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Lombok dating guide advises how to date Indonesian women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Lombok, Indonesia.

Dating Guide

A group of hot girls at a club in Lombok

Lombok is an island in the West Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. It is part of the chain of the Lesser Sunda Islands, with the Lombok Strait separating it from Bali to the west and the Alas Strait between it and Sumbawa to the east. Its located in the east of Bali. With beautiful beaches, enchanting waterfalls, the large, looming volcano of Mount Rinjani combined with relatively few tourist spots, the island is indeed the paradisiacal tropical island that many people still mistakenly imagine Bali to be now. Lombok has a rich and enduring indigenous culture that has withstood the pressures of modernity remarkably well. The strong remnant culture and history of the Sasak people are one of the many unique attractions of the island. The island's inhabitants are 85% Sasak, other residents include an estimated 10–15% Balinese, with the small remainder being Chinese-Peranakan Indonesians, Javanese, Sumbawa, and Arab Indonesians.

Lombok Island offers many empty and often isolated dream beaches, friendly and interesting people, tasty food, and fantastic nature. With its tropical climate all-round the year, a trip to Lombok Island can be planned at any time of the year. But considering the dry season i.e., between May and September will be an ideal choice as the Islands appear to look even more beautiful for tourist.

How to Date Indonesian Women

The Gili Islands in Lombok are synonyms for nature and party right next to Bali. Although the Gili Islands are very small, it doesn’t mean that there is no nightlife and party. 90% of all nightlife spots on Gili Trawangan (bars, clubs, massages) are located on the East Coast along the Beach Promenade between the Ferry Pier and Pearl Beach Lounge in the south.

It is pretty easy to get in touch with Western or Australian girls on the Gili Islands. The Gilis are one of the top tourist spots and it is always something going on. Almost in every bar, you can find plenty of tourist girls who are open for a little bit of fun.

There are plenty of regular bars along the Beach Promenade on the East Coast. Sama-Sama Reggae Bar is the place to party on “Gili T”, probably because they have daily lived music starting from 5 pm. Also, it the only bar where sometimes single Indonesian girls sitting, drinking, and waiting for something to happen.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Three paradise islands – which seem tiny, compared to Lombok – are located only 20 minutes away by boat: Gili Trawangan, the main island, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. The Gilis are very popular for scuba diving and snorkeling but also for relaxing, swimming, and partying. Backpackers and tourists visit especially Gili Trawangan often. The second highest volcano in Indonesia is one of the highlights of Lombok and a must-visit place for tourists.

Senggigi - Most tourists arrive in Senggigi because many hotels are located over here. It’s also great for going out at night or eating. One of the most popular surf spots for locals and tourists alike is Senggigi Beach.

Pusuk Monkey Forest - Taking a winding road through a breathtaking mountain landscape is the second option to getting to Bangsal. It’s where you find the so-called monkey forest, named after the numerous wild monkeys in the jungle and near the street.

Kuta - Kuta is probably the second tourist hotspot on Lombok. It offers beautiful beaches as well and lots of accommodations and restaurants.

Mawun Beach - Depending on the weekday and the time of the day, this beach with its soft white sand and turquoise water is still mostly deserted. Sometimes the waves are heavier over here. The beach is secluded and located west of Kuta in an almost enclosed bay.

You can even try these delicious delicacies with your loved ones here on this island and you can start with Rembiga Satay, this beef satay has a soft texture with a mix of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors. The name Rembiga comes from Rembiga village on the island. PlecingKangkung, it's made from blanched water spinach, served cold, with a dollop of special chili sauce as a topping. It's also accompanied by other vegetables such as bean sprouts, string beans, and grated coconut. AyamTaliwang, Ayam Taliwang is undoubtedly the iconic Lombok cuisine, traditionally featuring grilled chicken served with sambal (chili paste). Sate Bulayak, sate Bulayak is actually pretty similar to sate Madura (Maduranese chicken or meat skewers, popularly known as 'satay'). The beef satay itself is cooked using a special chili paste recipe from the Sasak tribe.

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Mention places are just perfect for celebrating on your trip and enjoying the nightlife in Lombok. So, tourists can choose one of these places and get ready to groove on the top music numbers.

  • The Plaza Karaoke & Lounge: The hotel has karaoke and a lounge where one can enjoy themselves with their friends or family. The modern sound systems make you tap on the beats of the music and sung the top hits created by Indonesian singers.
  • The Bus Bar: It is famous among the locals for its DJ and basic bar fare. They also serve some snacks with refreshing drinks like pizza.
  • Metzo Club Lombok: Here one can have as many drinks as one wants to have and dance the night away.
  • Jiggy Booze Bar: Bump into strangers only to become good friends later and gulp down some extra shots to loosen up a bit. Most of the youngsters hang out here and thus it is one of the busiest bars on the island.
  • Evolution Bar: Evolution Bar serves some amazing concoctions that will make you lose all your shyness and dance on the floor.
  • Juice & Booze Bar: The bar is set in a dreamy treehouse where you can snuggle on a beanbag or sip onto your cocktails while swinging by the bar. The must-try drink here is ‘Northern Lights’ that has bewitched a lot of drinkers. The music played here is selected consciously for evenings which sets the perfect ambiance for a chilled-out day.
  • Verve Beach Club: This ocean-front club is tilted more on the modern side with contemporary design and the most electrifying Lombok nightclub. Instead of battling crowds for a place to relax, there are several seatings with views of the blue ocean that anyone can savor.
  • Marina Café: Along with living music and dance, this bar offers a wide variety of imported wine and beers and the highlight of this cafe is its flaming cocktails.
  • Tir na nog bar: It is an Irish bar which has been a part of this place since 2000 and can be considered as the best place to find the gorgeous Indonesian girls
  • Ombak bar: If you are willing to spend some quality time near the seashore then this place can be the best option for you and of course, there is a dance floor as well.
Party at the Jiggy club in Lombok

Dating Apps

Online dating is one of the best options to find girls on the Lombok. Especially Tinder works well to get in touch with tourist girls as well as local Indonesian women.

  • Tinder

Tinder works well on Lombok island. The location-based dating app shows you a lot of local women to swipe through. There are tourist girls as well as local Indonesian women. Tinder works well to find a partner for some fun or somebody to go out together. To find a serious relationship with Tinder could be a little bit difficult.

  • IndonesianCupid

IndonesianCupid is the largest dating website for Indonesia and works really well on Bali, Lombok, and of course Gili. People can find mostly local Indonesian girls on IndonesianCupid, almost all of them are open to date foreigners. IndonesianCupid doesn’t work only in Indonesia but also all over the world and is one of the best options to find Indonesian girls. Especially if someone is seeking a serious relationship, IndonesianCupid is the right thing for you

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