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Gdańsk dating guide advises how to date Polish women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Gdańsk, Poland.

Dating Guide

Hot girls of Gdansk at Brovarnia club

Polish women here in Gdansk are usually known for their beauty due to their slavic genes. They are gorgeous and have light colored hair and eyes which mostly have shades of green or blue. They also have smoking bodies with a pair of long slender legs. They have petite figures and do a lot to keep up with the latest trends of fashion.

Women of Gdansk dress well most of the time and expect their partner to look nice as well. They also cherish their feminine side and are not shy to show it. They are opinionated and can get pretty stubborn as well. They tend to be very demanding as they have been raised to only accept things that are associated with high standards of living. Men who plan to spend a long time here in Gdansk have better chances of dating local polish women. Three months is considered the least amount of time you need to spend here in Gdansk so that the lady can get used to you and finally fall for you.

How to Date Polish Women

Most of the Polish women here in Gdansk have a very Polished taste (pun intended) thus, you will need to impress them. You need to ensure that she loves you for who you are and she is ready for the whole life-long thing. Always be confident when dating these women since being shy will be a huge turn off for them. If you have money, flaunt it as this will give you a upper hand in dating these women who usually have expensive taste. Also be charming, dress well, and a have a good sense of humor when dating these ladies.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The dating game during the day here in Gdansk is good. Te ladies here in the city are very friendly and approachable. They won’t mind flirting with you when you meet. Some of the places where you will be able to meet single ladies here in Gdansk include:

  • Manhattan Shopping Center
  • Plaza Jelitkowo
  • Madison Shopping Mall
  • Plaza Przymorze
  • Galeria Bałtycka
  • Plaza Sobieszewo
Plaza Jelitkowo is a great place to meet young, hot single girls in Gdansk

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Polish ladies here in Gdansk have greatly embraced the lovely and enjoyable nightlife that the city has to offer. Ladies of all ages usually come to the various bars and nightclubs here in the city. They enjoy the party atmosphere that is created at night. They enjoy relaxing while drinking some of the most amazing cocktails the entertainment joints here in the city have to offer. Some are even looking to have casual relationships, one-night stands, or even meeting a partner for a lifetime. Some of the bars and nightclubs that you will be able to hook up with girls here in Gdansk are:

  • High 5: It is one of the most luxurious bars in the city. The interior decor of this bar is breathtaking and creates that lively atmosphere that is found here. The drinks are world class and you will be able to enjoy exotic cocktails that this bar has to offer. The mood created here is relaxing and the ladies who come here do just that and enjoy the amazing drinks offered here. The view of the surroundings here is lovely creating that romantic sensation in the air. You need to dress well and smell nice to stand the upper hand of catching the attention of ladies here. Approach the one you like and even offer to buy her a drink. You can then flirt with her and if you are lucky, you will get to spend the night with her.
  • Brovarnia hotel-restaurant: Here, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the marina and old Town in Gdansk. The beer sold here is tasty and includes Schwarzbier (dark beer), pale lager beer, and Häfeweizen beer. Offer to buy one of these tasty beers to the lady you like and invite her to sit with you at your table. Be more straightforward and seductive when flirting with her and if you are lucky, you will get to enjoy your night with her.

Browar Piwna: The beers sold at this bar are usually flavored and very tasty. They include cherry beers which have a sweet aroma and a nice taste. Buy several beers to the lady you like. Dance with her to the sweet soothing music that is played here. If she vibes with you, chances of you heading back to your place with her quadruples.

  • Flisak 76: This is a cocktail bar here in the city. The concoctions created here are tasty and are sure to leave you sweetly drunk. The bartenders are pros and ensure that they give you the value for your money. The ladies who come here are into these cocktails so you can use it to your advantage. Buy her a few drinks, flirt with her seductively, and if you two are vibing, you will get to have a fun and wild night together.
  • Jozef K: This bar is among the pubs that bring party atmosphere at night here to life. The interior decor of this bar will wow you as they have multicolored windows and amazing lighting features. You will be able to enjoy great drinks here while dancing with the lady you like. Relax on the terrace with her while flirting and this might just turn out to be a fun night for you.
  • Klub Parliament: It is the most popular club here in the city and the country at large. It is very luxurious and brags of having three floors. There is plenty of room for dancing and relaxing here in this club. It has hosted several local and international artists who have performed here. It is the club many event planners turn to when they want to host an event here in Gdansk. Partying and clubbing is guaranteed here. You can ask the lady you like here for a dance and make your intentions towards her clearly. If she is vibing with you, you can ask her nicely if she would like to continue the fun at your place.
  • Pixel: The management here has ensured that everyone who comes here finds entertainment. From the amazing drinks that are offered here to the various games that are available here. Use the lady's interests to the maximum. Participate in what she likes most here. If you find interest in what she does, she will find interest in you and you may end up spending the night with her.
  • Café Absinthe: It is both a bar and a nightclub. The drinks and parties held here are sensational. You can be assured of getting drunk here at very affordable prices. The management here has adopted a tradition of turning tables into dance floors. You will be able to party hard here until the early hours of morning especially during the summer. Majority of the ladies who come here are young thus having that party-like attitude will give you the upper hand in hooking up with these ladies.
  • Amsterdam Bar Beer: The interior decor of this bar is party-oriented. The mood created here is lively. The management here has invested in amazing local and some international beers that are sold here. They are tasty and are sure to get you drunk. The prices offered here are also affordable. You will get the upper hand with the women here by buying them drinks and being more upfro6when flirting with her.
  • Café Kamienica: From the amazing interior decor to the cozy terrace found here, relaxing is guaranteed to the maximum. You can enjoy the drinks while listening to the soothing music that is played here. The mood here is relaxing and ladies who come here love it. Approach then with confidence and hold charming and interesting talks with them. You can then proceed to flirt with the one you like and if she vibes with you, you are in for a fun night.
Party at the cafe Absinthe in Gdansk.

Dating Apps

Though Polish Women are not really into dating apps, they still turn to them as these apps enable them to find love quickly and at the comfort of their homes. They are sometimes impatient and would like things to be done quickly. They like straightforward suitors who state their intentions from the word go. They like partners who are interesting and can charm them through these apps. Some of the dating apps that you can use to date Polish women in Gdansk are:

  • Tinder
  • Coffee Meets Bagel

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