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Ko Samui dating guide advises how to date Thai women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Ko Samui, Thailand.

Dating Guide

Hot girls of Ko Samui at the AKBR beach club

Thailand is a hustling and bustling country when it comes to its entrainment and nightlife. If you are single and want to explore the dating life in Ko Samui, there should be absolutely nothing to hold you back. Ko Samui offers single men their chance to get together with Asian women with beautiful eyes, lovely hair, and buttery skin. Ko Samui, Thailand’s second-largest island is a wonderful place to vacation. Talk about beach parties, cold beer, and lovely female friends to hang out with, and you have Ko Samui in mind. You can socialise with many hot and young girls but more than the locals you will find foreign women who are also there on vacation.

Nevertheless, when in the island of Ko Samui, you can travel, enjoy and chat with Thai women who like to have fun in their time. You never know you might bump into an exotic beauty who is willing to be more than friends. The vibe of the island definitely warrants exploring more than just its beauty The islands make for a perfect backdrop for a little romance. Get hold of a date and stroll under the shady palm trees, through the serene beaches, and witness the perfect sunsets. The luxury resorts make the stay at Ko Samui all the more pleasant.

Ko Samui can be a perfect place for men looking for a date. The island presents men of all ages with endless possibilities, which means that one can expect a great date if they are looking for one in Ko Samui.

How to Date Thai Women

How to date Thai Women? – This is a question that has been doing the rounds for a long time. Almost every bachelor in the world wishes to know the rules of dating in order to nail the game every time . When it comes to Thai girls, they are irresistible, beautiful, and intelligent. It is a pleasure dating someone who is from Thailand. There are clear and distinct steps for one to date women in Thailand and, more specifically, in Ko Samui.

  • The first thing one needs to know is the type of girl they match with the most: Everybody has a specific type and taste when dating. We all attract different people. Having a sound knowledge of the same will help you navigate your way through the Ko Samui dating sphere.
  • The best way to get girls interested in you is to ensure that you are your authentic self at all times: There is no need to pretend to be something other than what you are.
  • DO not come off as desperate: You can be a good-looking guy with a lot of money but if you start acting extremely desperate then it'll be a turn off for the majority of the girls. Avoid being too clingy and needy and maintain your composure.
  • Be a gentleman: Women tend to perceive men’s intentions and instincts pretty well; thus, you should offer them a safe environment and a trustworthy friendship before all.
  • Presentation counts: Thai women like men who can speak well. There are bonus points if you can present yourself well. Try to dress smart but, more importantly, dress appropriately according to the occasion. A well-dressed person implies effort and interest in one’s life, which most Thai women search for in potential dating partners.
  • Know how to speak to strangers:. When it comes to dating, it is important to know how to make small talk. Often silences can end up being awkward unless they are absolutely necessary.
  • Learn the art of conversation': Be well-read and equipped with knowledge so that you can have something to talk to your potential date. Of course, it is much easier to make sure that one has their own set of interests to talk about it. Otherwise, one can always ask the lady about their hometown and end up finding out more about Ko Samui. Be very clear with consent, and you are good to go!

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Thailand is a melting pot of people of various races and religions. One can not only bump into a Thai woman, but they may also get to meet other strangers from other countries. The reason for this is the booming travel industry in the country. Thailand has a hip and happening nightlife that offers some of the best opportunities to find someone suitable for yourself.

There are nightclubs and bars, which are the topmost locations to find someone to initiate a conversation with. You can visit your date for the night in a restaurant. There are pubs as well where women often go for a drink with a friend or two. The colleges and the universities in Thailand have women who are willing to explore beyond a romantic relationship. Ensure to clear the pretext on which one about to enter the date. The idea for the idea, the meeting place, and the day and time is something both of you can decide upon once there is an understanding between the two of you.

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Even though the beaches in Ko Samui make for great dating venues as well but most of the local girls are used to of the beach life. Thus, it is a great idea to pick out a bar or a nightclub of your choice, which will offer you some alone time as well as a large dating pool if you are stepping in as a single male. When you are in a bar or a nightclub, make sure to approach a woman courteously and initiate a friendly conversation to understand them better. Let us look at the top 10 places one should surely visit if they wish to pick up a girl of their choice.

  • Soi Green Mango Club: - The Green Mango Club is a great club situated in the midst of the lively Cheweng. This is a popular place that means the Green Mango Club gets to see people from all over the country and the world visiting it when they make a trip to Ko Samui. The Green Mango Club brings in some of the best DJs and mixers to make their playlist hot and heavy for the night. If you are looking for a one-night stand, you may find someone who offers their service in the club.
  • Super Sub Club: - Ko Samui has some of the best clubs in the town. The Super Sub Club is one that attracts younger crowds in the space. If you wish to date someone from college or university, then Super Sub Club is where you want to be. The party goes on till the early hours of the morning. Visit the Super Sub Club to enjoy exciting cocktails, techno music, and young life waiting to be explored. The sound system is fantastic.
  • Swing Bar: - The Swing Bar makes for a cute, romantic, and breezy place. The swings in this bar let you swing back and forth as you enjoy a conversation with your Thai date. This bar is located right next to the beach, making the view lovely for people who are into pretty spaces. The location is almost perfect, making the bar accessible – it is located in Lamai Beach. What is exciting about the Swing Bar is that the place is open 24x7.
  • Sound Club: - Cheweng comes with this incredible club that is almost impossible not to notice. The electronic music playing in the bar is something that can be heard from miles away. There are special drinks for you and your date. Besides, the Sound Club has a swimming pool open to using. Thus, flex your bodies in front of your Thai interest. There is a back bar that opens when the sunsets. The Sound Club invites DJs to the place, offering a great opportunity to dance one’s worries away.
  • Ark Bar Beach Club: - Talk about popping out of one’s hotel room and heading into a nightclub. Ark Bar Beach Club offers this exact solution to one and all. The location of this club is almost perfect as it is accessible by all. Besides, it makes it easy for the guest to invite women over to their rooms. Alternatively, you can stay back in Ark Bar Beach Club to tire out your feet dancing with Thai women. This is also situated in Cheweng.
  • On-Street Bar: - If you wish to experience Cheweng to its fullest during nighttime, then the best idea is to visit the On-Street Bar. It is a small space set on the beach made out of recycled tin and wood colored brightly to attract visitors. This is a popular hangout spot for couples and singletons on the island. Apart from dining here with your one, you can purchase gifts for your woman too.
  • Coco Tams: - Located right next to the Wharf Samui, the Coco Tams offer a natural location with bean bags, swings, a projector screen, shisha, and cabanas. The arrangement in the Coco Tams is one where the seats are placed in the open air. If you are an easy-going man or woman who likes to keep the date simple, get your date for the day for a lowkey time next to the vast ocean.
  • Nikki Beach Samui: - The owners of the Nikki Beach Samui are people who are not afraid to shy away from calling the place the sexiest place on the planet. The Nikki Beach Samui is one that is on the western coast of Samui. A large range of people set foot in the club. Expect a pool, barbeque, quirky cocktails, and films for you and your date.
  • Woobar: - Splurge on a date with your Thai woman at the Woobar, which makes exotic dining a dream come true at Ko Samui. There is an outdoor deck with an attached swimming pool in case you wish to take a dip and make things hot. The sunsets from this spot are nothing short of fantastic. However, you have to pay an entrance fee for you and your date if you enter between 11:00 am and 6:30 pm.
  • Central Lamai Beer Bars Plaza: - This is the perfect place for a meet and greets that is casual. Situated right next to a McDonald’s, this place offers over a dozen bar beers. There are dancing poles available which one can use when they wish to spice things up. Take your date and watch the Thai woman of your dreams unwind to music and a couple of beers.

The bars and the nightclubs mentioned above are great places to meet the women of Ko Samui. Alternatively, they are also places where you can take your loved one for a date. The days of dating make the stay at Ko Samui bearable and rather enjoyable if you are not there for travel purposes.

Party at the Green Mango club in Ko Samui

Dating Apps

Dating apps are the way forward in this century as they have revolutionized the idea of approaching strangers. You can set your perimeter far and wide and expect to find a wonderful person who will be equally interested in meeting you. Dating apps are used to not only go out on dates but to hook up with women and also make friends. Most foreigners get in touch with local women via dating apps. The people of Ko Samui are receptive to the modern age dating technology via dating apps. Thus, install one when you are in Ko Samui to get to know people who are ready to know others for some spice in their lives. Some of the top dating apps are mentioned below, Let's have a look into them:

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Hinge
  • Thai Friendly
  • Thaicupid
  • Asiandating

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