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Bilbao dating guide advises how to date Spanish women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Bilbao, Spain.

Dating Guide

Hot Spanish girls at Moma club Bilbao

Spain is one of the most romantic countries in the world. Bilbao is a city in Spain located in Biscay, which is famous for a variety of things, including its women. Spanish women are witty and humorous and prefer to meet new people and make a connection. They are interesting and they know how to impress people, which is why they are ideal as dating partners.

Many women are very open-minded and accept the culture of casual relationships. The local women are dedicated and passionate. It is not difficult to find a beautiful Spanish women to date in Bilbao. However, it is important to understand the dating culture before you proceed.

The dating culture in Bilbao is modern and progressive. The women are very straightforward and do not hesitate to take the first step if they are interested. They are very open and frank about their feelings and emotions and do not confuse love and sex. They know what they want in any relationship and are quite open about it, which makes them very unique. Spanish women are also very selective of who they want to date.

They like to invite their dates to hang out with their inner circles as they want their partner to be accepted by their friends. In Spain and by extension in Bilabo, having late-night fun is the motto, not caring about where it leads. Spanish women are adventurous but also family-oriented, well educated, faithful, loving, and caring. However, the women also have a bit of a temperament as well which is better to avoid at all costs. They can be sweet and sour at the same time.

How to Date Spanish Women

As dating is very common in Bilbao, like any other country, impressing a Spanish woman may sound easy but can be a little tricky as well. A perfect date in Bilbao depends on many factors. The interested men should learn to express their feelings openly without hesitation, as it is not regarded as a weakness.

The best way to approach a Spanish woman is to verbalize your feelings and intentions, which is not regarded as a sign of desperation or being too forward. People of Bilbao or overall Spain love to display their affection towards their partner in public. They know no boundaries when it comes to expressing their affection. The city streets witness many acts of chivalry and romance.

A Spanish date includes going out to a cinema, for a drink or tapas or to the beach. You can expect your date to run a little late so do not question or pester her too much. In the Spanish dating culture, outfits and clothing carry a very important position. People in Spain dress to impress, even in small gatherings or casual hangouts.

It is very crucial to dress properly for a date to imprint a long-lasting impression on your partner. It is common to display affection for your partner in public, even on the first date. Spanish women are not shy about talking about sex and being sexually involved. Although sex is a taboo in their culture, time is changing, and they are open to experiencing new things. They are rather very clear and open from the start. They are also impressed if you instigate a deep conversation about their culture and art.

Spanish women love their families more than anything. Beach dates in Spanish summer are a top priority for any Spanish woman. As most Spanish women live with their families, they get ready to meet the parents on the first date.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Bilbao has many spots with single girls to date with. Although it is sheer luck, a lot depends on the effort that leads you to the perfect night. Bilbao women are not easily available for hookups. Casco Viejo is the destination around Bilbao which has plenty of single girls.

Girls in this spot are more likely to accept a one-night stand as the place is full of tourists and travelers. The girls hang out in the cafes and restaurants all night and day and involve themselves in that old town area. Malls and the shopping districts are the usual commonplaces that consist of several single girls. Some of such malls and shopping districts are:

  • Abando Geltokia
  • Centro comercial bidarte
  • Cess el corte inglés
  • Centro commercial miribilla
  • Centro comercial zubiarte

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

People of people enjoy a vibrant nightlife, they know how to party and have fun as the number of pubs and nightclubs increases with time and can be found throughout the city.

  • Shake: It is a great music bar that serves unique beer and cocktails. This is regarded to be one of the best bars in Bilbao. Visitors also enjoy live music genres at Shake.
  • Bilborock: Bilborock is a repurposed church that now can accommodate music concerts and many other events. It also accommodates cinema screenings, theatre plays, workshops, cultural events, etc. It is also a space that holds creativity in the city.
  • Licenciado Poza: This is a street known by the locals as ‘Pozas.' It is regarded as the most popular place for a wonderful evening. There are ample restaurants and bars in this street, making it one incredible fantastic spot for the locals and visitors.
  • Fever: This is a place in Bilbao that will make all the visitors of this place move as they have never done before. This nightclub is a favorite of many, and it features very reputed DJs and live acts.
  • Bihotz: This pub is located close to a river and just next to an Old Town. It offers all the things that one needs to relax. The staff at Bihotz is very friendly, and visitors also get good quality wine and beer.
  • Kubrick Bar Bilbao: As per the name, everyone can imagine, this place belongs to Stanley Kubrick. The screens and posters at this place are ideal for recalling all the scenes from his movies, and visitors will find themselves in a cinematic setting. The bar serves meals at any time of the day as well as it offers breakfast. It also offers parties, cabarets, shows and live music.
  • Mendiola: If the visitors want a new perspective, then it is mandatory to check out the La Terraza del Yandiola. This bar is located at the top of a historic building, and it offers some amazing views. The lounge music at the bar is amazing, as is the whole place.
  • Baobab Bar Tetra: This is one of the trendy as well as popular spots located by the river. It is a charming and small treehouse that offers some of the amazing teas in Bilbao. It also offers some amazing bars that serve beers at an affordable rate.
  • Bar Marzana: This bar has a very relaxing as well as cool vibe. One of the favorite drinks from this bar is the amazing tonic and gin.
  • Bar Luca: This bar is perfect for busy crowds. Visitors pop in and have the taste of the beer before entering Bilbao's vibrating nightlife.
Party at the Fever club Bilbao

Dating Apps

People of Bilbao are technologically advanced and embrace the idea of dating online and having casual relationships. Adult friend finder is an online casual dating app that is like the modern speed dating in Bilbao. Single girls are more likely to sign up for it as it involves no serious commitment, just a casual date, and hookups. Some of the apps are:

  • Tinder
  • Badoo
  • Adult friend finder
  • Meet Ville

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