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Lahore dating guide advises how to date Pakistani women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Lahore, Pakistan.

Dating Guide

Here in Lahore, you will find several communities which allow their women to dress as they please and have the freedom to behave as they please. These communities usually reside in the high-end areas of the city including the Model Town and Defense Housing Authority. Ladies in these areas of the city have the freedom to live their lives without fear of facing criticism from their community members unlike those communities living in the main areas of the city where the ladies there have to adhere to a set of constrains outlined by their community leaders. At these posh areas in the city, women also have a chance to pursue their education and careers. According to the Pakistani culture, the film industry has always been viewed as a taboo thus majority of the parents here in the Lahore discourage their children from joining either the=e film or media industry. The situation is however different in the communities living in the high-end areas in the city as they allow their daughters women to join these industries as they are more open-minded. These types of women are usually very confident and like to socialize with other people including strangers and even build connections with them. These ladies also have the freedom to choose their life partners, go out on dates, and even freely socialize with men. Keep in mind that Lahore is majorly a Muslim city thus there are certain restrictions that you need to adhere to. Generally, it is usually not easy to mingle with ladies here in Lahore.

Here in Lahore, ladies are discouraged from flirting with men publicly. Some are even discouraged from being seen with men. Such restrictions make Pakistani women to adopt a conservative view towards dating especially a foreigner. These Pakistani women are governed by a set of strict rules such as they are to be accompanied by a family member whenever they leave the house so as to prevent them from being harassed. This also protects them from being stalked by men who want to take advantage of them. This has resulted in many Pakistani ladies staying indoors where it is safe. They are also very devoted to their religion as most of them are Muslim. According to Islam, it is prohibited for a woman to engage in physical intimacy before marriage or even get into illegal relationships. This has in turn made Pakistani women here in Lahore to limit their interaction with men. Many of these women fear being too flirtatious with men as this could land them in trouble. In cases where a lady has been spotted flirting with another man her parents back home are informed immediately by the relative who saw them. Many ladies usually fear this as it makes the family to regard them as having no principles. Engaging in sex with many men will subject her to harsh consequences. This is why many Pakistani women are usually not open-minded as the harsh consequences that often ensue is usually long-term. If you approach a Pakistani woman here in Lahore, you will be perceived as being weird and the woman will blow you off. Although you might meet Pakistani ladies who are open-minded, chances of her going to bed with you is usually minimal.

Pakistani women are from mixed backgrounds determined by the place they were born. A good number of the locals here in Lahore come from different parts of the country. These ladies have between light to medium skin tones, large brown eyes, and black hair. They usually have a good taste of fashion and usually dr4ss up at most of the time. Majority of them are keeping up with the latest trends. They are also tall to a certain height. Majority of these women have been raised adhering to certain constraints thus they tend to be shy and conservative. You will notice that when you make advances to her, she may respond negatively. This is mostly lack of enough time and experience interacting with foreigners and they also fear being judged by their communities. Language barrier also comes into place as majority of the women here in Lahore lack proper education and do not speak English very well. On the other hand, ladies who are open-minded are thought to have been raised abroad and usually know how to socialize with foreigners. These women also usually have a good grasp of the English language and converse easily with others.

Pakistani women here in Lahore usually prefer that you keep the relationship with her a secret. You may decide to take her out for date in a posh restaurant away from her residential place. This is so as to prevent her family members and relatives from seeing her with a foreigner. They usually enjoy romance and usually respond positively to men who are romantic and make them feel special.

How to Date Pakistani Women

Dating in Pakistan is not a piece of cake. This is greatly contributed by how the Pakistani women here in Lahore are brought up, the role the community plays in the lives of these women, and the attitude Pakistani women have concerning dating. Its like there are two factions of women here in Lahore who can generally be categorized as those who are open-minded and those who are reserved. Those who are open-minded come from the posh areas here in the city while the latter occupy the other parts of the city. Listed below are some of the dating tips you need to consider so as to have the upper hand in dating Pakistani women here in Lahore.

Make her feel special. Pakistani women love to be pampered thus if you treat her like a queen, she will respond more positively to you. You should not wait for certain times to pamper her instead make an effort to make her feel special all the time. Especially those Pakistani women who are open-minded, they tend to express a lot of emotions thus, you need too prove to her that your love for her is genuine and she will love you even more.

You need to make her feel safe. Women usually love to express emotions and concerns they have thus, you need to prove to her that she can trust you and make her feel she can express all this to you. Pakistani women love men who are able to protect them both physically and psychologically and if you prove to her that you can do this, she will respond more positively to you.

You need to be there for her. You need to listen more and always pay attention to her when she is talking as this makes her feel that you are genuinely interested in her. You need to pay attention as these women usually love men who listens to them. They like expressing their emotions and worries thus if you are always there for her, listening to er carefully as she opens her heart to you, they she will respond in kind and love you more.

Respect her. Respect is usually paramount in any relationship. Acting like a freak in front of Pakistani women is a big turn off for them. You need to treat her and her family with uttermost respect. You need to avoid staring at her like a creep as this angers them. It is best that you approach her with confidence and always talk to her politely without shouting.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Here in Lahore, the best places to meet single girls are usually at the malls which are usually crowded from two in the afternoon. Many single girls usually come to these malls to hang out presenting a great opportunity for you to approach them. Doing a little scouting won’t hurt as these places are also frequented by women who are married thus you can ask her politely first instead of just beginning to flirt with her because she might be married. Some of the best places to meet single girls here in Lahore are:

Café Zouk

Arcadian Café

Emporium Mall

Packages Mall

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

The night life here in Lahore is characterized by bars, nightclubs, and loud music. The most popular venue where you will find amazing nightclubs here in Lahore is Gulberg. The clubs and bars here offer great entertainment in the form of partying and amazing drinks. The nightlife here in the city is usually moderate since many have to wake up early the next morning thus, they do not spend a lot of time partying at night. Majority of those who party through the night are youths especially girls. Some of the nightclubs and bars found here in Lahore are:

Site For Community Centre. This night club is located along 112 1st NE Street in Lahore. Many locals usually come here to unwind including ladies. You will be able to mingle with them and relax while enjoying a variety of drinks. It is one of the popular nightclubs in Lahore where you can pick up naughty girls. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +92 334 5256238.

Najam Bar & night club. This club is located in Sector B Phase 5 D.H.A in Lahore. You will be able to interact with the girls who come here to party at night. You can offer to buy them a drink then flirt with them and you might get lucky and go to bed with a few naughty girls you met with here the same night.

Shikkray Night Club. This night club is located in the capital, Lahore. The atmosphere created here is usually laid back. Most of the locals come here to get away from the activities of the day. They come to relax, have a few drinks, and even to meet girls. You will be able to pick up some naughty girls here at this club. Note that they always like to sit in groups thus you will need to man up and approach the girl you like.

Club. This disco club is located along Makhan Pura Road in Lahore. It is one of the best venues to party here in Lahore. It is usually frequented by girls who like to have fun and are looking to have a good time. The music played here is usually lively. You can ask a girl for a dance, take some time and buy her a drink while relaxing and flirting and if you are lucky, she might go to bed with you that same night. It is usually open from Thursday to Tuesday between 9 am to 5 pm while it is closed on Wednesdays. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +92 42 37605278.

CDOXS. This night club is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Locals come here to catch up with each other as they unwind the activities of the day, you will be able to flirt and pick up naughty girls who come to this club.

Rizvi Chambers & Studio's. This night club is located along 232 Street 2 in Lahore. Locals come here to party and this presents you with an opportunity to flirt and even pick up girls here. It is usually open for 24 hours thus you have all the time you need. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +92 331 9643478.

VIP Club Lahore. This club is located in Lahore. It is among the best venues for locals even students to come and relieve themselves of the stress of the day. The atmosphere created here is casual with the girls who come here being open-minded. You can offer to buy her a drink and flirt with her while enjoying the drink. If she vibes with you, she wont mind going to bed with you that same night. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +92 303 4088884.

Sahil Kings. This night club is located in Block N Gulberg III, Lahore. It is mostly frequented by locals who enjoy some peace and quiet while they sip amazing drinks. The girls who come here are also laid-back and won’t mind talking to a stranger. If she is charmed by you, she would be willing to go to bed with you afterwards. It is usually open all through the week from 9 am to 5 pm. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +92 321 1464217.

AKB Lounge. This night club is located along Street 5 in Lahore. It is usually a party atmosphere here thus, majority of the locals who come here are party-minded and enjoy loud music with amazing drinks. It is a great venue for picking up girls who do not mind going wild if you let them. It is usually open all though the week where it is open between 6 pm to 12 am from Monday to Saturday while it is open from 6 pm to 3:30 am on Sundays. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +92 311 2585258.

Charlie Snooker Club. This night club is located in Lahore. Locals come here to have a good time and that includes the girls. You will be able to enjoy amazing drinks here and even play bar games such as pool. The girls who come here are usually open-minded and when they vibe with you, they wont mind going to bed with you. It is usually open for 24 hours. You can get in touch with the management here using this number, +92 308 9213004.

Dating Apps

Online dating has been greatly embraced by the ladies who live in the high-end areas of the city. These ladies are usually open-minded thus, it will be fun flirting with them using these apps. You will be able to know more about each other before finally meeting in person. These apps also give you the opportunity to go through women’s profiles thus, saving you the time and effort that you would have wasted on women who are not interested in you. Some of the dating apps used in Lahore are:

Tinder: this app enables you to know the location of the person you are flirting with. It enables you to know the various singles close to you and even goes further to suggest to you potential matches according to your preference. This is the most popular dating app in Lahore.

Loveawake. This app connects you with naughty women here in the city who are interested in casual relationships and even one-night stands. You will be able to flirt with them even explicitly as they do not mind since most of them are here to find partners only for sex.

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