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Kathmandu dating guide advises how to date Nepali women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Dating Guide

A group of hot girls at the Karma Bar and lounge in Kathmandu

The city of Kathmandu is the capital of the small country of [[[Nepal]] that is situated to the north-east of India. The city despite its small size has a population of a million people and is known to be an extremely popular tourist destination. The Nepalese folk are known to have customs and traditions that are closely linked to the Indian traditions and culture. Hence, a tourist travelling to the city, wishing to date the local Nepalese women can try the same tricks in the book that apply to Indian women. However, there are some interesting aspects that are custom to the local dating culture and these are described in this section of the article. Keep perusing to learn more about the Nepalese dating culture.

Most of the women from Kathmandu belong to traditional and orthodox families so approaching them might not be easy especially if you are accustomed to the western style of dating. However, finding a date will not be impossible, you will just have to be tactful about it. You need to have a plan beforehand and make sure you start gaming as soon as you get to the city. This is primarily because many of the local women are known to be shy and reserve, they do not open up easily and one must try to get to know the woman they are pursuing a little better, if this happens in person it is ideal but consider the growth of social media apps, one could take the online route as well. It will take time for her to start trusting you and accepting the idea of dating you.

Dating on the whole is a very formal affair here and Nepali locals are unquestionably awkward about it and you may even experience some sort of moral policing. So ensure that you date the local women as subtly as possible. Being loud, boisterous and flamboyant isn’t acceptable in society here. There are various social restrictions that apply to the Nepalese women and they often have to work their way around these if they wish to date men. Furthermore, dating tourists is an even more cumbersome task for them as the locals do not approve of foreign men dating their beloved sisters and daughters. As a tourist, if you wish to date local Nepalese women, make sure you keep things under wraps, be soft and subtle at all times, incline more towards romance rather than lust and eventually take things step by step, gradually increasing the level of passion to ensure that women are accustomed to your ways of dating as well. Due to the recent cultural revolution taking place because of the internet and various outlets of social media, the younger generation is definitely exposed to the ways of the world and are open in their approach to love, sex, and other issues. These women are much more open-minded and balanced. At the same time, these women understand the conservative mentality of the local lot whilst embracing the global culture which is brought in by the tourists who visit the state and the internet as well. Most of these women from the younger generation can be found interacting with tourists in a friendly way. Given in the sections below are tips and tricks to guide you with the same.

How to Date Nepalese Women

Times are changing in Kathmandu and girls are becoming more modern and open minded

Dating Nepalese women in the city of Kathmandu will not be as straightforward as one expects it to be. Many of the women in the city are shy and reserved, they do not engage with unknown men and most of the time they are accompanied by members of the family or cockblockers. The way of life of Kathmandu isn't one where you can straightforwardly move towards the ladies who are strolling in the city and begin hitting on them. The greater part of the women in Nepal converse and make acquaintance with foreigners, especially men, only when they are common companions or are vouched for by a known individual. It will be of incredible assistance assuming you become companions with a local and enrol their assistance to date the local Nepalese ladies. On the off chance that this is impossible and you need to back yourself to date them, then it is suggested that you approach ladies without being forcefully coy.

To break the ice, start the discussion with a straightforward subject like the climate or headings to a sanctuary, at that point you can inconspicuously be a tease, maybe even slide in a joke prior to asking her name and proceeding onward to themes like movies and music, in the event that you have the ideal measure of appeal and charm these ladies with humour guaranteeing that you can support an engaging discussion with the use of knowledge and information you may be able to take her for a date soon. In Kathmandu, societal position and wealth assume a critical part even if you wish to date women, though many themselves are wealthy and don't mind dating a foreigner for the novelty. Subsequently, those men who hail from wealthy families, with sizeable fortunes and significant influence are the ones that women love dating. Additionally, if the man hails from a regal background or some likeness thereof from an outside country, ladies are bound to succumb to his charms. This can be ascribed to the way that individuals of Nepal yet have an over the top love for their royal family. Other than this, men who can talk well, have a good sense of humour, are affable, and in particular, have their own private room/suite for their span of stay in Kathmandu are probably going to be appealing to the local women to date.

Above all, tourists are recommended to be realistic about their expectations, the local women are bound to be secretive and may share the news of them dating foreign men only with a handful of friends, they may ask you to drop them a few blocks away from their homes after a date, they may refuse to hold hands with you in public. Do not take these as negative signs, rather see them as the restrictions of a conservative society and their effort to avoid courting controversy. The best way to date Nepalese women is to be understanding. It may take some time to start dating these women and while it may seem like a lead-on or a tease, be patient, don’t be hasty as you shall only end up damaging your prospects further. Try and focus on the smallest of gestures to make your date feel special and unique, these are more important than the grandest of gestures to win over her heart.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Meeting women in Kathmandu will require you to visit all the right places and these mostly include coffee shops, gardens and malls as all of the above provide women a safe and controlled environment to go on dates with foreign men. Considering the city hasn’t developed much there are yet a significant number of women who don’t mind meeting men in temple premises (after all it is the city of temples!). The local ladies regularly visit sanctuaries and temples too. Regardless of whether ladies are not religious, they discover this to be amazingly advantageous. This is principally on the grounds that ladies can without much of a stretch persuade their folks to venture out of the house and visit a temple. The temple grounds have gardens and even benches in seclusion to sit in a serene and calm environment to enjoy a conversation but remember that you must respect the sanctity and avoid indulging in any physical activities. In the event that you wish to meet these ladies, it should be very unpretentious and might expect you to fill the role of a religious and strictly dedicated individual, one who regards all societies and customs. Even if you are an atheist make sure you don't end up hurting their sentiments. Given below is a list of places that you can visit to meet single Nepalese girls in Kathmandu:

  • Civil Mall
  • Himalayan Java Coffee - Mandala Street
  • Chikusa Café
  • Garden of Dreams
  • Kathmandu Nursery
  • Pashupatinath Temple
The Garden of dreams is a great place to meet local women in Kathmandu

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

  • Shisha Lounge and Bar: If you get exhausted from meandering around the city, Shisha Lounge and Bar can be your go to place as they serve some mean drinks and excellent shisha. Here, you will have live music with groups who perform around the evening time and will be served various cuisines as well.
  • Club Déjà vu: This is the lastest and the freshest club in Kathmandu, and thus, it is the most modern one with two spaces for VIPs and two types of dance floors. They hire the coolest DJs and the beverages are likewise pleasant. The vibe is amazing you are guaranteed to bump into some hotties.
  • Everest Irish Pub: You can enjoy a football or even a cricket match here since they have huge screens for that. It is a cool place to go on a date or meet someone you met through a dating app for the first time. Additionally, the Irish Pub is acclaimed for organising the best private gatherings. Thus, in the event that you are invited to a major private party in the city at Irish Pub go for it at all costs!
  • Karma Bar and Lounge: A pretty upscale club frequented by the crème de la crème of Kathmandu. If you want to meet open minded and modern women then this is the place to be. However, you will have some competition as well because many local men visit this club regularly.
  • Buddha Bar: The old is gold discretions fits perfectly for Buddha Bar. It is well established and loved by the locals. If all other places won't work then Buddha bar is the place to go! The crowd and the atmosphere won't disappoint.
  • Mezze By RoadHouse: It is a hot spot for those rising Nepal big names including young businessmen and media personalities to hang out with, obviously, this isn't the motivation behind whyMezze By RoadHouse was added to this list. Mezze By RoadHouse serves the best, unquestionably the best, mixed drinks and mocktails.
  • Ibyza: Feel like partying all night and shaking your hips till the wee hours of the morning? Then Ibyza is the place to be. Great music, great crowd, amazing drinks and a friendly staff, what more could you ask for?
  • Purple Haze: The coolest and the most marvellous stone bar in the Thamel region of the city. Purple Haze has a remarkable stage, and on the off chance that you need to headbang, Let it all out! Purple Haze has too open space with the best dance exhibitions, and the sound frameworks are incredible, which present to you the best music and beats. In addition, Purple Haze has delectable food and magnificent beverages. Be that as it may, this bar will be shut precisely at midnight.
  • Sam's Bar: Since Sam's is one of the most established and the most acclaimed bar in Kathmandu you may want to head here to pick up a few Nepalese babes. Relaxing in harmony with great music shall be perfect at this spot. Intriguing spray painting on the dividers will give you the coolest photographs, and Sam's offers free popcorn for all customers.
  • Club OMG: It is fun, however, it gets crowded while dancing so do whatever you can to get to those air conditioners. Club OMG has a lot of women and drinks to appreciate into the night while the DJ churns out the most mainstream hits.
Party at the Deja Vu club in Kathmandu

Dating Apps

Dating in the modern age has to involve the use of technology and this is very much apparent in Nepal as well. Though the small country has a rather technologically less advanced population, the younger generation of women are known to be well informed. Dating in Kathmandu, the capital city of the country is undoubtedly the pinnacle of online dating for other cities in the country. Young adults in the capital city lead the way for their peers and are often willing to embrace technology to help them find themselves a match. While there are quite a lot of fakes and scam profiles you will find suitable matches to interact with. Considering the reserved nature of many of the local women it is better that you sign up on the local dating apps a few weeks in advance to match and initiate a conversation with these women without wasting time and get to the dating part as soon as you land in the city. Given below are some of the most popular dating apps in Kathmandu:

  • Yoome
  • iDates
  • Badoo
  • Bumble
  • Musukka
  • Mooche
  • iFlirts

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