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Jakarta dating guide advises how to date Indonesian women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Dating Guide

A group of hot girls enjoying at the Jenja club in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and one can certainly be assured of experiencing the true essence of Indonesian dating culture in the capital city of Jakarta. Dating in the capital city of Indonesia can be somewhat challenging. This is because Indonesia has an overwhelmingly large population of muslims, making it very conservative when it comes to dating especially between couples who are not of the same religion. There are a ton of neighbourhood young ladies here who have had a religious upbringing and have a traditional mindset hence they are not actually keen on dating. Indeed, even the modern and open-minded young ladies who come from an orthodox and traditional background are constrained by their families to avoid meeting folks and adhere to the religious and cultural norms when they want to meet someone who can be their potential life partner. Meeting men without keeping the end goal of marriage in mind is frowned upon. Despite the fact that dating is not the norm in Jakarta, there is still a large population of local and foreign girls who do not adhere to such norms. There are plenty of rebellious girls in Jakarta who believe in being sexually liberated and having the choice to date whoever they want before they decide to get married. They do it without telling their families. There are also women who are non muslims and do not have such restrictions placed on them. You can discover a large portion of these young ladies at clubs and bars or on different dating apps. Finally, there is the group of young ladies here who come from different parts of the country in search of better opportunities and career prospects. This unique amalgamation of different groups of women makes the dating scene of Jakarta very different from other places. There is no one rule that everyone follows and there is no one strategy that works on every girl. The more time you will spend here, the better you will get at understanding who amongst these women will be open to dating and having fun.

You need to keep a few thing in mind in order to have a smooth dating experience in Jakarta. The way of life isn't however open here as it seems to be in most western nations which implies you need to rehearse some limit with regards to hitting on the young ladies here, particularly during the day. In case you're hitting pubs during the night in Jakarta, you can be bold and ask a women out directly. It isn't unusual to have casual hookups in Jakarta,if you play your cards right. However, you need to understand that this is still unexplored territory by the majority and something that is not talked about openly or endorsed by people so you have to be discreet. There are additionally a considerable amount of opportunities with regards to meeting young ladies in Jakarta. The city is a well-known spot for foreigners in the country and you can hope to meet young ladies from everywhere in the world here! More data on young ladies in Jakarta are given in the segments underneath.

How to Date Indonesian Women

Remember, approximately 88% of the citizens of Indonesia follow Islam as a religion. Similar percentage ratios can be seen in the capital city as well and thus, tourists must always be mindful of their actions while dating women in the capital city. The women are naturally raised in a slightly conservative environment and as mentioned above, they are made to follow strict rules and regulations dictated by senior male members of the household. Thus, try and be subtle with your actions while trying to date local women, hold back the bold compliments, avoid getting touchy and try to charm the local women with your words and gestures. Universal choices are accessible for meeting ladies during the day, night and on the web. Be that as it may, western men need to exercise caution in broad daylight. Regard for the Islam and traditionalist Indonesian culture is essential to effectively date and given below are tips that will guide you to successfully dating local women:

Dating Indonesian women is a common fantasy of most tourists arriving in Jakarta, but one must bear in mind that the women are aware of this and have a pool of eager tourists to choose from. Thus, if you wish to date a local woman, attract her using your charm and wit but more than that you will need a lot of money, style and bling to seal the deal. The women can be materialistic and often go for style over substance. Hence, tourists are recommended to dress well. Wearing clothing from top fashion brands from across the globe, being well-groomed, staying at fancy hotels, driving around in luxury cars, reserving the VIP areas of nightclubs will attract women and impressing them is vital as one can certainly view this to be the first step of breaking the ice with the local women and eventually dating them.

Try and respect the local culture and traditions at all times and avoid stereotyping the local women. The women in Jakarta are modern and tech-savvy, unlike the women that you will come across in some of the other parts of the country. They are proud of their identity and they dislike tourists who come to town and frown upon their lifestyle, their choices and have an air of superiority. Jakarta is no Bali so the culture is very conservative. The women do not like to be addressed as sex objects or escorts who are willing to do anything for tourists and their money. Thus, do not be arrogant or act like a spoilt and entitled brat. If you are serious about dating, make sure you treat them with respect and always put romance before lust, once they are convinced of your intentions, the lust shall dominate the scene all by itself.

Young girls of Jakarta are open to dating more than ever now

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The best places to meet single girls in Jakarta vary according to the time of the day and which day of the week it is. As discussed above, the city is dominated by a Muslim population and the conservative approach of Islam does serve to be a roadblock to approaching single girls in Jakarta. Hence, tourists are recommended to play things safe by approaching women in shopping malls and parks during the daytime but be very discreet and sly. The former offer a safe and secure environment for women and they are usually packed with women from all age groups and rather privileged financial backgrounds. This ensures that the women are well educated, the chances of them being open minded are greater and the secure environment enables them to respond well to any advances by you, just remember to be subtle. The parks in the city are known to be great spots if you wish to meet single girls and flirt with them away from the prying eyes that are usually at the shopping malls and all other busy places. Also, coffee shops and restaurants serve to be good places to meet single girls in Jakarta, but remember, the more crowded the place is, the less enthusiastic is the response to flirting by women and the more challenging things shall be for you. Nonetheless, given below are some of the ideal places to visit and meet single girls in Jakarta:

  • Grand Indonesia
  • Pacific Place
  • Mall Taman Anggrek
  • Taman Suropati
  • Tabebuya Park
  • Taman Menteng
  • 1/15 Coffee, Gandaria
  • Anomali Coffee - Senopati
  • KopiKalyan
Mall Taman Anggrek is a great place to meet single ladies in Jakarta

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

In addition to the above-mentioned places to meet single girls in Jakarta, the popular nightclubs in town are known to be the best places to meet single girls post-sunset. These nightclubs have the perfect atmosphere to get women into the zone while partying. Though Islam is widely followed in the country, you will see that the women in the nightclubs in the capital city of Jakarta often indulge in binge-drinking sessions and gyrate to some of the popular dance hits of the western world. Thus, listed below are some of the most popular nightclubs which you must visit, not only to enjoy a good part but to also meet the hottest and the least conservative women of the city of Jakarta:

  • Léon: One of the most happening clubs in the city, Leon is a must visit on your trip to Jakarta. From a grand dance floor to electric music, it has it all. The bonus point is the mouth watering food. Leon serves pretty great food so it can be a great place to meet up with your date for the first time.
  • Colosseum: True to its name, Colosseum flaunts an open gathering ground furnished with a complex sound framework and delicate lighting skipping off its high roofs. Known for throwing the grandest parties and having an upbeat environment, Colosseum is frequented by hot, single girls of Jakarta hence it is a must visit.
  • Illigals: A favourite amongst foreigners and locals alike, you will find the crowd and atmosphere of the club to be very inclusive. Great for a night out dancing and drinking.
  • Fable: The best in class inside with glass dividers and rooftop permit visitors to party with a view. Drench yourself in the enthusiastic vibe of the city as you watch the night sky and cityscape while moving and eating. With a limit of 800 individuals, Fable has sufficient space to party with an extraordinary group while offering a trace of restrictiveness and closeness.
  • Blowfish: It is the go-to club for some Jakarta elites and expats to have a good time, with traces of glitz and style. It's the place where socialites flaunt their fancy dresses while partying like there's no tomorrow, absorbing the impacting music, complex lights, and chic-interiors.
  • Domain: It has a comfortable lounge, bar, and surprisingly comfortable couches for your vacation in the wake of going hard and fast dancing. With its rave scene, you can come anticipating the best music, lit environment, and one of the liveliest dance floors around. From trap to dubstep, R&B to EDM, this club brags a wide reach of outstanding DJs.
  • Empirica: Empirica draws in for the most part centre and high society party-attendees and youthful experts or expats who are hoping to let out some pent up frustration. Empirica is additionally renowned for its themed parties, regularly with charming exhibitions and worldwide visitor DJs.
  • Dragonfly: Dragonfly's inside is really best in class. Consolidate it with the top-notch diversion from pined for DJs and entertainers, and you got yourself a life-changing night out. For its remarkable help and idea, this award-winning club has been pulling in Jakarta's high society swarm, including heads of state and big names from all industries.
  • Immigrant: It flawlessly blends fervour in with the class. From the fancy insides to the unbelievable choices of food and beverages, it's no uncertainty the nature of groups this spot draws in, from executives to expats. As a tourist, this must be on your list of nightclubs to visit in the city especially if you wish to meet some of the hottest singles in town.
  • Jenja: This carries the gathering to Jakarta's hip southern locale of Cilandak with its exotic rich dark layout and dynamic vibe. Going past the business EDM and house music, Jenja's music scene has made the club mainstream among expats, particularly the individuals who are accustomed to celebrating in huge European urban communities.
A party at the Coloseum club in Jakarta

Dating Apps

Dating in Jakarta is rather interesting as you have to navigate your way through all the possible obstacles and challenges. This does make it cumbersome but rewarding eventually. However, with changing times when one takes help from technology for everything, dating shall also not be too far-fetched using technology. Online dating apps have revolutionised the way people date and in Jakarta, you too can make use of some of the popular local dating apps to find a suitable partner. Using online dating apps is highly advantageous for tourists especially as you save time while approaching women. You could be ten days away from your trip to Jakarta but by enrolling in some of the popular local dating apps you can find matches and initiate conversation long before you actually reach the city. This shall help you easily break the ice and line up a few dates so that once you reach Jakarta you waste absolutely no time in meeting local beauties and enjoy the local dating culture. Given below are some of the most popular local dating apps that are used by women in Jakarta:

  • Hinge
  • Match
  • Setipe
  • OkCupid
  • Bumble
  • TanTan
  • Tinder

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