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Hanoi dating guide advises how to date Vietnamese women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Dating Guide

A group of hot girls at the Playboy establishment club in Hanoi

Hanoi women have typical Asian features, including fair skin, small eyes, slim figures, brunette and silk hair. These women usually put in an effort to dress well and look great. They usually follow the latest trends in fashion therefore, they tend to spend a lot of money on clothes, shoes, and accessories. They usually do not wear very flashy clothes. Women from Hanoi are known to be very prim and proper. They have a formal vibe about them. This between women from different age brackets for example the younger lot is more wild and adventurous. Most of these women come from conservative families and they are taught not to sleep around or date too many people. Another barrier is that they are also encouraged to date within their community so in order to overcome these problems, it is important to learn about these women and how to date them.

How to Date Vietnamese Women

When socializing with the Vietnamese women in Hanoi, you are advised to begin the conversation with random topics such as weather, pop culture and food. Don't be too loud when talking instead, be discreet. You can also start by complimenting her generally and then you can proceed to compliment her more at a personal level when you notice she responds positively. Some of the qualities that you need to have in order to have the upper hand while dating Vietnamese women includes:

  • You need to need to dress well: Many of the women here in Hanoi take very good care of themselves and expect that the men interested in approaching them will also do the same.
  • Pick a liberal girl: There is no need of wasting time with a woman who will eventually not fall for you or are very conservative. It is hard to pick one just like that but good indicators will be their dressing, their body language and if they respond to any of your advances promptly.
  • You also need to be a friendly and approachable person: Girls usually like to be pursued and you will need to know about the appropriate tactics of approaching these women.
  • You also need to be romantic and even buy gifts for these women: This will make it easier for you as they will be responding positively to you once you do this for them.
Girls of hanoi are opening up to the idea of dating and having fun

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Girls here in Hanoi usually like to spend time at the Old and French quarters in the city. You can also head to the malls if you would like to meet naughty girls here in the city. Coffee shops are also another place you can visit to meet single ladies here in the city. Some of the common places where you will be able to meet single ladies here in Hanoi include:

  • Perfume Pagoda: The Perfume Pagoda, known locally as Chua Huong or ‘inner temple’, is at the centre of a very revered and sacred site featuring a maze of mainly Buddhist temples built into the limestone cliffs of Huong Tich. At the heart of this complex lies the Perfume Temple or Perfume Pagoda in the Huong Tich Cave.
  • Lotte Center: A very popular shopping mall often frequented by young girls who are also there to grab a bite to eat so you can easily approach them and ask them out for a cup of coffee. A great place to meet a girl you might've met through online dating apps for the first time.
  • Ba Vi National Park: People come here to enjoy the cool fresh mountain air in a mystical atmospheric backdrop of clouds, jungle and tropical rainforest. It is a great place to meet local and tourist girls alike.
  • Trang Tien Plaza: Another great shopping mall that is known for its selection of high end brands so you might bump into a lot of fancy girls and the blogger types.
  • Botanical Gardens: As one of the most charming Hanoi attractions, Botanical Garden constitutes a miniature landscape including mountains, forests and lakes. In the small land of the botanical garden campus, there are many rare precious wood species characterizing tropical moist forests of the South
  • Hang Da Galleria Shopping Mall: Full of young girls prancing around in their best attires.
Inside the Lotte Centre

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

If you desire to have physical intimacy here in Hanoi, it is not easy to get naughty girls along the streets in the city at night. You will find them hanging out in nightclubs here in the city. Most of these women are usually conventional and will not engage with men sexually until they have learnt to trust him. Many night clubs have a wide variety of beverages, great music and an excellent atmosphere. Women who frequent the nightclubs here in the city usually desire men who are smartly dressed, confident, and have an interesting personality. These women are generally less conservative than women who meet in public places during the day. Some of the nightclubs and bars found here in Hanoi include:

  • Hero Club Hanoi: It is one of the most modern clubs here in Hanoi. You will be able to socialize and have fun with locals and even expats who like to party here. The décor of this club is breathtaking comprising of the bright paintings of famous superheroes and even some posters with propaganda messages. The DJ booth is exquisite as it has been set up inside an old Soviet truck. Many music genres are played here so that everyone here can have a great time regardless of the music genres thy usually prefer. They include house music, EDM, hip-hop, and even RnB. The drinks here are usually priced from VND 75,000 and above. It is usually ten minutes by taxi from Hanoi’s CBD to this club. The DJs who usually mix the decks here are usually both local and international DJs. The flickering lights and loud music usually creates that party atmosphere here. It is usually open from 8 pm. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +84 98 926 4242.
  • 13 Tạ Hiện: This bar is located along one of the busiest and noisiest streets in the city. Locals usually come here to relax and take a break from the activities of the day and have fun. You will also see many local girls here who have come to party and drink some alcohol. The music here is usually loud thus it will favor you the most if you are a party enthusiast and would like to socialize with the local girls here.
  • Playboy Establishment Hanoi. It is located below the Apricot Hotel of Hanoi. It is the first of its brand to be launched in Vietnam. It has a theatre theme and has been partitioned into a dining area, a lounge bar, and a dance floor. You will find a wide variety of spirits, wines, champagnes, and even cocktails. They have an amazing offer on Wednesdays where ladies enjoy cocktails for free from 8 pm to midnight thus it is usually flooded with women on Wednesdays. The fun does not end there as they will still enjoy the cocktail at half the price from midnight to 2 am on the same day. Wednesdays are one of the best days to meet, socialize, and even flirt with local women here. There are also a good number of dancers hired by the management to entertain people. They are usually downed in bunny costumes. The DJs here are experienced and really know how to get the crowd in the mood. You will never get bored at this club. It is usually open from Tuesday to Sunday from 7 pm to 2 am. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +84 96 180 76 88.
  • Corner Pub Hanoi: You will be able to enjoy a wide variety of beers and even several delicacies that are offered here. Both locals and foreigners come to this bar to have fun and party. You can even play pool with several women who fancy this game at the bar. The atmosphere created here is usually friendly with the prowess of the staff being a plus.
  • The Bank Hanoi: It is the biggest club in Hanoi at the moment. The music played here is usually amazing and very lively. It is located on the sixth floor of the Capital Building in the city. You will be able to enjoy breathtaking scenes of Hoan Kiem Lake and Hanoi’s CBD. Both locals and foreigners who come here are usually dressed appropriately. Various music genres are usually played here including deep house music, hip-hop, and even house music. The prices for the drinks here are reasonable as cocktails here are charged between VND 150,000 and VND 200,000. Corona and Budweiser are priced at around VND 120,000. It is usually open every day from 8:45 pm to forty-five minutes past midnight when it is then closed. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +84 94 490 3232.
  • Blues Bar Hanoi: The music played here is usually lively with the friendliness of the staff being a plus. It is located close to the La Siesta Spa. It is usually frequented by both locals and foreigners. You will be able to enjoy a variety of beers that are offered here. You can also socialize and interact with the locals here especially ladies. The girls who come here are usually beautiful and want to have a good time here partying. It is usually open from 3 pm to 11:30 pm every day. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +84974185681.
  • Dragonfly Bar Lounge: This bar is popular among the local youth and expats here in the city. You will see plenty of foreign girls partying at the Dragonfly bar. The music that is played here is mostly hip-hop and pop. The dance room here is very big thus providing enough room for dancing and even socializing with the women here. On the floor above, you will find a shisha lounge where you can smoke shisha in peace. The drinks found here usually range from beers, shots, and even cocktails. It is usually open daily from 10 am to midnight. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +84 43 926 2177.
  • Local Bar: It is located at the center of beer street in the city. It is usually crowded from as early as 7 pm and is frequented by both locals and tourists. You will be able to socialize and even flirt with the women here. The music played here is usually loud and very lively and you will also get to enjoy a great variety of drinks here. Shisha is also available here. The staff here is usually friendly and the management here also offers happy hours on several days. It is usually open all through the week from 7 pm to 11:30 pm. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +84988451908.
  • Infinity Club: This club is usually flooded with party enthusiasts who like to have fun. The lighting features here are usually amazing. Couple that with an amazing dancefloor and cheap alcohol, you are guaranteed of having a fun and amazing night here. The DJs who usually are at the decks here are mostly locals and they mix music encompassing EDM trance, hip-hop, and house. You will be able to find many Vietnamese ladies here. It is usually open all through the week from 9 pm to 12:30 am. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +84 96 555 8998.
  • MK Rooftop Bar: Here, you will be able to enjoy amazing drinks with friendliness of the staff being a plus. The cocktails offered here are also amazing and you are guaranteed of enjoying scenic views of the MK Premier Boutique Hotel here in the city. It is usually open all through the week from 10 am to 11:30 pm. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +842432668896.
Party at the Dragonfly bar in Hanoi

Dating Apps

People in Hanoi have greatly embraced technology in their day to day lives especially the youth. This has led to many of these youths, especially girls, to turn to online apps to try and find an attractive partner to flirt and even go on a date with. Some ladies here in Hanoi have confessed to have found the love of the life through these dating apps. Some of the dating apps that are used here in Hanoi include:

Tinder. It is used by many people in the world including Hanoi. This app will enable you to find a date here in Hanoi. Many locals here in Hanoi have enrolled in this app making it the most popular dating app here in the city. It is usually preferred by many women here in Hanoi for dating online. You will be able to interact with women in Hanoi online using this app. You will also get to view the profiles of this women thus you can choose the women who share the same interests with you.

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