrecorded music is a standard event.
  • Razzmatazz: It is the ruler of Barcelona's nightclubs and is really five arenas in one. The Loft is probably the best spot around to hear techno, electro and dubstep, while Lolita plays a combination of house, electropop, nu-disco and electronica. Non-mainstream music lovers should go to the Razz Club, the Pop Bar is your go-to for exemplary pop and the Rex Room is the setting's principal dance floor and unrecorded music stage.
  • Opium Barcelona: It is a complex nightclub with one of the strictest clothing standards around there. High heels, fashioner marks and magnums of champagne are all essential for the climate at this select club, which has pulled in a couple of VIPs every so often. The dance floor highlights white-glossy silk lounge chairs, chrome-and-glass tables and smooth current style, and the stylish groups dance to the beat of the standard electronic music.
  • MOOG: It is Barcelona's definitive electronic music setting. Among the most all-around respected nightclubs in Spain, this spot has a Berlin underground feel, besides under the Mediterranean sun. Open 365 days every year, MOOG acquainted electronic music with the city back during the 1990s when it opened, and it keeps on facilitating probably the greatest names in the electro, house and techno scene consistently.
Party at the Pacha Club in Barcelona

Dating Apps

Similar to the different nations of Europe, Spain also has accepted dating applications that are mainstream across the globe. These dating applications incorporate Tinder, which is the market chief overall since the time it launched and brags of countless clients in Spain also. This is normally the best option for sightseers hoping to discover ladies by means of web-based dating applications. Another great app would be International Cupid, as the application has countless dynamic female clients from the city of Barcelona. Furthermore, dating applications, such as OkCupid and Happn too can be utilised for dating in the city of Barcelona.

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