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Guangzhou dating guide advises how to date Chinese women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Guangzhou, China.

Dating Guide

A group of hot girls at the W suns club in Guangzhou

Most of the Chinese ladies here in Guangzhou follow cultures and norms of the traditional Chinese lifestyle. They are usually reserved and prefer to date local Chinese men only. Foreigners looking to date this type of women are in for a hassle as most of them will openly and quickly snob you when they find out you are a foreigner. The idea of one-night stand is not in the vocabulary of these type of ladies. Then, there is the other type of Chinese Women who are more liberal and have a positive approach to life. They usually like building connections with strangers and like to have a good time. They won't mind hooking up with strangers and even flirting with them in the open.

Generally, Chinese ladies in Guangzhou are well conversant with other cultures of the world so they will easily know if you are hitting on them. They know the English language very well. They have met different types of people who usually tour the city so they are well-informed of the world in general. They also have a lot of money but do not like to spend it aimlessly. They instead like to afford some of the luxuries of life by buying for themselves trendy clothes and footwear. They also pay attention to their beauty so hairdos, manicures, pedicures, and other sorts of beauty treatments are on the table. They also like eating at fancy restaurants and living lavish lifestyles, after all, they do have money.

How to Date Chinese Women

A good number of Chinese women here in Guangzhou like dating men who are financially stable and even extravagant. These ladies enjoy lavish lifestyles so, they expect men who they are dating to be well loaded. These ladies like fancy cars, trendy clothes, and even the latest phones, so being loaded is a huge plus to dating these women. Also, you may need to spoil her during the weekends and she will be by your side whenever you need her. These ladies won't mind sleeping with you when you are dating, so long as you won’t mind spending money on her and showering her with romance.

The other type of women are those who really do not fancy material things. They are instead interested in the personality and appearance of the man. They usually like good-looking men who have a good sense of humor. They usually believe that these type of men are very funny and can give them the sex of their life, so they enjoy their company while they are dating. They see these type of men as being very interesting and are able to sweep them off their feet charmingly. They usually like these type of men as they also believe that they will be there for them whenever they need them, whenever they are emotional, sad, or even happy.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Most of the Chinese women are usually busy during the daytime so flirting with them at this time is almost impossible. They are usually busy on work, school, getting the latest news, reading, exploring, or even looking for money. Chances of hooking up with them during the daytime is very minimal as majority of them are usually occupied with something. You can put on an extra effort and try to link up with them. You will need to make an effort to learn a few Cantonese words so as to be able to attract the attention of these ladies during the daytime. They generally appreciate men who make an effort to know their language. This also increases your chances of meeting ladies who do not speak English. These women also care about general appearance so you will need to be smartly dressed so as to effectively attract them. Dressing casually but with style usually does the trick.

You need to visit crowded places in the city so as to increase your chances of hooking up with these ladies. Most of the ladies who co e to the malls, restaurants, and parks are usually free and do not have tight schedules at the moment. Therefore, they won't mind flirting with you. They like men who are interesting and have game. They like men who talk well and are able to convince them smartly and get out the girl in them. They enjoy men who can be romantic when flirting with them and talk to them pleasantly. Some of the best places to hook up with single Chinese women here in Guangzhou are:

  • G.T. Land Plaza
  • Victory Plaza
  • Taikoo Hui
  • Tianhe Teemall
  • Pazhou Complex Shopping Circle
Victory Plaza

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

The nightlife here in Guangzhou is fun and very enjoyable. Ladies who throng the various bar and nightclubs in the, city are out to have fun so ensure that you bring your A game if you would like to have an easier time hooki9up with these ladies. They usually like meeting new people and even won't mind flirting with men who are new into this flirting game. As long as they are charming and know how to woo a lady. These women are out to have fun so ensure that you make them have the time of their lives when they hang out with you. You just might be lucky and get to spend the night with them. Some of the bars and nightclubs that you will be able to hook up with Chinese ladies here in Guangzhou are:

  • Hope & Sesame: The staff at this bar is very charming and ensure that people here have a good time. The dri js offered here are very tasty and entail a wide range of flavors. You will be able to enjoy the live jazz performances that are held here on certain nights. The mood here is best suited for romance and you can use it to woo a lady that you admire here. Ask her for a dance and mesmerize her with fun and interesting dance styles. Buy her a couple of drinks and ensure that she has a fun night with you here. You just might get to spend the rest of the night with her.
  • Paddy Field: The staff here is very charming and work to ensure that you have a special night time here especially with your date. Tasty delicacies are available here and the staff work to ensure that you have a wonderful time here. Ensure that you are more confident and charming when wooing a lady here. Leave the rest to the staff as they will ensure that your date here goes smoothly. Compliment her genuinely and if she is into you, you can suggest to her that you take the fun to your place.
  • Suns: It doubles both as a bar and nightclub. Loud music here compliments that party atmosphere held here. The mood is usually very enjoyable and you will get to dance with a lot of young Chinese ladies here who do not mind hooking up strangers. Ensure that you get in the party mood so as to increase your chances of hooking up with this vibrant group that comes to party here. You can also order a few drinks fir her when you are relaxing at the terrace found here. If you feel she is into you, suggest to her that you continue the fun at your place.
  • Woo Bar: The interior decor of this bar is very mesmerizing with amazing lighting features being available. The cocktails served here are very tasty as the bartenders are very experienced. Tasty delicacies are also offered here at very affordable prices. You will get to enjoy various love performances here and get entertained by the DJ here who is highly experienced. Invite the lady you like here for a dance and ensure that she has a fun night hanging out with you. You just might get to spend the night with her.
  • Fei Bar: The music genre here is very enjoyable with the DJ here ensuring that there is something for everyone. The staff here ensure that everyone enjoys their time here. They make you feel special and serve you with tasty drinks, although highly priced, is worth every penny spent on it. You can use the lively atmosphere created here to woo the lady that you admire here. Buy her a couple of drinks and invite her to the dance floor. Make her have a fun experience here and you just might get to spend the night with her.
  • Revolucion Cocktail Bar: At this bar, you will be able to enjoy a wide array of tasty cocktails which are prepared by very experienced bartenders. The staff here ensure that you feel special and are very ready to attend to your every need. They work to serve you with the various liquors sold here. The DJs makes sure that the music played here entertains the wild crowd found here. Ensure that you bring your A game with you and be charming when flirting with a lady here. Buy her a couple of drinks and invite her to your place later.
  • Tipsy: There are plenty of beer taps here so the customers who come to this bar are assured of having a fun time. The music is loud and the bartenders ensure that customers here have the time of their lives. Invite the lady you like here to the dance floor. Buy her a couple of drinks and ensure that she has a fun time hanging out with you. You just might get to spend the night with her.
  • Churchill Bar: You will be able to enjoy drinking beer and smoking cigars at this bar. The wide array of beers here are very tasty and you will get have fun relaxing here. The staff here ensure that you have an amazing time here.
  • Tian Bar: It is situated on the 99th floor of the IFC Tower. You will be able to enjoy great and tasty drinks here while enjoying the breathtaking view from here. The staff here ensure that you have the time of your life. You might just get to hook up with a gorgeous beauty here when you play your cards right.
  • Hooley's Irish Pub & Restaurant: It is usually frequented by locals and expats. It doubles as a restaurant during the day and a bar at night. The atmosphere created here is very lively and the ladies who come here are out to have a good time. Ensure that you woo them with your charming skills and confidence, and you just might get to spend the night with them.
A party at the W suns clubs in Guangzhou

Dating Apps

Dating apps from the west usually have very high policies against them here in China. Do not be discouraged as you can still use these apps in the country. You must have a VPN (virtual private network) so as to be able to use these apps. There are both women seeking for long-term relationships and those seeking casual ones, signed up for these dating apps. Some of the dating apps that you can use to flirt with Chinese ladies here in Guangzhou are:

  • Tinder: These app is best for seeking expat and foreign ladies here in Guangzhou. However, you will need a VPN so as to be able to use it. There are also a good number of local ladies who are interested in foreigners so they have signed up for this apo so as to flirt with them.
  • Liu Liu: This dating app links lovers who have the same interests in a specific pet. All you will need to do is to sign up and upload pictures with your pet and wait to find a suitable match. This app does a lot good by breaking the ice. You will already have something in common before you even start chatting. This erases that awkward moment that comes during introductions.
  • Baihe: This dating app is best suited for those seeking long-term relationships. You will need to sign up, then upload your details and everything that you believe will be enable you to attract a potential spouse. Most of the people who sign up for this app are into tbe long-term relationship thing so you also need to make up your mind before you sign up for it.

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