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Cali dating guide advises how to date Colombian women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Cali, Colombia.

Dating Guide

The city of Cali is located in the southwest region of Columbia. It is the most popular city in that area. The women of Cali do not like to waste time. If they want something, they will just go for it. Therefore, getting into a romantic relationship is very common for them.

Since Cali is a city of fun and it has an open dating culture. The people around here are free, and you can interact with both genders without any restrictions. Therefore, there are no rules or regulations against dating in the city.

Although, the women of this city are known to be players, so make sure you’re careful while getting into a relationship with them. They prefer casual dating rather than getting into serious relationships.

However, most of them are romantic and expressive, they like displaying affection. You will see people kissing or doing other things while walking on the streets. Therefore, you do not have to hide your relationship in Cali as the women love to flaunt their relationships.

Most of the women in this city are flirty and expressive. Cali does not have any restrictions and it is a perfect city for dating.

How to Date Colombian Women

Although Columbian women are interested in meeting and dating foreigners, you should behave well. Here are some key tips for dating a Columbian girl that will help you to impress her:

  • Learn how to dance – Columbian women love to dance so make sure you learn it as soon as possible. When you go out with a Colombian woman, you should be ready to dance with her.
  • Don’t pay attention to flakiness – Colombian girls are usually late on their first date, and you can do nothing about this habit. Being flaky is a part of Colombian culture, especially the women, so make sure you’re prepared for it.
  • Learn Spanish a little – Although, most of the ladies know the basics of English, make sure you learn Spanish to avoid the language barrier and impress her. She will understand that you’re truly interested in dating her.
  • Pay for her – You don’t have to show that you have a lot of money because a Columbian girl is not impressed by your money. What you need to do is to behave like a gentleman with Colombian women and pay for dinners and taxis. However, if you can surprise her with a small gift, but don’t exaggerate.
  • Set up the first date in a coffee shop – If you’re meeting a Columbian girl for the first time, make sure to meet her in a coffee shop. You don’t have to spend much money and will spend quality time in a calm atmosphere.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Cali women are quite flirty, friendly, and outgoing. However, meeting them in a formal place won’t be suitable. These women are very fun-loving and they also know how to manage their time.

There single girls everywhere in this city. However, there are certain places where you will find single girls and may also engage in a conversation. This will be a mutual feeling as the women themselves seek someone for interacting with.

Therefore, you will not feel weird or awkward while approaching these women because others are also doing the same. Sometimes, these women may approach you on their own.

However, if you visit all these places, you will have no difficulty in mingling and associating with the women around here.

You will find single girls at malls like:

  • Chipichape Shopping Center
  • Palmetto Plaza Shopping Mall
  • Ciudadela Comercial Cosmocentro
  • Jardín Plaza Shopping Mall

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Cali has an exceptional and exciting nightlife. There are several nightclubs and bars that both the locals as well as foreigners visit to enjoy their nighttime. Here are some of the bars and nightclubs that you must visit for picking up girls in Cali:

  • Bourbon St. Pub

If you are a rock music lover, then this is the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy your drink. This place will offer you excellent general services, and the live band performances create an exciting environment. Also, this place is filled with women.

  • La Topa Tolondra Nightclub

At this club, you will experience nonstop fun, and the salsa dance moves are quite exciting. Even if you don’t know how to dance, you may pick up some dance moves from people when you visit this club.

  • La Estación Food and Pub

This place is popular among the locals as well as the tourists because of its excellent options. It not only has drinks but also offers several food options. However, you will see many people interacting with each other in this place. The live music playing in the background place makes this place more relaxing. Also, don’t forget to make your move while approaching any woman.

  • Eliptica Club

This club will offer you a different and the atmosphere of this place is also unique from others. The unique features of this club attract a large number of people and you will see lots of women here.

  • Zaperoco Bar

This club has some of the best salsa performances, so you will enjoy a great time at this place. The bar not only serves premium drinks but also offers you a luxurious experience. If you want to enjoy the best beer and wine, you should visit the Zaperoco bar.

  • Dubai Night Club

This club has a secret feature and has proved itself to be one of the best places to enjoy the nightlife. When you’re visiting this club, make sure you’re ready to dance from start to finish. However, you will also be surrounded by attractive women, so don’t forget to make your move.

  • Martyn's Bar

This is one of the oldest bars in the city and also a great place to hang out and relax. Despite being old, this bar offers excellent services, and it has captured the hearts of many people. This place not only has top-quality drinks but also has cocktails which are amongst the best you will find in the city. They also play rock music to keep the atmosphere of this place lively.

  • Sagsa

The setting of this place will attract you from the time you will enter it. The energy you will feel in this place is quite energetic. People visit this place to enjoy their drink and interact with others. Also, the women around here are ready to have a conversation, so you should not be nervous. The music here in this place just perfect to enjoy your nighttime.

  • Dublin Bar Rock

If you want to enjoy your cocktails while listening to rock music, then Dublin Bar Rock is the perfect place for you in Cali. Its atmosphere is perfect for relaxing the mind. You will meet all kinds of women in this place, including foreign women.

  • Blue Bird Nightclub

If you love salsa then this place is just perfect for you. This is another club that has the best salsa performances. However, the bluebird nightclub offers the most exciting nightlife, so make sure to visit this place in Cali. The women around not shy and will flirt with you.

Dating Apps

There are two popular dating apps used in Cali:

  • Columbian cupid

This is one of the best sites for finding Colombians to date. Colombian Cupid is part of the Cupid Media family that owns sites such as Brazil Cupid and Afro Introductions.

However, when you’re browsing through the profiles and chatting with members on this site, you will find many women as per your choice.

  • Latin American cupid

This dating app has a large number of Colombian women. This app is owned by the same guys who also own Colombian Cupid. You will find many women according to your choices and preferences.

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