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Hamburg dating guide advises how to date German women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Hamburg, Germany.

Dating Guide

Hamburg is one of the beautiful cities with beautiful people situated in the northern region of Germany near the Elbe River. There are various things in the city to explore such as its unique music, art, exquisite cuisines, culture, picnic spots, nightlife, and dating too. Many cultures around the world allow expressing love and affection, while some cultures don’t. So this article will help you know the dating culture, variety of choices, likes and dislikes of ladies, in Hamburg City.

If you want to meet new people, go on dates, explore the nightlife, then Hamburg will not disappoint you. People in Hamburg enjoy their lives with full enthusiasm. They are not shy to extend their hands to find someone special for their life. You can find and explore people as per your desire. For example, if you want to find someone for a relationship, explore the nightlife, visit restaurants and nightclubs with someone special, or just a causal relationship you will get it all. But, don't forget to respect the city’s culture and traditions. Visiting the city as a tourist, you have to know about the likes and dislikes of women over there.

Being in an open minded-city doesn’t mean to start flirting instantly; you have to keep some calm. If you want to woo a girl, be sure that you are humble and behave appropriately while talking to them. Though, most women are straightforward and will flirt back too if you can impress them with your charm. Or if this doesn't happen, then you have to wait for some time, respect their space and give them some time.

Hamburg has lots of social clubs and nightclubs around the city where people from different age groups arrive every day. The nightlife of this city is extraordinary and larger than life. The beautiful and comfortable décor, the ambiance, and people too are very open-minded. If you are alone and want to join a group of people, then you can do that too. You will find that couples of different ages are open and don't mind doing a public display of affection such as hugging, kissing, or holding hands around the city.

How to Date German Women

The dating culture in Germany is very different from its neighboring countries such as Italy, France, or Britain. For them, dating is an important matter of their life and they express their feelings only when they are sure. People over there are very subtle and don’t like flirting directly. They often prefer to go slow and steady before taking the final call. The pick-up culture such as in the USA and other countries isn’t present in Germany. But, it doesn’t mean, that German women aren’t interested in meeting new people or strangers. Before that, be sure that don’t approach them directly and throw any weird pick-up lines.

Don't get confused if women in Germany talk to you nicely and have friendly behavior. If they are behaving appropriately then, it genuinely means that they are nice people and don't mean anything else. Also, if they say, that they will inform you about the next meeting, then they will do.

German people are very strict when it comes to timing. If they say that they will meet you at noon, then, they will arrive at 11:55 pm. So, don’t be late otherwise, they will lose interest in you. Remember to do not over-use jokes now and then. Germans don't have a good knowledge of humor, so use it wisely. They can only joke around with people with whom they are very close such as family, friends, etc.

Impressing a German woman isn’t an easy task. You have to dig yourself to explore their likes, dislikes, and other choices. Here people are very serious when it comes to the topic of relationships so if you try to play some mind-games to impress them with some weird tricks, then you will be rejected instantly. Dating is a serious business for German women; they meet with people, spend some time and move on. But don’t make them feel confused and create doubts with several questions such as “does this has any future’ or “are you serious for us,” because they might be not.

German women don't like to take instant decisions when it comes to relationships. They might take some days to understand and take the final decision. But, it doesn’t mean that they don’t indulge in one-night stands, it’s just about the preferences. Women here are really attractive towards those who have nice behavior and act like true gentlemen. People in Germany like to go with the flow and want to enjoy every part of their lives and are very chill.

Always have a plan ready for every event. Women like this quality in men when they already have plans for the future. So, if you are looking forward to impressing or date a German woman, then make plans every time.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Here are some places where you can meet with single girls.

  • Jungfernstieg
  • Elbphilharmonie
  • Phoenix-Center Hamburg-Harburg
  • Harburg Arcaden
  • Bergedorf Christmas Market
  • Bar Rossi
  • St Pauli

St. Pauli is an amazing place if you are looking for fun and excitement. The artwork and vibrant colors on every wall look like a movie set. Visitors love this place and it is popular among locals for its catchy and attractive places like strip clubs, porn shops, etc. Single girls come over here for a night out in clubs at this place.

  • Jungfernstieg

Jungfernstieg's name is derived from a weird tradition of wealthy families who used to parade their young single daughters on the streets to find a suitable groom. This place is beautiful and women over here are also very friendly and ready to meet new people. So, now you know which place to hop to meet beautiful single girls.

  • Elbphilharmonie

It is a concert hall which holds numerous plays and singing concerts. You don't need to worry about that it might be expensive because the entry is free. Everyone who visits her just can’t stop admiring the beauty of this place.

  • Phoenix-Center Hamburg-Harburg

Phoenix Center is a shopping hub in the Harburg district of Hamburg. It is a popular place for shopping and single girls regularly visit here for shopping and hang out with friends. This place is great for meeting new people and having fun in Hamburg City.

  • Harburg Arcaden

Harburg Arcaden is one of the hyped places in Hamburg. It is also a shopping mall and accommodates a lot of shops, restaurants, and bars. You can visit here for dates and spending some leisure time with your friends too.

  • Bergedorf Christmas Market

It is a romantic place and during Christmas, the view of this market is spectacular. The beautiful lightings, snowfall, and decoration during the festive seasons are dreamy. Single women from different age groups arrive here to enjoy the vibes and romantic atmosphere. You will spot couples doing PDA and walking through the market the whole night. It is a perfect place for an outing if you want to find single girls in Hamburg.

  • Alontaer Volks Park

Alontaer Park is the largest park in Hamburg with lots of trees and beautifully paved ways and seating arrangements. People arrive here for a jog, or evening walks to enjoy the beautiful view of greenery. Many people arrive here for other daily activities like taking their pets for a walk, sports activities, etc. This is an appropriate place to find single girls for dating and exploring the city together.

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

It is impossible to land in Hamburg and leave without exploring the city's happening nightclubs. The nightlife of Hamburg is so eccentric and a great place to meet single girls. You will not be disappointed to find a single girl for yourself. Because singles from different age groups, from young to middle-agers arrive at different nightclubs in Hamburg. Here are some nightclubs where you can socialize with single girls to find a perfect date or hook-ups.

  • Molotow

It is considered one the best nightclubs in Hamburg. It is popular for playing pop, hip-hop, rock concerts, and even poetry slams which is just unforgettable. Here, you will meet a lot of single girls from various age groups from around the city. It has great spaces for parties comprising three floors- known as the SkyBar, the Karatekeller, and The Club.

  • Moondoo

Moondoo is the nightclub if you want to have a party at a stylish place. The ambiance and decor will remind you of the fascinating clubs in New York. Moondoo attracts single girls for its bright funky colors and thumping music such as hip-hop, disco, etc. Young girls and students also arrive here on Thursdays and Fridays.

  • Baalsaal

It is an underground nightclub and very popular among single girls. Tourists and visitors regularly arrive here for some fun and engaging with new people for dates and one-night stands. Baalsaal comprises huge halls that can accommodate massive crowds easily. It has a great ambiance, music, lighting and wide ranges of drinks.

  • Docks

Previously, it was a movie theatre, and now, it can easily accommodate a massive crowd of over 1500 people. Docks also organizes a club festival which is the biggest in the whole country. This makes it an ideal nightclub if you want to meet single girls for night outs or dates.

  • Halo

Halo is a great place and popular among the singles in Hamburg. It has a total of five bars so you have a wide collection of exquisite drinks. The ambiance is elegant and lounge beds, cages chandeliers give an extraordinary feel. Single girls and boys visit this place to enjoy the vibe and explore the night with new people.

  • Bar Rossi

It is a funky bar where you can enjoy the nightlife of Hamburg City. It has a wide space for dancing and a variety of drinks. Here you can meet women, buy them drinks and they will also join you on the dance floor.

  • Relax Nightclub - Nachtclub - Bordell Hamburg

It is a beautiful nightclub where young girls and boys arrive and do party during the weekends. Relax nightclub opens from 6 pm till 5 am. So, you will have plenty of time to befriend women and spend some fun time with them.

  • The Room and Bar Club

This nightclub is in the CCH Congress Centre in Hamburg. German women regularly come here for partying especially during the weekends. It is a great spot with spectacular lighting and a spacious dance floor to shake your legs. Room and bar dance club is a fantastic place to engage with new people and spend the night.

  • GAGA

This is a disco club with a great ambiance and several varieties of drinks. The thumping music and perfect lighting will make you groove on the dance floor. You can have a conversation with single girls and also offer them to buy drinks. Also, if you know the German language, then nothing will be great than that.

  • MashUp Music Bar

MashUp Music Bar is a fantastic place to end the night with fun and excitement. The drinks are also not too expensive and it's a great place to groove on the dance floor with amazing DJs. Single girls and boys regularly visit here for its amazing atmosphere and drinks.

Dating Apps

Building new connections with people has become easier with the evolution of dating apps. Girls also prefer to begin their conversation online before any official meeting. Many people who are looking to find a perfect partner to date, marriage, or even hook-ups are using these online dating apps. These apps have made the task easier for men to approach the girls. If you are visiting Hamburg as a tourist, then dating apps are available for initiating a conversation with women. But, you should have the skills to impress them otherwise it’s of no use. So without doing any delay download the following dating apps which have been listed down here and make your profile.

  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • Happn
  • Badoo
  • Once
  • Candidate

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