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Hue dating guide advises how to date Vietnamese women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Hue, Vietnam.

Dating Guide

Hot girls of Hue at the DMZ bar

In order to make your dating journey successful here in Hue, you need to know about the ladies who live in the city. Their looks and attitude will most likely influence how the dating experience will go on. In terms of appearance, most of the Vietnamese ladies here in Hue have petite figures, silky hair, and eyes with shades of black. They have openly embraced fashion as they usually try to wear the latest fashion trends. They also use a bit of make but not too much. They like to portray their shining looks just to highlight how gorgeous they are. Most of the Vietnamese ladies here in Hue are usually shy. This should not bother you as they usually tend to open up more when they get used to you. They reveal their intimate side when they feel secure and around someone they like. These ladies usually revere foreigners thus you stand the best chance of dating these ladies if you are a foreigner.

How to Date Vietnamese Women

Vietnamese ladies here in Hue usually admire to date men who are in a higher social class. They believe that these men can take care of them and are also very respectful and interesting when interacting with other people. Having money will give you the upper hand in dating Vietnamese women here. They will be comfortable dating you knowing that you can afford some of the luxuries that life has to offer. They also know that you will be able to start a family with them successfully if they fall for you. Other qualities that you need to have as a man in order to date these ladies successfully include dressing well, smelling nice, being respectful, and being romantic. These ladies are usually wowed by romantic gestures and will make them to open their heart to you more.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

In order to increase your chances of meeting single girls in the city, you will need to visit places where majority of these ladies spend their day. These places include shopping malls, cafes, boutiques, and restaurants. Always try to make the lady feel secure around you so as to make her respond more positively to you. Avoid being creepy as this will easily scare them off. When conversing with her, be indirect at first since most of these ladies are shy. Make her feel comfortable and secure when she is with you so that she can reveal her intimate side. You may then flirt with her while making your intentions more clearer. Some of the popular places to meet single ladies here in Hue are:

  • The One
  • Hue Vincom Plaza
  • Dong Ba Market
  • Nina’s Cafe
  • Royal Tomb of Khai Dinh King
  • Imperial City
Inside the Dog Ma Market

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

The nighttime here in Hue provide a lot of chances to hook up with ladies and have a fun night together. Many bars and nightclubs are line up along the streets of Hue creating that lively atmosphere that is found here at night. The ladies who come to these clubs are usually gorgeous and are out to have a good time. Get your party mood on and come and enjoy until the early hours of morning. The bars are usually more quieter and less crazier than nightclubs where partying is top notch always. Some of the popular bars and nightclubs that you will be able to hook up with ladies here in Hue are:

  • Le’s Garden Hue: It is situated along Pham Ngu Lao Street in Hue. You will be able to enjoy delicious meals here as well as alcoholic beers here. The decor of this bar is simple creating that relaxing atmosphere here. The drinks are tasty and you will be able to enjoy the views of the surrounding from here. Approach the lady you like with confidence and invite her to your table. Buy her a couple of drinks and flirt with her seductively. Invite her to your place to continue the fun there.
  • Phuong: It is among the most popular nightclubs among the locals here in Hue. The staff is charming and work to make you feel special. It has two floors with the upper floor being a huge dance floors. Gorgeous ladies come here to dance and you can join them and party on the dance floor together. You can later invite the lady you like to your table and suggest to her to head over to your place. Ensure that you are charming when flirting with her.
  • Paradise bar restaurant: It is an open-air bar creating that romantic atmosphere here. People mainly come here to relax and enjoy the booze and shisha as wild partying is not really a thing here. Approach the lady you like calmly and indulge her in an interesting chat. Give her a few compliments to make her much more interested with what you have to say. If she seems to vibe with you, invite her to your place.
  • Le Gouverneur Bar: The drinks here are of the roof. The bartenders are very experienced and offer to you a variety of drinks ranging from whiskies, spirits, wines, and cocktails. The decor of this nightclub is mesmerizing as it has a floor-to-ceiling window giving you a paranomic view of the Perfume River below. The mood created here is calm and relaxing so use it to your advantage to attract ladies here. Dress casually and put on a nice cologne to give ladies the impression that you make an effort to look good for them. Approach the one you like with confidence and a smile and charm her with interesting conversations. If you are lucky, you will get to spend the night with her.
  • Victory Bar: This underground nightclub is located along Pham Ngu Lao Street. Partying here is wild with the music being very loud. If you easily get affected by loud music, it is advisable that you carry ear plugs when you come here. Enjoy the amazing drinks offered here but it is the partying that wows the ladies here. Get in the mood and party with the ladies here. Invite the one you like here to your place.
  • Why Not Bar: It is among the smallest bars in the city but partying here is also wild. The staff is charming and avail to you quality drinks that get you in the mood for partying. Approach the lady you like here and invite her for a dance. Make her night fun for her here and you just might spend the night with her.
  • Brown Eyes Bar: This bar has an amazing partying atmosphere. The drinks will wow you and the DJs do not disappoint. They play some of the latest songs ranging from R&B, hip-hop, rock, and funk. The staff is charming and serve you quality drinks. Party with the ladies here then invite the one you like to your table. Offer to buy her drinks and suggest that you take the fun to your place.
  • Century beer garden and bar: It is among the wildest nightclubs in Hue as the crowds here come to enjoy themselves to the fullest. The music is usually loud and mostly techno. Enjoy the drinks here and mesmerizing the lady you like here by showing her funny dance moves. If she is into you, she will rarely turn you down if you invite her to your place.
  • Secret Lounge Hue: The management here has installed outdoor seating arrangements to create that relaxing atmosphere here. Enjoy the beers and cocktails offered to you by experienced bartenders. Buy a few drinks for the lady you like and invite her to your table. Charm her with interesting conversations and you just might spend the night with her.
  • DMZ Bar: You will be able to enjoy the amazing drinks here. The terrace found here offers breathtaking and romantic views of the Perfume River. Engage the lady you like here seductively and give her a few compliments. If she is into you, you will get to spend the night together.
A group of girls dancing at the Century club in Hue

Dating Apps

Most of the ladies in Hue have signed up in various dating apps in an effort to find their potential partners or just for hook ups. Most of these ladies are into foreign men hence, you will have the best chance of flirting with ladies here in Hue if you are a foreigner. You will be able to find ladies of all ages in these apps. Some of the dating apps you can use to date Vietnamese ladies here in Hue are:

  • Tinder It is the most popular dating app here in Hue. You will be able to go through the various profiles that local ladies here in the city have uploaded. You can then swipe right for the profiles that you find appealing.
  • Badoo: Ladies here in Hue have also signed up in Badoo in order to find partners to flirt with, hook up, or engage in a long-term relationship with.

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