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Chiang Mai dating guide advises how to date Thai women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Dating Guide

A group of hot girls at the Infinity club in Chiang Mai

Thai girls look quite unique and continuously bridle it. They've got pale and light skin, dark brown hair and eyes. Several of them enjoy having colorful contacts to enable them have bigger and brighter eyes. In Thailand, girls are usually really nice. They are always generous, compassionate and engage in nothing which would psychologically or physically hurt another person. In nature, they are unselfish. They openly welcome foreigners and enjoy talking with them. Thai women usually stand up for themselves. If a girl doesn't care about you, without being ruddy, she will just let you know. Thailand has an incidental dating scene. Many women do not really fancy being married unless they come from non-liberal families. Thai girls really aren't that difficult to flirt with. They usually do not expect too much from men who date them. They usually respond positively when you make them feel unique.

How to Date Thai Women

Thai women typically enjoy becoming friends with foreign men and flirting with them. While many of them have a tough background, they are known for being compassionate, helpful and caring for their loved ones. You realize how respectful, beautiful and special they are when you court them. Thai girls like to talk about their feelings and can also get really wild if you allow them to.

Despite your ethnicity or nationality, a Thai girl that is open-minded would not mind dating you. So long as the man is comfortable taking care of their needs, they willingly spend time with them. You will need to express your interest in many ways such as opening door the door for her, giving her flowers or nice presents. Thai girls like a man who respectfully treats them. They are extremely passionate and desire a guy with the same passion as theirs.

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Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Chiang Mai is a quiet city with small crowds during the day. The girls in Chiang Mai typically work or study during the day thus, it will be hard to find them along the streets. Some of the laid-back girls in the city, however, have enough time to meet people during the day. Shopping malls, parks, and cafes are the best places where the girls here in the city like to spend their afternoon after work or school. You will impress and talk to many girls if you visit these places in the afternoon. Thai girls like a man who has a strong character. They also notice guys who have a decent sense of fashion. Thai girls don't really like fashion, but they like it when a man actually puts in the effort to look nice. They are also quite welcoming and respectful of everyone. You will easily win the attention of the Thai girl if you are attractive and charming. Many of the girls here in Chiang Mai are eager, regardless of background or race, to court people from abroad. Some of the places where you can meet single girls here in Chiang Mai include:

  • Doi SuthepPui National Park
  • Chiang Mai Zoo
  • Chiang Mai Night Safari
Doi SuthepPui National Park is a great place to meet girls in Chiang Mai

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

In general, nighttime clubs are very crowded here in Chiang Mai. You've got a fair chance of meeting a girl in these clubs at night. Chiang Mai also has pick-up bars where many girls of diverse beauty can be hooked up. A man who looks good and treats with respect will attract the attention of Thai girls in these bars and nightclubs. Some of the bars and nightclubs found here in Chiang Mai include:

Warm Up Café: It is the best and the biggest club in the city. The place is divided into different spaces; the more relaxed exterior terrace leads to the spacious room on the back. Its where Thai pop is played by the local bands. It is also the space where bottles of whisky, ice cubes and, glasses are kept. It is usually open from 6 pm to 2 am. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +66 (0) 5340 0676.

  • Infinity club: It is a European themed club here in Chiang Mai. It has amazing lighting features which project from the ceiling with the high quality of the sound system being a plus. The tunes played here are usually mixed by both local and foreign DJs. It's generally busy on the weekends, so it's best to get there early or reserve your table beforehand.
  • Myst: Here, you will find amazing drinks and shisha pipes that are offered in all kinds of unique flavors. It is suited best for those who are celebrating a special event. A good number of locals usually come to this club to have fun thus you will be able to mingle and flirt with some of the local girls who usually come here.
  • Monkey Club: Live bands typically play here at this club to entertain those who have come to have fun here It is characterized by crammed tables which packed with whiskey bottles. The local youth usually dressed up, come here to party and enjoy the night. It has both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements with the air conditioning available here being a plus.
  • Oasis Rooftop Garden Bar: Here, the relaxing music compliment the breathtaking views over the Doi Suthep Mountain. You will be able to enjoy breathtaking views here during sunset which is usually between 6 pm to 7 pm. The cocktails offered here are usually amazing.
  • The Beer Republic: Here, you will be able to enjoy up to 15 varieties of international beers, lagers and ciders. You will also get to have fun and enjoy the music that is usually played here every night. It is usually frequented with locals. It is usually open from 4 pm to midnight. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +66(0)53 216 568.
  • Spicy Nightclub: It is usually known to be the last place to close in Chiang Mai. It is located close to Tha Phae Gate. Here, you will be able to have a lot of fun dancing and socializing with the locals here. It is known by all drivers of public transport here in Chiang Mai thus you will be able to arrive here safely without getting lost. There is no strict dressing code here with the pries offered here being reasonable.
  • North Gate Jazz Co-op: You will enjoy high quality live jazz music here and chill out with a friendly crowd of expats. Two bands usually play at 9 p.m. every night and finish at midnight. Free jam sessions usually take place here on Tuesday nights. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +66 (0) 81765 5246.
  • Zoe in Yellow: The music here is mainly house music with good and cheap drinks. The locals here usually come to relax from the daily activities they had during the day. Several school-going girls usually come here to unwind at night thus presenting a good opportunity for you to interact with them. It is usually open from 5 pm to 2 am. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +66 (0)81 951 8288.
  • Boy Blues Bar: It is among the most popular venues in Chiang Mai where you can enjoy live music. Most of the music that is usually played here is mostly blues which provides the perfect atmosphere to hang out with your date. It is usually open from Monday to Saturday while it is closed on Sundays.
Party at the Spicy club in Chiang Mai

Dating Apps

Chiang Mai has a widely used culture of online dating. Many ladies in the city use the dating apps available in Chiang Mai to find good looking men with whom they can go on a date with or even be in a relationship with. Some most popular apps include:

  • Tinder: This is a widely used app by girls here in Chiang Mai. It enables you to find girls here in the city who you share interests with. You will be able to chat with these girls saving you the hassle of going through many profiles before finding the ones you desire.
  • Happn: This application allows you to scroll through women's profiles and even update you on women who are within a range of 250 meters from your location.

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