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Guilin dating guide advises how to date Chinese women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Guilin, China.

Dating Guide

You will be smitten by the beauty of girls in Guilin

Chinese ladies here in Guilin are generally short, measuring five foot four averagely in height. They have typical Asian features which include small eyes which have either a shade of black or brown. Majority of these ladies have petite figures and medium sized curves. They are not known to have huge assets rather, have average ones. These ladies desire to look good all the time and ensure that they look presentable at all times. They have silky hair which is black in color. Chinese women here in the city have embraced the latest trends of fashion. They also do use make up but do not overdo it.

Chinese women here in Guilin have an average attitude towards relationships and life. Their morals and principles are guided by the various unspoken principles that the society has laid out for them. Most of these women only know of being housewives and are only concerned with raising of their households most of the time. Majority of them, despite having attained high education levels, are mostly employed in smaller jobs that won't take up much of their time that they need to spend raising their households. They are usually very open to conversing about general topics which include their culture and fashion trends. Majority of the Chinese women here in Guilin have not been exposed to cultures of people living beyond the city. It would do you a lot of good if you hold conversations with her that are mostly aimed at focusing on her. You need to show a lot of interest in her before we starts reciprocating the same interests to you. You can also learn a few words of Chinese so as to e able to communicate efficiently with these women.

How to Date Chinese Women

Many of the Chinese women here in Guilin have not been exposed to a lot of the pleasures that the world has to offer. Some of the things that you can use to capture the attention of these ladies include good houses and luxury cars. Chinese women here in Guilin look for certain qualities in a man before they start dating them. You need to adhere to them so as to get the upper hand in dating these women. They include:

  • Confidence
  • Good grooming
  • Charming personality
  • Respectful
  • Politeness
  • Punctual

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Chinese ladies here in Guilin usually revere foreign men especially those from the west. Although this is the case, you will find that approaching these women-even though you fit in this group - not being very easy. Majority of the ladies here in the city are shy with the attitude of majority of them being reserved. Meeting ladies here on Guilin during the day is not easy. This is because most of these women go to work or school during the day. Approaching them at night is much easier as at this time, women are not very busy and just want to relax and enjoy the evening. You can try to visit some of the crowded areas in the city so as to increase your chances of meeting single ladies here in the city. Some of the preferred places for meeting single ladies here in Guilin include:

  • Zhengyang Pedestrian Street
  • Niko-Niko-Do Plaza
  • Park Sedmi Hvězd
  • Lianda Plaza
  • Guilin Wa Yao International Tourism Commodity Wholesale City

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

The nightlife in Guilin has not really picked up but this does not mean that there isn't any. There are few bars and nightclubs here in Guilin where you are guaranteed of having fun and hooking up with ladies. They include:

  • Ragazza Pub: It is one of the most luxurious bars here in the city. The management here has installed cozy lounge areas where you can relax. You will need to pay for these lounge areas making this bar to be very expensive so be prepared to flaunt your money here so as to capture the attention of the ladies here. Offer to buy a drink to re one you like, flirt with her seductively, and you might just get to spend the night with her.
  • Baidu Bar. It has two floors where the lower floor is for relaxing and enjoying the drinks that are offered here. At the upper level, you will be able to participate in karaoke events that are held here. Offer to buy a drink to the lady you like here and even sing with her at the karaoke stage. These fun activities with her might just enable you to spend the night with her later.
  • Cape of Good Hope: This bar is popular among locals including women who are mostly mesmerized by the drinks and games that are played here. Offer to join in one of the games that the lady you like is participating in. Be seductive and charming when interacting with her. Put your point across to here clearly and nicely.
  • Music Life Club: It both a bar and a nightclub. The DJs who come here are very experienced and entertain people with the latest songs and mixes. There are also a few live performances that are held on certain nights. Approach the lady you like here and offer to dance with her. The music that is played here includes funk, jazz, and even house.
  • Side Street Bar: This bar has adopted a unique seating arrangement with the outdoor lounge areas being lined along the streets. The music that is played here is great creating that lively atmosphere that is found here. Partying is guaranteed here. Entertain the lady you like here with interesting conversations and even buy her a couple of drinks. The prices that are offered here are reasonably priced.
  • Amani Bar: Both amazing drinks and several delicacies are served here at affordable prices. The management here has introduced outdoor seating arrangements to cater for those who like to enjoy the romantic atmosphere outside. The drinks offered here are worthy every penny of you money. Offer to buy a drink for the lady you like here and invite her to your table. Flirt with her seductively and you just might end up spending the night with her.
  • Buluoto Restaurant Bar: Live music performances are usually held here. The drinks that are served here are also amazing and guarantee you to have a wonderful time here. Approach the lady you like here with confidence and make sure that you are straightforward and seductive when flirting with her.
  • Guilin Back Garden Irish Pub: This is an Irish-themed bar. Great music and an array of tasty drinks complete the amazing party atmosphere that is created here. There are also several live performances that are held here. Buy several drinks to the lady you like here and offer to take the fun to your place.
  • Yiren Bar: The mood created here is quite relaxing. This bar is a favorite among the locals who come here to have a goo time. The drinks are tasty with the prices offered here being reasonable.
  • Degree Bar: You will be able to enjoy the amazing drinks offered here. You can even ask the lady you like for a dance. If the night goes well and she responds positively to your advances, you might just get to spend the night with her.

Dating Apps

China has put up several restrictions concerning use of dating apps from the west. There are several dating apps that you will be able to use to date Chinese women here in Guilin. They include:

  • Momo
  • Qing Chifan
  • TanTan

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