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Hua Hin dating guide advises how to date Thai women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Dating Guide

A group of gorgeous young girls at the Paradise Village bar in Hua Hin

Thailand is a beautiful country and has a rich culture. It is a place popular for having vacations and fun. People in Hua Hin are open to everything and the girls are sexy. The local people are very welcoming and the place is surrounded by hotels, bars, pubs, and nightclubs. The beautiful beaches and the hot girls in bikinis are the best things you will see in Hua Hin. The girls are very open-minded and you can easily meet them and ask them for a date.

The best thing about the place is that it is self-adjusted to the modern culture of dating. You can easily connect with the girls and have random fun. You will mainly find the dating culture out here limited to a one-night stand and holiday romance. Although, there are chances that you may find your soul mate.

Some girls also are looking for long-term relationships. The kind of relationship you will have in Hua Hin depends upon what you want and whether your partner wants the same. Thailand is a place where you can meet different people, with different cultures and origins and you will have a great experience interacting with them.

How to Date Thai Women

The Thai girls like the guys who are usually exceptionally polite. Getting used to a western guy can sometimes be difficult, particularly if he is not as polite as the Thai guy she is used to.

In Thailand, being polite is more important than any other thing. Anything. You will have to gentle if you want a Thai girl to like you. It is not just that you are a westerner and she will fall for your money. According to the Thai culture when a couple is dating, the Thai guy will pay for everything when they go out. However, the Thai girl then will expect you to do the same.

Take her out for a nice meal, go to the movies or buy her a gift. If you are lucky enough to meet a Thai girl's family, it means that she likes and trusts you. When you meet her family, be nice to them. Thai girls not only love their families but will also put them above other things like jobs, boyfriends, and even marriage.

Although if you are nice to her family, she will love you even more.

There is nothing more embarrassing for a Thai girl than being with someone rude in public. Make sure to hold your temper and stay calm. What you wear and how you look in Thailand are more important than who you are. When you meet a Thai girl, make sure you're well dressed and well-groomed.

Thai girls also think it is low-class when a man talks about money. If you are constantly bragging about how much money you have, she will lose interest in you. She might seem attracted but, deep down, she will think that you're a loser.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The main area for the singles nightlife can be found right by the beach. The beach is located right in the heart of the tourist section around Soi Salaam. Not only you can go to the singles bars but also can try to meet the girls at the Hua Hin Night Market.

Hua hin is surrounded by many best places to party and look for a one-night stand in the city. If your goal is to meet some sexy ladies and try to date them then get a hotel as close to the nightlife as possible.

Naebkehardt Road is a good place if you are finding single girls during the daytime. Other places where you can meet single girls are malls and shopping districts like:

  • Blú Port
  • Market Village
  • The Venezia
  • Seen Space Beach Front Mall
  • G Hua Hin Resort & Mall

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

In a beautiful place like Hua Hin, the best thing you can do is to date a Thai girl. There are certain places where you will meet single Thai girls who are sexy, hot, and beautiful. These places are some of the best bars, pubs, and nightclubs. Well, some of the best clubs in the city are listed below:

  • Hua hin night market: This marketplace is jam-packed with all kinds of vendor stalls. These stalls sell everything from cheap souvenirs to handicrafts. Food and drinks are also a major reason to visit here. Open-sided bars sell cheap cocktails and the makeshift seafood stalls are ready to serve anything you order among the main highlighted dishes.
  • White Lotus Sky bar: This is a classy rooftop bar located in Hilton Hua Hin. It offers you the best views in the whole city. The service is quite prompt and professional as you expect from a Hilton brand bar. The drinks list consists of classics and signature creations with tropical touches using native Thai herbs and flavors.
  • Oceanside beach bar: Oceanside Beach Club offers a touch of urbane cool to Hua Hin. You can chill out in the cabanas, splash around in the pool, and enjoy a weekend buffet of finger foods. However, they have several events and parties during the daytime which follow till the evening with special deals on drinks.
  • Soi Bintabat: Soi Bintabat and the nearby Poolsuk Road have a line of beer bars along with pool tables, sports TVs, and girls to keep you company. This a friendly place that has an outdoor seating area and comfortable lounges.
  • Cicada night market: This is an open-air market concept that is all about art, handmade crafts, and good times. Besides being a crafts market, you'll also find an art gallery, beer garden, and live music.
  • Cha-Am's Nightlife: Cha-Am's nightlife is located very far from Bangkok. Although, it has its share of girlie bars, karaoke lounges, discos, and a go-go. All these are concentrated in an area near Cha-Am Beach.
  • Hua hin brewing company: This place is decorated like a rustic fisherman's house. It is the busiest club in Hua hin with live bands and DJs. The food menu consists of basic pub grub, steaks, spare ribs, and barbecue skewers. You will find a selection of bottled beers and locally brewed beers.
  • Elephant bar: This bar will take you back to 1920s Hua Hin with its elegant colonial ambiance. The interior of the bar consists of dark timber floors, brass ceiling fans, white marble-topped tables, and black leather armchairs. You will experience the sound of live jazz music and the bar's signature cocktail celebrating the hotel's long-established history.
  • East Rooftop Bar: It is located on top of the G Hua Hin Resort. With its beautiful surrounding view and oversized sofas, you can lay back and enjoy the view. It offers you a mixture of DJs and live music bands to keep your mood alive. The cocktails are made with premium ingredients and taste much nicer.
  • Plearn Wan Living Museum: The prime focus of this place is the vintage items, authentic Thai food, and snacks. You can shop for souvenirs, arts, crafts and also enjoy the exhibits which show the experience of living in an ancient Thai village.
A party at the Blue Monkey Bar in Hua Hin

Dating Apps

Thai friendly and Thai cupid are the two best dating apps you will find in Hua Hin. These apps will help you to meet single Thai girls in Hua Hin.

You can chat, do a video call, and hopefully by the time you arrive in town they will be very curious to meet you. You will find all types of Thai women on the Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid app. If you want a serious relationship then you may also find a suitable partner.

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