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Lusaka dating guide advises how to date Zambian women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Lusaka, Zambia.

Dating Guide

Hot girls of Lusaka at the Chicago's club

The dating guide of Lusaka advises one on how to date women from Zambia. It also provides the list of the best places in Lusaka to meet single girls.

Lusaka city, the capital of Zambia and is the largest city of Zambia. Lusaka is situated in the south-central part of Zambia. It has become a boomtown of the late. There are many new towns that are going up everywhere, and many shopping malls and chain stores are coming up all over the suburbs.

Lusaka is considered the glittering capital that convinces the rural people to come down to the city. Most people at Lusaka try to make an honest living in the city by selling their services or wares, and they are always with a friendly smile. Lusaka city is attractive as well as lovely. It is definitely the place where you will be able to meet most of the beautiful women of Africa.

It is very much necessary to understand the preceding how and why the Zambian girls are dedicated as well as hardworking to make the lot even better. One of the other things that you will surely notice in the women of Lusaka is that they are always in a hurry. They are very much competitive and do not restrict themselves to any profession or business just because males dominate them. The girls in Lusaka are known to be excelling in sports, academics, businesses, and white-collar jobs.

It is not difficult to communicate with Zambian women. Apart from the official language, English, most of the women of Lusaka are educated; they are not shy in communicating with tourists and foreigners. They are also well-known for having attractive and generous physical features. The dark skin of the Zambian women tends to shine, and the beauty of their bodies is complemented by the beautiful smiles, luscious lips, and sexy gaits. With just one encounter with a Zambian woman, you would know how alluring these women are.

How to Date Zambian Women

There are few things that need to be considered when one chooses to date a Zambian girl. The Zambian girls have a skewed conception of western life. They are also critical of what the other person is wearing. One must take the time to educate her that whatever she sees in movies is just simply acting.

While you are having a conversation with a Zambian girl, make sure to assure her that there are also ordinary people in Europe and America, and they too wake up every morning and go for their work. The people in Europe and America also work hard to make ends meet, similar to the people in Zambia.

Do not forget to get a car. Whether you borrow, rent or steal one (not literally), make sure to get a car while you will date a girl from Lusaka or a Zambian girl. It is known to be a shortcut to her heart. In case you have a Mercedes or a Range Rover, you will be lucky enough even to date the daughter of the President. Make sure to carry the keys of the car in your hand instead of keeping them in the pocket.

When you finally find one, do not gift the girl with flowers, jewelry, or gifts. All they want is money as a gift. Zambian girls are not fond of public affection. But if you decide to give her money, you will get the liberty to kiss her in public. Dollars are known to work as the key to unlock the expression of love in public.

There are also Zambian girls who are educated, and they really don't have time for dating. They are busy with their career plans. In case you are dating one, give her a baby. That is all they want as they are not interested in marriage. Most of the Zambian girls are also fond of alcohol, and they consume a lot of it. Hence, don't be surprised if you take a Zambian girl out for dinner or any social engagement.

When one is marrying a Zambian girl, keep in mind that you cannot just go straight to the wedding ceremony. At first, she wants an Engagement party, followed by the kitchen party and finally the wedding ceremony. The engagement ring is not that crucial for her. All she wants is a lot of money to organize a kitchen party.

Most of the Zambian girls are not aware of how to cook. They grow up with maids at their house. The maids are responsible for doing all the cooking. Therefore, if you are Greek or Italian and used to big meals that your mother used to cook on her own, it's time for you to forget everything and get used to dining in restaurants.

Zambian women wiggle their waists during the time of sex. In case you are comfortable, you can tell her. They can even lift their waist. She may even do that to impress you, but you can tell her even if you do not enjoy it. While dating a Zambian woman, another most important point is always to please her friends and other people in her life.

You will even notice her brother becoming close to you even if he does not have a job. This is how it works in Lusaka. You are not just dating your girlfriend but the entire village. Everyone who is coming close to you gives them money as they are expecting it from you. Or else the relationship is not going to last for a long time.

If you prefer dating older women, go for dating widows. They are down-to-earth and calm. Make sure not to date divorced women. Most of them are angry and bitter. They join NGOs to express their anger for men as they hate men.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The Zambian women are very easy to approach. They know very well how to make men feel at ease. They are also pretty open to what they want. It will be nothing short of having a beautiful companionship from the Zambian women if you show them that you have the willingness and the capacity to pay off their bills.

The daytime strategy to pick up Zambian girls is pretty straightforward and simple. You need to visit the places where you will know that there are lots of beautiful Zambian girls. The best bets would be to check out shopping malls, event centers, and restaurants. You can also meet a few of them who are running their trade. They will show a lot of respect towards you and will give you attention.

In Lusaka city, the chances of picking up girls are pretty good. They are friendly as well as outgoing, on the lookout for men who have the will to cater to their wants. Here is the list of the best places where you will be able to meet Zambian girls:

  • Lusaka National Museum (museum)
  • Lusaka City Market (market)
  • Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre (gallery)
  • Freedom Statue (statue)
  • Bombay Lounge (fine dining venue)
  • Sunday Crafts Market (crafts venue)
  • Lilayi Elephant Nursery (wildlife reserve)
  • Namwandwe Art Gallery (gallery)
  • Presidential Burial Site National Monument (mausoleum)
  • Lusaka National Park (national park)
  • Cathedral of the Holy Cross (cathedral)
  • Victoria Falls (waterfalls)
  • Mint Lounge (pleasant lounge)
  • Parlays Game Ranch (wildlife park)

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Lusaka is the capital of Zambia and is the only sprawling metropolis with the construction of many multi-use buildings such as many event centers and shopping malls. Many of these places also host the best bars in Lusaka, where you will get the opportunity to have some nice cocktails and good conversation. Here is the list of the top 10 nightclubs of Lusaka to pick up girls:

  • Alpha bar: Alpha bar is an absolute legend in the city of Lusaka, and it also draws a huge range of individuals who gather at this place to dance the night away and drink some amazing cocktails. It is the only bar in the city where visitors can find music playing every night of the week. The ones who are not fond of dancing can also play pool. The prices of drinks and foods at the Alpha bar are reasonable, but visiting the bar must take some basic precautions. Always travel in groups where it is possible and try to avoid wandering in the surroundings when it's late at night.
  • Latitude 15: This hotel is located in the suburbs with tree-filled at Kabulonga. Latitude 15 is known to be the best place to have a chat with friends in the lobby over drinks. It also has a gallery that is filled with beautiful pieces of work all around. For a more relaxed feeling, you can also sit at the poolside.
  • Chicago’s reloaded: This nightclub is located in Lusaka's East Park Mall and is considered one of the most known places to enjoy cocktails while listening to the top 40 international songs playlist. The decor of the Chicago's reloaded also features the pictures of the icons of America and a vintage car. To get a confirmed seat, make a prior booking as this place is always packed.
  • Kegg and Lion: This bar is located at Lusaka’s East Park Mall and has got outdoor as well as indoor seating. This bar is popular for the large kegs of draft beer at a very affordable price.
  • O’ Hagans: This is an Irish-style sports bar in Lusaka, located at the Woodlands Shopping mall. It has also got both outdoor and indoor seating areas for groups. One can enjoy cocktails along with living music here. For a more intimate evening, there is the availability of private rooms as well that can be booked. Wednesday is also ladies night at O' Hagans, which calls for discounts on a few cocktails.
  • Social: It is a trendy and new dinner-style restaurant and lounge that is located on Lagos Road. You can enjoy one of #Social’s signature cocktails with a name like “Bae” here. The quirky decor of the place is perfect for instagrammable moments.
  • The Hussar Grill Zambia: This place is located at the East Park Mall and has an outstanding wine selection. It has both a private section as well as an upscale vibe. Diners also get the privilege to bring their wine.
  • Cloud 9: For a rooftop view and a great apple martini, you can head straight to the Cloud 9 Bar, which is located at the Protea by Marriott Lusaka tower. The dress code of this bar is business casual. Visitors pair the cocktails along with the outstanding food offered by the steakhouse restaurant of the hotel.
  • The Social: For ice-cold draughts, Moscow mules, and a fantastic evening DJ session of the 80s and the 90s, one can straightaway head to the Social kitchen located in Makeni. Visitors can also find sheesha of various flavors at this bar and screen soccer matches from the Italian Premier League and English Premier League.
  • Urban Yard: Urban Yard is located at the Lusiwasi road and is a fantastic place to have steaks. The food and the wine served are well-known in Lusaka. Both the wine and the food served at this bar are affordable and preferred by many tourists.
Party at the Chicago's reloaded club in Lusaka

Dating Apps

One of the cool things is meeting girls near you in a much easier way when online dating apps are considered. Online dating applications are considered to be the efficient and fast use of the time. There are many dating apps in Lusaka which Zambian women use. To get in touch with the hottest girls in the city, dating apps can turn to be a great help. The more you contact girls, the more reply you will get.

And the more the reply, the chances of going for a date will also increase. Technology has changed the dating game a lot, and it has also changed the dating manner immensely. The Zambian girls have also updated themselves and take the help of online applications for the purpose of dating. Some of the well-known online dating apps in Lusaka are:

  • Afro introductions
  • Tinder

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