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Havana dating guide advises how to date Cuban women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Havana, Cuba.

Dating Guide

Hot girls of Havana at the LM club

The city of Havana is the capital city of Cuba and one can certainly expect to encounter some of the hottest Cuban women in town. Blending the traditions of Spain, Africa and the Native Cubans you will find Havana to be a very interesting place and the Cuban people to be very intriguing. As a tourist, if you are harbouring aspirations of dating them, it is recommended that you fully understand the local dating culture before approaching the local women. Thus, given in this section of the article is a brief description of the dating culture of the city of Havana. Use some of the tricks listed here and you will succeed in dating the local Cuban beauties. To begin with, the travellers who are visiting the nation of Cuba and wish to date a local lady will make some incredible memories as they are not difficult to please, they aren't uptight, they are true lovers, and they love engaging in sexual relations, frequently spicing up things in bed.

The number of tourists visiting the city are increasing every year and this means the local girls have more exposure to foreign men. This has been a game changer for the local dating scene. The women are more open to dating foreign men and they are very responsive towards them as well. However, the increase of tourism has also made this stereotype that most of the cuban women will sleep with you if you offer them money very popular. However, it is not true. While Cuban women are easier to impress and reciprocate very quickly, you still need to know how to play the game in order for that to happen and in order to land a Cuban hottie.

Cuban women can be very traditional and they are extremely old school as well but this does not mean that they do not believe in sexual freedom. Communism and church values do not go hand in hand so while your hot cuban date will expect you to pay for everything and act like a man but she won't shy away from having sex with you on the first date.

How to Date Cuban Women

Moving towards the young ladies in the city of Havana is a thrilling encounter. The ladies are known to be liberal and open towards the idea of dating foreigners. They actually like the idea of it.

Dating Cuban women is not a difficult task. These hot Latinas can be smitten in no time if you play your cards right. They like a man who can make them feel special and can pamper them. They believe in traditional gender roles so they want the man to provide and make them feel protected.

If you want to get in touch with plenty of Hot cuban ladies in Havana without physically approaching them then dating sites are your best bet. Plenty of hot cuban girls are registered on these dating sites and apps, making it easier to find them and strike a conversation. It will also help you break the ice before your first physical meeting and you won't have to waste too much time chasing random women.

Cuban women do not want to interact with tourists who are there for sex only so do not come off as too strong and basically do not be a creep. Be respectful and be a gentleman. This will show them that you are actually a good guy and they would want to date you.

Do not dress like a typical tourist when you meet these girls. No flip flops, cargo shorts, vests and gold chains. In their minds that is just the description of a creepy tourist who is in town for sex tourism only.

Try to book an airbnb or an apartment if you want to take a girl back to your place. If you book a hotel, the girls will have to register with the hotel and that can land them in trouble with the police so if you want her to go back to your hotel with you, she might be reluctant and you will miss out on some mind-blowing sex.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The city of Havana gets a lot of brilliant daylight all through the year. Ladies incline towards rising early and doing a few activities or in any event, hitting the seashores for a run or maybe a dip in the sea. The sluggish paced day by day life of the local individuals is the thing that makes the daytime game a fantastic encounter. The ladies aren't in a hurry or occupied with a lot of work. They are continually able to relax at some point to communicate with new individuals, find out about them, and appreciate a couple of seconds spent in good company. So put on your cap, your most brilliant holiday tee, and go out in the sun to meet some attractive Cuban women.

Being a seaside city, it is no surprise that some of the best places to meet single women in Havana include the extremely scenic beaches. Furthermore, the city is also an incredibly popular tourist destination, so head to some of the most popular socialist and private stores that are around town. The stores themselves may not be the best places to meet single women but the streets around them are somewhat lively and eventful. Lastly, the calm, peaceful and tranquil parks are truly interesting venues in Havana to go and meet single Cuban women. Here, not only can you approach them but you can also have a meaningful conversation peacefully, make significant progress and stroll around, eventually taking a Cuban beauty out for a cup of coffee or a drink. Nonetheless, given below are some of the most popular places to meet single Cuban women in the city of Havana:

  • Paseo del Prado
  • Finca Vigía
  • Playa Boca Ciega
  • Castillo De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro
  • Playa El Salado
  • National Botanical Garden
  • Cafe Arcangel
  • Santa María del Mar
  • Café El Escorial
  • Playa Guanabo
  • Café de los Artistas
  • Playa Bacuranao
Beaches in Havana are the best places to meet hot and single ladies

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

The city that consistently grooves, Havana has no absence of nightlife choices. Celebration is what is the theme and essence here. From conventional clubs playing bolero and salsa to open-air dance clubs and smooth contemporary nightspots, Cuba's capital is relentlessly influencing the music. There is consistently a gathering or motivation to party on some random evening, so get out and dance or witness the sizzling scenes on the dance floor. Given below are the top 10 nightclubs in the capital city of Cuba:

  • Don Cangrejo: It seems to be only a basic blue house with Spanish Colonial earthenware tiles that circumvent the side, past the red crab mold, but an enormous open celebration like region uncovers itself. At this shaking outdoors nightclub, you can dance by the ocean to live front-line Cuban music from the country's most mainstream artists.
  • LM: It feels new and costly, with exquisite couches and reflected walls. The multi-shaded strobe lights and the smoke and confetti delivered onto the dance floor make a dancing vibe. Groups and DJs play on the elite second-floor gallery where the VIPs likewise will show their strut and profound pockets by requesting the necessary expensive bottles to obtain entrance.
  • Espacios: Stroll through the staggering manor, simply past the super cool bar and an enormous open-air porch with a rambling green brew garden denotes the spot for an ad-libbed holiday. Espacios gives the ideal feeling to outside chilling, regardless of whether you visit for lunch, dinner or late-evening celebrating.
  • Sangri-la: It is a great spot for late-night beverages and dancing. Situated in the storm cellar of a private structure in rural Miramar, the format and acoustics have been tweaked to allow the neighbours to sleep and the guests to party. This friendly spot is the place where an outsider may begin salsa dancing with you the second you stroll in.
  • Mio y Tuyo: Concealed on a calm road in private Miramar, Mio y Tuyo is the bar in Havana that is open till the wee hours of the morning, almost until 6 am and is the place where the Cuban "farándula" which translates to big names come for an after-party. The intriguing, rambling nightclub begins to get up at 3 am and truly gets shaking with all-out reggaeton. There is a VIP area at the back where you should procure full bottles of matured rum, vodka or whisky to be conceded.
  • El Turquino: In the event that you need to dance under the stars, the spot to go to is El Turquino on the highest level of the Habana Libre Hotel. The genuine rush is to see all of Havana through the glass windows and the open sky when the retractable rooftop falls off at midnight. It is stunning without fail. Locals and travellers, pack the joint on Fridays and Saturdays for nightclub shows, live groups, DJs and dance parties.
  • Fábrica de Arte Cubano: Havana's most unique nightclub, set in a previous cooking oil manufacturing plant, is a mixed entertainment maze that makes you stride by venture into an alternate measurement. Here you can lounge, drink, eat, respect the steadily changing craftsmanship shows and meet individuals from everywhere in the world. In the event that it isn't sufficient, you can shop, dance, watch films, shows, ensembles or simply hang out and let yourself be passed up the actual spot. Seen as the signal of Havana's cutting edge social upheaval, Fábrica de Arte Cubano is the one spot you can't miss on your excursion to the capital.
  • Casa Miglis: Cuba's only Scandinavian café is additionally home to a dinner show featuring the Havana Queens Dance Company. The stylistic layout could be depicted as peculiar with antique seats holding tight walls and three-dimensional Swedish objects set in glassless edges. There are even photographs of the Swedish imperial family that were endorsed and sent by the royal palace itself.
  • Elegua: If you're not in the mindset to get down and dance with locals in a dull room hung in red neon light, this likely isn't the spot for you. But if you are looking to get laid with some of the hottest Cuban beauties then you are in the right place. The music is a blend of rumba, salsa and peppy tunes. On the off chance that you look like it, you may be given a card by an outsider on some random road bringing you to this stealthy club.
  • Bar de Luca: The antique chandelier made of crystal fixture seen through the colossal greenish-blue entryways baits you in and afterwards there are decisions to be made. Right from the kind of drinks you want to chug to the choicest of Cuban dishes to be ordered from the menu. But above all the toughest decision to be made involves the kind of girl you wish to pick up from this incredibly classy establishment.
Party at the Rio club in Havana

Dating Apps

The craze of internet dating has as of late surprised the city's inhabitants. In spite of the fact that most locals use it just to hook up with vacationers, you can exploit this and get laid with probably the most blazing Cuban ladies without wasting time. So register on these apps and websites, match with suitable profiles, initiate conversations before you even reach the city of Havana. Then set up the date as soon as you land in town and go on that date and enjoy the heavenly sex after a few drinks. Given underneath are a couple of sites and applications you can take a stab at hooking up in the city with ease:

  • Singles Around Me
  • LatinCupid

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