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Kraków dating guide advises how to date Polish women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Kraków, Poland.

Dating Guide

The city of Krakow is enough to pull your heartstrings and attract you. Many people may come and go, but Krakow stays in them with no intention to leave. However, the heart of the town is weaved by its women. The features of this city are very grasping and it has a perfect blend of advanced European mindset. The women out here are just perfect and when it comes to dating, these ladies will give you an experience. You might also end up finding the girl of your dreams.

Polish women are every bit feminine, but not as much as the Ukrainian and Russian ones. They are just like a firecracker, every move you make towards them and they are ready to blow off. As a result, the women in Krakow are pretty much subtle and mysteriously edgy.

To impress a polish woman, you don't have to offer them materialistic gifts. A heavy wallet does not attract them. What catches their eye is a man who knows his goals and how to take care of them. Make sure you treat them as a lady deserves to be treated, and they will repay you with the same gesture. Polish women love the idea of exploring themselves and doing something adventurous to have a great time. They won't let you have all the fun by yourself. Although they are warm and friendly, they can also be funny at the same time.

However, polish women like to have partners of the same age. If there's an age difference of +5, then, unfortunately, she’ll lose interest in you. Secondly, they are more likely to get involved with foreigners. So, if you are a foreigner your chances are better.

How to Date Polish Women

If you’re wishing to date and remain in a relationship with a polish woman, you have to be very careful. Polish women always take their relationships very seriously irrespective of their age. Once they have decided to get into a relationship, this choice will reflect in every decision of their life. To date a polish woman successfully, you should possess the qualities of a gentleman.

Nowadays, kissing a lady on the cheeks has become a very common gesture of love and affection in every part of our world, including Poland. Although, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to get intimated. So, when you’re going on a date with a polish woman for the first time, feel free to kiss her lightly on the cheek.

Polish women love flowers and they will appreciate it if you’ll gift them flowers on their birthdays, first dates, and other special occasions. However, there must not be a special celebration before you get her flowers.

Polish women might feel a bit uncomfortable if you’ll handle the bill all the time. However, if she is the one with a traditional upbringing then she will expect you to pay the bills. For them, it is simply a display of good gestures and not selfishness. Polish girls are particularly sensitive about their bodies and lifestyle. Make sure you respect her and treat her like a queen. Well respecting her isn’t just enough, you need to extend that same respect to the people around her, her friends, and her family.

Do not be in a hurry to get intimate with them and be careful of what you say especially on your first date. Give her the time and space she needs to study you properly before taking any serious steps.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Krakow is a city which is full of energy, usually busy and there are single girls everywhere. You just need to be attentive enough to spot them at all the right places. Krakow is known as a westernized city in Poland, yet enriched with culture. So, there are pubs, nightclubs and pick-up spots as well as churches. However, the girls in Krakow can be both wild party animals and religious at the same time.

You will just have to figure out the correct timing to approach the girl in your mind and sight. While the day game is not that great in Krakow, but the nightlife is pretty exciting. It's probably the best hook-up time in the city.

If clubs and parties don’t excite you, then you can go out and search for your girl in some specific places. Here is the list of the top places where you can visit and meet many single girls.

  • Rynek Glowny
  • St.Florian's Gate
  • Auschwitz- Birkenau Memorial and Museum
  • Cloth Hall
  • Kazimierz
  • Wawel Royal Castle

  • Rynek Underground

  • Zakopane, Tatras and Thermal Pools

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Krakow has a huge number of famous bars and clubs where people from different parts of the world come to enjoy and pick up girls. The city is famous for its nightlife, craziness, freedom, the adrenaline that is enough to let you go loose and just have fun. Women in Krakow are very much fond of this idea than men.

Here is the list of the top 10 bars and nightclubs that you should visit and try your luck in picking up a polish woman.

  • The frantic club, 5 Szewska

This is a custom-made bar for a night to have fun, get drunk, and pick up beautiful women in Krakow. If you’re planning to party the whole night, you’ll have to visit this place. The staff here are very friendly, and there is plenty of space to accommodate lots of people. The only disadvantage of this place is that it is quite expensive.

  • Cosmic minigolf pub

If you want music, cheap beer, women, and lots of other drinks, then this place is perfect for you. This place is well-known for the moderate prices of the drinks and friendly staff. It is also popular among the locals and tourists.

  • Harris piano jazz bar

This is the bar you need when you want to set the mood. You’ll find not just any music out here but there are live shows every evening. The locals just love the melody and the soft symphony. It will offer you salads, pizzas, drinks, etc. However, you can also take your girl out for a coffee at this place.

  • Mercy brown

The Mercy brown bar is very popular in Krakow. It has a cozy and warm atmosphere. According to tourists and locals, the atmosphere here is unique and different from every other bar in Krakow. However, you will have to make your bookings before if you come here during the weekends. The drinks and the food here are of top quality.

  • Piekny Pies

If you love dancing then make sure you book your place in this club. Polish women love seeing men and their moves while dancing. This club offers you DJs, evening shows, a great playlist of indie and electronic music.

  • Shakers

The women in Krakow are fond of this bar. They are plenty of polish women visiting this place every day and you may also have your chance. It's very common for the girls out here to dress sexily and gain a lot of attention. However, you must have something extra special to make you stand out. Do play your cards right and when the music is too loud, make your move confidently.

  • Taawa music club

This place is the most modernized club in Krakow. It has adopted every little bit of modernized idea and made it in its own crazy and wild way. If you have enough money then this can be the ideal spot for you. However, it has a separate VIP room with its music system and service as well as a smoking room. This club is filled with women who like the feel of money. Not only these women are classier but also have better taste in men.

  • Bania Luka

This bar is very popular among the youth of the city. Both foreigners and locals are always to be found drinking here and enjoying a good time. This place will offer you the best vodka and drinks. You will also find lots of single women in this bar with whom you can have a chat while enjoying your drink.

  • Coco music club

The interior of this club is well-decorated with brickwork and modernized fittings. There are not only DJ sessions every day but you’ll also find eye-catching single women out there.

Moreover, this place consists of 3 bars, two dance floors and also a VIP area. If you have enough money in your wallet then you should visit this club. You will enjoy the night with your girl because this place will offer you a great experience. Do enter the club when the night is young and wild and leave when the sun will shine brightly over your head. You will not realize how time will pass on so quickly in this club.

  • Bierhalle

This is a perfect place for a romantic getaway with your woman of choice. This place has a restaurant which offers you great drinks and finger-licking food. The atmosphere of this place can set your mood right away. However, this place will create romanticism and suit you the most if your woman is beside you.

Dating Apps


It is a hugely popular dating app in Krakow. So, you’ll find many attractive Polish single women out there. This site is mainly in Polish, but you can use Google translator and filter your matches for women who speak English.

Signing up in this app is free, but you’ll have to get a premium membership to contact freely with the other members. Although you’ll find all types of women who are looking for casual dating to marriage. Sympatia is known as a serious dating site which means the members are here mostly for a serious relationship.


eDarling is a popular dating app all over Europe. While signing up for your profile you’ll have to answer a list of questions that cuts down the number of fake profiles. It also means that the women you’ll find are serious for a relationship.

However, there is one thing about eDarling that it doesn’t allow you to search all the profiles. You can only check out the profile that matches yours. If you’re in your mid 30s+, then eDarling is the perfect option for you.


It is as popular in Poland as it is in other countries of the world.

Most of the Tinder users live in urban areas, so if you are living in a rural location do stick with Sympatia. You’ll probably have more chances there if you’re seeking a long-term relationship or marriage.

However, the necessary functions on Tinder are free swiping through profiles and you can also send messages to your matches. But if you’re a free user then you’ll get only 100 right swipes every 12 hours. You’ll see a lot of single polish women who have already swiped right on your profile. This will save your time as every right swipe among these profiles will be an instant match for you.


If you’re looking for casual dating in Krakow, then you must have a profile in Badoo. You can swipe through a lot of attractive local Polish women. In fact, you may also encounter the Badoo users who are currently nearby and shares common interests. When two users like each other’s profiles, messages can be exchanged.


If you like high-quality matching at a time instead of mindlessly swiping through profiles, then Once is the perfect app for you.

Therefore, this dating app is designed for people who are seeking serious relationships. Instead of swiping through profiles, you’ll receive one match every noon. You have 24 hours to either like or pass on it. When both the profiles of the match like each other, then two of you can send messages to each other.

However, if you will not make a decision quickly, that match will expire and you’ll get a new one. Once is a great dating app, but it may not be as fast as other apps to meet someone special. It may not have as many users as apps like Tinder and Bumble, but it has been successful in developing a serious relationship.

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