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Ko Chang dating guide advises how to date Thai women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Ko Chang, Thailand.

Dating Guide

Ko Chang is one of the most popular cities in Thailand for tourists. It is an island located in the eastern part of Thailand and is commonly frequented by those visiting the country. If you are looking for some companionship and searching for single girls while in Thailand, this is the best place to go. Ko Chang is famous worldwide for its nightlife and abundance of erotic opportunities for you to explore and enjoy.

Ko Chang has various places for you to meet someone new and take them out on a date. Like most other Thailand cities, Ko Chang is also home to the famous Ladyboy shows that Thailand is renowned for. You can take your date out on a fun evening at one of these shows. The island is also filled with exciting beaches that offer the perfect romantic setting for a day out. The Kai Bae Beach and Bang Bao beaches are the most well-known in this region. Many of the single girls of the island, both tourists and locals, can be seen on these beaches. You can quickly strike up a conversation with someone new and get yourself a date from one of these beaches.

If beaches are not exactly your thing, do not worry. Ko Chang has a thriving nightlife that will provide you with more than enough opportunities to pick up single girls. The city is filled with exciting bars, nightclubs, and sky bars that you can visit and meet new people. If you feel particularly adventurous, you can always visit one of the world-famous Thai massage parlors known for their pretty attendants and famous massages.

How to Date Thai Women

Thailand is a country that has a rich and distinct cultural identity. It is unique and quite different from that which Europeans or Americans are used to. So when you are visiting the country and looking to date a Thai woman, there are some things to remember.

Always stay protected: to start with, never forget to visit safe and protected when engaging in a sexual encounter in a foreign country. You don't want to ruin your dating experience in Thailand by getting a sexually transmitted disease. A little precaution goes a long way towards ensuring a fun and enjoyable dating life.

Thai women may have a chaperone: one of the key cultural differences you may face while dating in Thailand is a chaperone. It is a common occurrence during your first date or even in some of the subsequent ones. A chaperone is usually a close friend of the girl you are taking out on a date. A chaperone is required because, in Thai culture, a woman doesn't go out alone with a man unless she intends to marry him. So know that you may have to go on a date with a chaperone present for the first couple of dates till you and your partner become a "couple" officially. Matching up on a double date can be an excellent way to overcome any awkwardness that may arise.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

When it comes to meeting new and single girls, Ko Chang is filled with opportunities. The city has several social gathering places which you can visit to meet new people. The beaches are one of the most attractive tourist spots in the city. You can see one of the many famous beaches to have a fun day out and meet single girls. Several festivals take place across the island. They involve music, festivities, good food, and lots of liquor. Such festivals are an ideal setting for you to meet single girls.

Apart from this, the regular nightlife of Ko Chang provides ample opportunity for anyone who is looking to socialize or hook up with single girls. The various bars and nightclubs are home to many famous DJs in the region. They are often visited by many of the newer generations.

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Nightclubs and bars provide the ultimate opportunities for a night out and meeting single girls. Most of these bars and nightclubs are the usual haunt for single girls who are looking for companionship. We will now look at some of the famous nightclubs and bars in the city.

  • Little Pattaya: This famous beer bar center is located at the White sand beach is one of the most commonly visited by tourists and locals alike. It is a collection of over 30 small beer bars, each serving up different kinds of beers and providing ample opportunity for you to pick up single girls.
  • Chai Chet: if you want to have a good conversation and meet someone new, the Chai Chet is your go-to place. It is devoid of the usual loud music that accompanies most bars. Instead, you get good quality drinks and an exclusive clientele.
  • Kai Bae: the Kai Bae is Ko Chang's version of the walking street. It is much less flashy than its counterpart in Pattaya. It has a collection of good quality bars and nightclubs that you can frequent. They provide ample opportunity for anyone looking to pick up single girls.
  • Orders Place: It is the oldest live music bar at Ko Chang and is located at White Sand Beach. The bar is home to a host of classic 70s and 80s rock, jazz, and R&B music that will liven up your night out.
  • The sabay bar: the Sabay bar is located at the White Sand beach. It is home to Filipino bands serving up their traditional soulful music. They also play a lot of famous pop and modern rock, so you get the best of different kinds of music to enjoy.
  • The Rock bar: As made clear from its name, the Rockbar serves up pure rock music for its audience. Accompanied by good food and great liquor, it makes an ideal setting for you to pick up single girls while enjoying great music.
  • Boom Bar: The Boom Bar located at the Klong Prao village is another popular hangout spot for locals and tourists. It is an open bar that hosts live bands and has famous cocktails for you to enjoy. It is a great place to pick up single women on a night out.
  • Filou Cocktail bar: The Filou Cocktail bar is located at Kai Bae and is a great spot to enjoy some innovative cocktails. You can also enjoy some great Thai and Western food at this bar and meet some new people while you are at it.
  • Stone Free: The Stone Free is every music lover's dream destination. Known for its excellent live music and great audience, it is a great place to enjoy a quiet night of music with someone you like. Head down to the Lonely beach to visit this quaint little place.
  • The Rasta bar: The Rasta bar is one of the few places that serve up authentic reggae and great liquor with the same efficiency. Head down to this old place for a night of slow dancing and meeting potential singles.

Dating Apps

Online dating is also a big part of the dating culture of Ko Chang. From dating apps to hookup websites such as Adultfriendfinder, there are many options for single men to pick up single women in the city. If you want to skip the part of going to a new location and finding someone single to ask on a date, online dating services are the best fit. The dating and hookup apps are a great option to meet someone at short notice and take them out for a night of fun and adventure.

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