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Busan dating guide advises how to date South Korean women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Busan, South Korea.

Dating Guide

A group of young girls at the Billie Jean club in Busan

Busan is a popular tourist destination in South Korea. The places are exquisite, and the girls here are beautiful. Learning how to speak a little bit of Korean will make things easier for you as it will impress the women of this city. You need to remember that the culture here is greatly different from the cultures of other countries so, approaching these women without first thinking things through would be considered unwise. You need to know the social and cultural norms before making any advances. You also need to be aware that many of the local women are shy and if talking to you makes them feel uncomfortable, you should back off.

How to Date South Korean Women

The Dating culture in Busan is a little bit different from the rest of the world. While some of the women have managed to catch up with other cultures as a result of education and an open mind, others gave not. Some of the women here are shy and conservative. South Korean women generally move around in groups so if you want to date women in Busan, you also have to impress her friends as well as her. Getting the approval of her friends will probably influence the decision in your favor.

First impressions are very important. You have to look good and groom yourself properly at all times. Likewise, the women there take care to look good all the time. In Busan, holding hands and light kisses are acceptable between couples in public but other things are frowned upon so don't expect your partner to be very intimate with you in public places.

You need to be ready to spend some money if you want to date local women in Busan. Take them on dates to nice restaurants. Be polite when you approach them and respect their culture and heritage. Korean women are educated so they will expect you to be too. Three-quarters of adult women in Korea are university graduates so sharpen your Korean language skills because you'll be having high-minded conversations with your woman. Pay attention to her, respect her culture and compliment her regularly and try as much as possible to be honest with her, and your relationship will blossom.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Busan is the second most populated city in South Korea. There is no scarcity of places to meet single women. If you approach them during the day and they are not comfortable speaking to you back off because walking up to strangers is not a part of Korean culture. During the day, you will find most women at the park, beach, in or around malls, or coffee shops. You can meet single women at Haeundae beach, yongdusan park, central square, nampo underground.

At night, the atmosphere of Busan totally changes and you will find a lot of hot and wild girls in various bars and nightclubs. Nightlife in Busan is exotic and cool, It has a lot of bars, pubs and nightclubs that are filled with party goers until the early hours of the morning. Nightlife in Busan is a fun-filled affair and you can enjoy it to it's full extent by touring the numerous bars, pubs and nightclubs. The amount of nightclubs and bars available in Busan is proof that the youth visit them regularly. You can meet a lot of single women when you go there. Some of the places you'll meet single women at night are; groove, club babau, J pub.

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Busan has a wide selection of bars and nightclubs to pick up local women. Figuring out the best places to check out might be a hard task for someone unfamiliar with the city. Popular clubs in the city include:

  • Club Babau: Club baba is a terrific place to meet single women. The club has a fun and bubbly atmosphere with great music. It is an excellent place to hang out and hook up with women for those looking to get laid.
  • Vinyl Underground: It’s is one of the nightclubs that offers live music. The incredible band, lights and the cocktails makes it impossible to sit alone all night. All around you, you’ll see local women dancing to the amazing music. You can easily walk up to them and have a fun-filled night.
  • Jazz Club Monk: It has awesome live music, hot girls, and everything that makes a club pop. It is one of the top clubs in Busan that a lot of music enthusiasts and students visit often. You are for sure going to score in this club.
  • Rock N Roll Bar: This bar is quiet and you will not see a lot of crazy night partygoers here. This is a good place to go for a quiet date.You can also older women at this bar.
  • The Wolfhound: It's an Irish pub in Busan, it's a two minutes walk from Haeundae beach. The atmosphere is vibrant due to its dark wood table and open floorplan. It serves excellent food and great cocktails. It's a hub for foreigners so you can meet a lot of women there.
  • Fuzzy Navel: It's a cocktail bar with great lights and is known for its famous cocktails. This upscale club is frequented by hot and stylish girls. The drinks are very fancy and you can expect the girls to bring on a pretty wild party.
  • Revel: It is one of the liveliest nightclub that is also a lounge. It is very popular and it draws large crowds almost everyday. This amazing club is filled hot and sexy local and foreign women who just want to party, have lots of fun and probably hook up. You should visit the amazing club.
  • Wood side Bar: Wood side bar is an incredible upscale bar. The dimly lit atmosphere make it cozy and easy to relax and the bars seats are so comfortable you can enjoy the bar alone or with a group. The drinks selection is impressive, the prices of the drinks are satisfactory and the bartender and staff are friendly.it also has excellent cocktails and it's a quiet bar.
  • Groove: It's a very popular place with cool vibes and lights. The club is popular for its signature fancy drinks. And it's great music. It's crowded sometimes and you will see a lot of hot young women here. They have English signs in the way in and even though it's 99% Koreans in this club, you can still find foreigners here. Visit this place if you want to meet women and dance the night away.
A crazy party at the Revel nightclub in Busan

Dating Apps

Technology has changed the way people relate with each other and date around the world. Busan was among the cities that were hesitant to accept online dating sites because of their conservative culture. The most satisfactory thing about dating apps for foreigners is making friends online and establishing a connection before you land in Busan. It's an incredible way to avoid wasting any time trying to pick women up on the streets. There's a lot of dating on the internet for different purposes and they all have strict guidelines must adhere to. The most popular dating apps in Busan includes:

  • 1km
  • Badoo
  • Bumble
  • Tinder
  • KoreanCupid
  • Azar
  • Noondate

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