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Jerusalem dating guide advises how to date Israeli women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Jerusalem, Israel.

Dating Guide

The Jewish women are famous for being family-oriented, caring, and nurturing women. They are usually involved in the lives of their children even after they have grown and got married. Jewish mothers re usually known to be overprotective and are usually concerned about the well-being of their kin. These attributes are inherited by their daughters making them excellent women in the household. They are respectful, friendly, liberal and good-natured.

Palestinian women are mostly Muslims and comply with all traditional Islamic laws. They typically wear a Hijab with clothes that cover much of their body and head. Although not as conservative as other Islamic women in other countries, Palestinian women still adhere to a certain set of rules which includes avoiding to speak to strangers. As compared with Jewish women, Palestinian women are reserved and cautious. Israeli women are one of the world's most beautiful women. They have black or brown hair, medium eyes, moderate lips, and slightly larger nose. The flawless white skin characteristics make Israel's women beautiful and desirable. The women of Israel are wonderful and like to keep their body in shape.

How to Date Israeli Women

Israeli women will potentially make the whole flirting thing much simpler with their straightforward approach to relationships and life in general. The first time you approach to her, it is very natural for the woman to give you her phone number. Some of the qualities you need to acquire to be able to date Israeli women without too much hassle include:

Be punctual. Always arrive on time to the places you have agreed to meet when dating. You can also take the initiative of arriving there some few minutes before the agreed time. This will impress her as she will knew that your interest in her is genuine.

Dress well. When dating Israeli women, they usually tend to take note of every single detail about you. You need to dress decently when dating these women and even apply a cologne that smells nice. You do not need to overdo it.

Be romantic. Give her warm and decent hugs without portraying pervertness. Your palms need to touch her gently on her upper back and not anywhere else. You need to be gentle and not squeezing her very tightly when hugging her. This will make her feel that you are genuinely interested in dating her. You can also compliment her.

Always try to buy her gifts. When you are not sure what to get for your Israeli woman as a present, just buy her flowers. Buying her these gifts conveys to her that your love is genuine.

Be courteous. The saying if ladies first applies here. In instances when you are on a date at a restaurant, always allow her to order first. Also let her start eating first then you follow suit. You also need to pay the bill to prove to her that you are financially stable.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Jewish girls are usually confident, polite and open-minded. Occasionally, men who want to appear as being confident end up portraying an ignorant attitude that can put many women off. To create an interesting and confident impression, you need to man up and make an optimistic approach to these women and accord them a courteous greeting. The way girls are picked up depends on where they meet, but trust and straightforward approach remain constant.

You will also come across Palestinians who live mainly in East Jerusalem as you visit the eastern part of the city. Palestinians follow Islam thus it wont be easy for you to meet and flirt with them. Most Muslim women do not take an interest in casual conversations or connections with strangers as they adhere to stringent dating and social restrictions.

Another method you can use is searching for a large group of individual women who sign up for some of the historical tours and tag along. You need to keep in mind these historical sites are usually religious places so you have to be respectful. It might not even be on their mind to meet people to hook up with so you need not be shocked if they turn you down. You can also always try to meet single girls at shopping malls and other places in the city such as:

Malha Mall

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Alrov Mamilla Avenue

Dome of the Rock

Hadar Mall

Tower of David

Machane Yehuda Market

Yad Vashem

Liberty Bell Park

Ein Hemed National Park

Rehavia Park Valley of the Cross

Sacher Park

Wohl Rose Park

City of David National Park

Garden of Gethsemane

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Bars and clubs are all of Jerusalem's nightlife. You just have to spend the night in the center of town. Some of the best bars in the city are in old architectural buildings along the narrow streets of Zion Square. Another famous nightlife place that offers some great bars is Machane Yéhuda Market. Jaffa Street, especially near Zion Square is the main area for singles nightlife. If you're a foreigner, you will find girls from bars or clubs along Jaffa Street You can also find loads of bars in the dark area of Machane Yehuda Market along Ben Sira Street.

During the night, you can pick up girls in the bars and many night clubs along the above-mentioned streets. Many local girls usually meet at these bars. To increase your chances of being noticed by these girls, you need to be assertive and optimistic when you approach them. You also need to put in effort in the way you dress and your general appearance throughout the night. As already said, Israeli girls are confident and can approach men themselves. Your appearance is the first consideration that they assess.

It is best that you put on mid party clothes that don't look formal or casual. Many of these women usually fancy men who wear black clothes. The use of a pleasant perfume is an additional important tip as it generates an impressive and nice fragrance. There is a comparatively greater chance of picking up girls mostly at night than during the day. Often, horny and carefree women come to nightclubs and bars to look for men to enjoy and have sex with. You may even meet with girls who are in for long-term dating with you, but chances are usually slim as most women who attend these clubs opt for casual relationships. Drinks, partying, loud music, and friendly staff are what make up the bars and clubs found here in Jerusalem. Some of the bars and clubs found here in Jerusalem are:

Sira. It is usually popular among students here in the city. It is located along a dark alley which may frighten visitors who are not used to this location. There is usually loud music and flickering lights at the end of this alley introducing you to the amazing time you are guaranteed of having at this club. It is among the best bars in the city. You can come here to socialize with the youth, especially the girls who come here to party and have fun. The music here is usually loud creating that fun and lively atmosphere that is usually experienced here.

Birman. This is one of the bars here in the Jerusalem where you will get to enjoy different music genres such as funk music, jazz, and RnB. Amazing Middle Eastern cuisines are also served here with the amazing cocktails also offered here being a plus. Most of the people who come here enjoy jazz and soul, creating that romantic feeling that is usually enjoyed by the women who come here. This club is one of the places where you can meet local women who enjoy romance.

Yellow Submarine. Here, you are guaranteed of enjoying live music from the local artists and bands from the city. They play all the music genres here including pop, jazz, funk, EDM, and even RnB. There is wide variety of drinks to choose from here. The music here is usually entertaining to the extent that you may even find yourself dancing. There is no boring day here at this club as the management brings in unique talents to entertain the people here.

Toy Bar. This nightclub is popular among the students who usually flock here in mid-week to have fun partying and dancing throughout the night. It has two floors where the upper floor is usually for mingling and socializing while the lower floor is for dancing. The music that is played here is usually top notch and you will get to have fun dancing with the girls here. The DJs here play the latest hits while the friendly and charming staff serve you with some of the most amazing drinks. This bar provides the perfect environment for those planning to meet with girls who like to have a wild and fun time.

Gatsby. Here, you will be able to enjoy jazz music blaring through the speakers while you enjoy the amazing drinks that have been served to you by sexy and charming bartenders. The décor of this pace is truly amazing with the management here employing some of the most unique designs and ways to keep the crowd entertained here. If you would like to enjoy your cocktail from a specially designed light bulb as a cup, then this is the club to go to. The crowd here is usually lively and peaceful.

Mikes Place. It is an American-themed bar here in Jerusalem. For those who would like to enjoy the western style of partying and drinking, then this is the place to be. You will be able to enjoy live band performances and even latest music from the decks by some of the most experienced DJs in the city.

Haschena. Its name translates to mean the neighbor thus, you can expect to enjoy a warm and friendly atmosphere that is generated here. It is situated close to the Machane Yehuda market making it one of the best pubs to socialize with locals. The music played here is usually relaxing with the amazing drinks that are offered here being a plus.

Casino De Paris. It is an amazing bar that has a casino theme. There are various casino games that you will be able to play here while you enjoy the music and amazing drinks offered here. The people that come here are usually friendly and peaceful. You will be able to enjoy soothing music here while enjoy the amazing drinks served to you by charming bartenders. The owner of this bar is one of the most famous musicians in Israel, Shaanan Streett.

The Barrel and The Tap. It is an English-themed bar here in Jerusalem. Those who enjoy the British style of partying and drinking can come here and have a good time. The drinks served here are usually amazing and are served by charming bartenders.

Yudale. This bar is located here in the city, it is usually frequented by locals who come here to relax and have a good time. The drinks served here are usually amazing with the soothing music played here being a plus.

Dating Apps

Technology has been heavily embraced here in Jerusalem and the country at large. Many youths here in the capital have signed up in these apps for purposes of dating and flirting with both people within the city and even abroad. If you would be looking to date Israeli women when you are abroad, the dating apps that you can use include:

Jfiix. This dating app allows users to search the locations of the people they want to date here in Jerusalem. You will also get a chance to go through the profiles of women who have enrolled in this app. You can even narrow down to a number of women who suit your preference, saving you the time and effort you would have used to go over thousands of profiles. You will also be able to upload photos and even chat with these women.

Tinder. Using this app, you will be able to socialize with Israeli women both looking for casual relationships and those looking for long-term dating. You will be able to send messages to each other and even talk virtually.

Jswipe. This app will enable you to find Israeli women who are only looking for long-term relationships. This app has even found preference in Jewish mothers who have allowed their daughters to search and interact with their potential partners through this app.

Other dating apps include: Bumble



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