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Beirut dating guide advises how to date Lebanese women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Beirut, Lebanon.

Dating Guide

A group of beautiful girls at the Iris club in Beirut

Since Lebanon is a small country, and Beirut being the capital of Lebanon, anyone you meet here is bound to know someone you already know. You could be dating your cousin's ex and be unaware of it.

Although, Beirut is a very conservative place when it comes to dating. Usually, when guys travel, they find it easy to get laid when they are in a foreign land. Well, that isn’t often going to be the case when you are in Beirut. Lebanese women do not usually go out looking for hookups with strange men. However, they wait until they get married or have a very serious boyfriend before they get laid.

With that situation, foreign men will still be outliers. Whereas, an average foreigner is going to have an easier chance of dating a Lebanese girl out of nowhere than the average local.

How to Date Lebanese Women

Lebanese women are far from being superficial. Many of them are somehow indulges in the fashion industry, so carrying the right style in front of them could be a big win for you. Although it is not hard to deliver a sharp look, it’s a simple color matching exercise. All you have to do is match the shoe color with the belt, the socks with the shirt, the pants with the sunglasses, the boxers with the jacket, etc. When it comes to dating Lebanese women, it is crucial to be loyal and maintaining chivalry. Women have different choices here and prefer men who are fun-loving and are serious about their choices.

Remember, Lebanese women, are not materialistic. However, a $500K Patek Philippe is a $500K Patek Philippe. So, make sure you grace your wrist with one which exposes your personality. It will help her to assess the sweet mature man of cheerful personality that you are. Lebanese women are highly educated social predators. Their international lifestyle and traveling around the world gave them deep and profound knowledge. They have interests in a large range of big topics from Finance, Art, Philosophy, and Sociology. So, when you approach them do forget about Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi for a second.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The main area in Beirut for singles nightlife is located in the North-Western part of the city, particularly along the Corniche. Hamra Street is one of the main roads through town and you will find plenty of bars and even some nightclubs out here. Do try to hook up with Beirut girls in here.

However, there is also a nearby street known as Armenia Street in Mar Mikhael. This place has more places where you will find single girls. The nightclubs out here won’t allow single men to enter as many of them tries to create an unpleasant environment.

However, you could try to tip the doorman, or offer to pay the entry fee for a girl near you if you see one who is about to enter. Here you can certainly find a much better nightlife in Beirut than you can find in other cities of the world.

That same area of the town will also be the best place to find single girls during the daytime, particularly along the Corniche. Single girls in Beirut will be walking along the Mediterranean Sea boardwalk all day till the early evening.

The above-mentioned Hamra Street and the parks or cafes near the American University are also ideal spots to find single girls. Although, there is also an old reliable option of trying to hit on Beirut girls at malls and shopping districts like:

  • ABC Mall Achrafieh
  • ABC Verdun
  • Beirut Souks
  • Dunes
  • City Centre Beirut

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

There are lots of entertainment spots in Lebanon where you can visit. However, the city of Beirut will offer one of the amazing opportunities for you to meet the beautiful girls. These entertainment spots provide a wide range of services thus, it attracts the various kinds of people including the locals and tourists.

You will surely have an amazing experience if you meet a girl in these amazing spots. The mood becomes cheerful, the setting is in order and the section of events is just perfect. The single girls of the city are mostly available in these places in search of an interesting person.

Here are the top 10 night clubs and bars where you will find single girls:

  • Anise: This is a specialist bar that offers samples of an extensive variety of homemade arak-produced vines from all around the country. You will experience dim mood lighting along with the occasional live jazz band.
  • Ferdinand: Ferdinand is a small, hip bar located in Hamra. Above everything, it serves cocktails, Lebanese wines. This place is well-known for its signature dish the Ferdi Burger, topped with blueberry jam. This bar welcomes young artists and experts in its comfortable and low-key atmosphere. Indie and 80s new wave music continue to play in the background, silent enough to allow the guests to enjoy a book on one of the sofas.
  • Dany’s bar: This bar is very popular and every local favorite. Dany’s bar in Hamra was first opened in the year 2008. Within a decade of its existence, it has become a regular spot for the party-goers. However, the venue is divided into two floors, the lower one is for regular hosting of live gigs by the local bands on a professional stage. When there is too much crowd on the inside, the summer evenings turn into something of a lively street party.
  • 'Bar three sixty: This is a lounge bar located on the top floor of the luxurious Le Gray Hotel. It will offer you some of the best views of Beirut and the surrounding Mediterranean Sea. This venue boasts its excellent wine list, signature cocktails, and rich finger food platters. There’s not only live music on Wednesdays and Fridays but also a resident DJ who plays jazz and lounge tunes.
  • Torino Express: This is a small drinking corner on Rue Gouraud. This is like an institution in Beirut’s bohemian quarter of Gemmayzeh. It operates as a cafe during the day, serving panini and Italian coffee. At night it becomes a standing bar, serving cocktails, wines, and beers to its guests.
  • February 30: This bar has established itself as one of the Hamra district’s most lively venues. The interior in this resto-pub is nothing but short of wacky. The furniture of this bar is assembled randomly, which couldn’t have been better.

The vibe is very pleasant and there is a breath of fresh air in Lebanese nightlife. You will see folk revival musicians making merry at the top of the bar counter.

  • About Elie: This bar was opened in the year 1995, five years after the end of the civil war. It was built by Naya Shahoud whose political inclinations are reflected on the walls of the bar. It has countless images of Che Guevara and other socialist icons from a bygone era.
  • Dragonfly: This is a small cocktail bar that reflects a retro Parisian feel with old-school jazz playing in the background. It has an innovative garden patch surrounded by herbs. However, these herbs are freshly picked before they make their way to the refreshing cocktails.
  • The Bohemian: This bar is by far the most significant new addition to the trendy bar scene in Mar Mikhael. The Bohemian offers delicious platters and salads and varieties of drinks, all in a classy lounge ambiance.
  • Gatsby: This bar is located at the heart of Uruguay Street which brings back the feel of the roaring twenties. The Gatsby is a dedicated concept bar that boasts its charming interior and a refreshing outdoor atmosphere. You will experience and enjoy a variety of crafted bourbon cocktails, signature burgers, and other authentic Midwestern delicacies.
Party at the Spine club in Beirut

Dating Apps

There are no such dating apps that are popular in Beirut. As this place is very much conservative about dating, finding someone for dating will require your effort.

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