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Ko Tao dating guide advises how to date Thai women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Ko Tao, Thailand.

Dating Guide

Hot foreign girls in Ko Tao at the Maya Beach club

Previously a political jail until the last part of the 1940s, Ko Tao is now a largely populated island known for its extraordinary seashores and brilliant plunging. More modest than the other Gulf of Thailand islands toward the south, Koh Tao has a calmer, more 'modest community' feel. Beautiful seashores, water sports, Muay Thai, rock climbing, and more make Koh Tao a superb location.

Dating girls local Thai girls especially from the island of Ko Tao can be a unique and wonderful experience. It is not too difficult to approach these women. Just be confident and start a casual conversation with any girl you find cute. Local girls from Ko Tao are kind and warm towards foreigners so your positive attitude will be reciprocated.

When it comes to the looks of these gorgeous girls, their features are very similar to Thai girls from the mainland, with petite bodies but sizeable assets and a pale complexion, these beauties will definitely tickle the fantasy of every guy. Thai girls are very open minded and liberated yet there is a slight shyness in their attitude so when you want to compliment them especially on their looks and bodies then do not be too direct but be respectful.

How to Date Thai Women

There is a slight misconception regrading the dating culture in Ko Tao and [[Thailand in general. A lot of tourists assume that Thai girls are just 'easy' and you can pick any girl that tickles your fancy. This is not true. You have to respect them, compliment them and make sure they are comfortable around you. Whether you meet a girl through online dating, in nightclubs, bars or parties, the interaction has to be consensual and positive. This can be done by just smiling at the girl first, approaching directly and seeing if she reciprocates positively. If she does not feel like carrying on with the conversation then the best strategy will be just to move on to the next girl.

The best way to impress and woo a Thai girl is by making the effort to learn about their culture and traditions. Picking up a few phrases in the local language and learning how to do the Wai (Thai equivalent of a handshake that is to join your hands together and bow slightly) will be a huge turn on for the local ladies of Ko Tao. Being a beach destination, most of the girls like to flaunt their sexy bodies in tiny bikinis so they also appreciate when tourists have toned and fit bodies. So having a hot body will definitely go in your favour so will having some extra cash to buy them drinks, food etc.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The island is full of hot ladies. In the island of Koh Tao, there is no particular spot to meet young ladies and approach them for a date. Being a highly populated region, you could look anywhere like a shopping center, on the coastline, at a club, or a café, or even a slighty public spot for a beautiful and single Thai girl. In Koh Tao, you could meet the most sizzling woman in the country and start a discussion, soon you both could appreciate a few mixed drinks, get cozy, welcome each other over, go out for dates and even engage in sexual relations all inside the range of a few days. Listed under are without a doubt the most notable spots for you to visit in Koh Tao if you wish to meet single and engaging Thai women:

  • Jon Suwan View Point
  • Sai Nuan Beach
  • Ang Thong Marine Park
  • Yaai Mae And Taa Tao Spirit Rock
  • Fishbowl Beach Bar

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Koh Tao is renowned for its diving community and is home to many expert jumpers and driving instructors. Jumpers and divers sure love to gathering and party, and the Koh Tao nightlife scene makes certain to keep you moving till the dawn. These bars are also some of the best places to pick up cute and beautiful Thai girls to date.

  • Maya Beach club: If you don't want to move, you can laze away on the drifting seats as the servers present to you an arrangement of tasty Sushis and Tapas. Maya is perhaps the best club to get a genuine rush of the Koh Tao nightlife and meet with some of the finest single Thai women.
  • Coco Bar: Not at all like most different bars close by, you can discuss with the individual sitting close to you without shouting like an insane person in this famous Coco bar. They even acknowledge tune demands. Have a good time with some of Koh Tao's best-mixed drinks in the deep, neon feeling at Coco and sharing the lovely evening with some fine ladies.
  • The Beer Masons: This private bar stocks brew from everywhere around the globe. Their on-tap brews range from high liquor content IIPAs to fun fruity flavors that even the most noticeably awful lager hater in your gathering will appreciate. In case you're searching for something fancier, you'll discover specialty lagers so uncommon and impress women with your profound knowledge about beer.
  • Lotus Bar: It is another energetic seashore bar situated in the Ko Pha-ngan District of Koh Tao. Boisterous, profound house music is played as the night progressed. You can decide to hurry up with your companions or spend your time getting to know the beautiful single ladies who come to this beach to get away from their boring, tedious lives.
  • Pirate Bar: It is one of Koh Tao's secret gems. Offering incredible beverages at sensible rates, a stunning climate, magnificent assistance, and extraordinary perspectives, Pirates Bar is awesome if you need to head off to someplace somewhat less standard for the vibe of Koh Tao Nightlife.
  • North Mountain View Bar: A "mountain" is somewhat of an exaggeration; it's to a greater extent a slope; however, the perspectives are tremendous by and by. Comfortable up on a couch - your #1 mixed drink close by - and appreciate the delightful nightfall over the rich green ranger service and dark blue sea waters beneath is like a dream that this bar helps to fulfill.
  • Good Vibe Bar: It is true to its name. You can feel every one of the great energies the second you enter through the front entryway. The mood here is delightful, daisy-fastened lights are hung overhead the outdoors seating territory, and the dividers are enriched with banners of celebrated artists.
  • Queen’s Cabaret: In case you're searching for something other than what you're expected to do during your time in Koh Toh, head to the Queen's Cabaret. They have a whole two-hour-long drag show each night, and it's awesome. There's extraordinary music, incredible lighting, and the entertainers are large and in charge. The most amazing aspect of all is that the section is free, even though you need to purchase a beverage.
  • Fishbowl Beach Bar: Another seashore bar on the rundown of Koh Tao nightlife spots, Fishbowl stands apart for having loads of fun games to challenge your companions as well. There's a large group of engaging exercises, including brew pong, table tennis, even a limbo title each night.
  • The Ocean Lounge at The Aminijirah: It is the ideal spot to invest energy with your better half as you taste on exemplary mixed drinks and watch the nightfall into the great beyond. In case you're feeling altogether too warm, take a dunk in the beautiful limitlessness pool and chill off into the evening. Whenever you're done, appreciate the tasty food at one of their heartfelt candlelit tables.
Party at the Fish bowl club in Ko Tao

Dating Apps

The vibe of Ko Tao and the readily available opportunities for social interactions through parties, bars and clubs has resulted in online dating not gaining too much popularity. The size of the island also has a part to play in this. However, plenty of people still resort to dating apps especially foreign girls so you will have a fair chance of hooking up with a girl you met through a dating app in Ko Tao. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Sugarbook
  • Asiandating
  • Thaicupid
  • Thaifriendly
  • Tinder
  • Thaiflirting

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