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Geneva dating guide advises how to date Swiss women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Geneva, Switzerland.

Dating Guide

Swiss Women here in Geneva generally have petite figures. They are tall with majority of them having blonde hair. Their eyes also have a shade of blue. These women are not really into their feminine side and really don't like to flaunt it. Swiss women here in Geneva are not into casual relationships or one-night stands. They are only looking for lifetime relationships thus getting laid here is very tricky. These ladies are usually shy and very conservative. They do not easily reveal their intimate side. They are also very independent and are really not into flirting with just anybody.

How to Date Swiss Women

Swiss women revere men who pay close attention to how they look. Dressing well and smelling nice is sure to help you capture the attention of the local women here in the city. You always need to approach a woman first here in Geneva. If you wait for a lady to approach you first, chances are that you will feel distraught and will mostly end up being single. The independence of these women goes into their dating life. Surprisingly, they might be offended if you just pay the bill without asking them if they would like to pay their own bill. They also like having interesting and intellectual conversations with their partners thus, you need to be very talkative and up to date with recent developments so as to have interesting talks with her. They also like their partners to give them their personal space. Swiss women here in Geneva are very ambitious and would like to be given time to achieve their dreams. They also like men who are respectful. You need to adhere to the above mentioned qualities so as to have the upper hand in dating Swiss women here in Geneva.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Starting a conversation with a Swiss lady here in Geneva is no easy task. These ladies are usually reserved and are not really ready to reveal their intimate side to just anyone until they trust them. Swiss ladies here in the city believe in getting to know someone before trusting them this it is going to take a while before they begin responding positively to you. Talking is key in catching the attention of a Swiss lady here in the city so make sure you are interesting from the start. Some of the places that you will be able to meet single girls here in the city are:

Café de Paris

The Geneva Water Fountain

St Pierre Cathedral

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

The night game here in Geneva is much more successful than the day game. You can approach Girls much easily at night than during the day as they will be more responsive during this time. The nightlife of Geneva is characterized by bars and nightclubs which are the perfect places to hook up with girls here in Geneva. It would do you a lot of good if you flash your money around when you visit nightclubs. Some of the best nightclubs and bars where you will be able to hook up with ladies here on Geneva include:

Le Baroque. It is one of the most luxurious nightclubs here in Geneva. It is usually frequented by the rich locals of Geneva. The interior decor of this club is mesmerizing with the drinks being top class. The music played here is mostly EDM and the lighting features here create that party atmosphere found here. You can approach a lady you like here with confidence and make sure you say something interesting from the time you start talking with her. Be charming and seductive when flirting with her. If you are lucky, you may continue the fun at your place later in the night.

Silencio Club. This is a small club with a large helping of fun and partying guaranteed here. The DJs here make sure they play music that everyone can enjoy as they include hip-hop, pop, rock, jazz, and electro. The crowd here is not always big thus, you have ample space for dancing with the Lady you like. You can offer to buy her a drink from the amazing collection of drinks that are on offer here. You can then dance with her and later ask her if she would like to take the fun to your place.

Java Club. This is a posh club here in Geneva and is mostly frequented by the rich locals here. The prices offered here are very high but is equal to the world class service that you will enjoy here. The women who come here are mostly divas and enjoy high standards in life thus, you will need to dig deep into your pockets if you would like to impress a lady here. The drinks offered here are expensive but worth every cent of your money. You can entertain the lady you like here by buying for her a couple of drinks. You can then dance to the tunes played here and later you can invite her to your place. Make sure you show a lot of class here so that you can easily win her over.

L’Atelier Cocktail Club. The amazing cocktails that are offered here are through the roof. The prices offered here are no joke but equal the fun and entertainment that you will get to enjoy here. The cocktail menu comprises both local and experimental ones. The ladies who come here are mostly mesmerized by the drinks that are offered here and you can use this to your advantage. Buy for her some drinks and entertain her with charming and seductive conversations that will make her to be interested to spend the night with you.

Le Chat Noir. This bar has a cellar that doubles as a club and entertainment spot for live performances. The prices offered here are very affordable and you can easily woo a lady here by purchasing for her a couple of drinks and making the night interesting for her.

Mambo Club. A wide variety of music genres are played here including hip hop, rap, rock, and even jazz. The lower level is used as a dance floor where you can party and dance with the Lady you like. The upper levels is where you can enjoy great cocktails while being entertained by live bands.

L’Apothicaire Cocktail Club. This bar offers you the great cocktails that Geneva has to offer at very affordable prices. Both common and experimental cocktails are on offer here and you will be able to enjoy great drinks. The ladies here enjoy the calm a relaxing atmosphere that is created here and you can use that to your advantage. Approach her with confidence and indulge her in interesting conversations and you just might spend the night with her.

La Graviére. This nightclub has amazing lighting features and a good collection of music that will get you entertained all night long. Get your party groove on and party wild with the ladies here and you just might be lucky to hook up with her later.

L’ Usine. You will get to enjoy the entertainment that this club has to offer including live music performances. Approach the Lady you like and ask her for a dance. Amuse her with funny and interesting dance styles and even buy her a couple of drinks and you might just spend the night with her later.

Yvette de Marseille. This bar has a great indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. You need to invite the lady you like to your table, buy her a few drinks, and flirt with her seductively.

Dating Apps

Swiss Women believe that it is best that you date someone in real life other than through dating apps if you want a long-lasting relationship. Majority of them who use these apps are more into casual relationships or just harmless flirting. This does not mean that chances of meeting a life partner are zero as there are few women who are searching for lifetime partners through these apps. Some of the dating apps that you can use to date Swiss women in Geneva are:




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