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Madeira dating guide advises how to date Portuguese women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Madeira, Portugal.

Dating Guide

Madeira is a group of islands which is located between the countries Portugal and Morocco. This city is popular for friendly residents. It is a beautiful place that attracts thousands of tourists to enjoy the friendliness and excitement. Madeira Island is situated about 350 miles away from Morocco. You can visit here during the months between April to November for pleasant weather and exciting places. The population of this island is over 2.4 million. One of them is the Madeira Flower Festival where tourists and local people participate together and enjoy. So you have a huge chance of meeting new single girls for dating, hang-outs, and some fun. You will find that most local girls in Madeira are Portuguese. But, you can also find European women here. The women in Madeira are cool and friendly if you are looking for having a one-night stand or casual relationship.

Madeira is a hidden gem that has been unrecognized for several past several years. This city has unique customs and traditions for dating and marriage. The tourists are attracted by the scenic beauty and architecture of the city. You must know some customs or norms of the local dating culture wherever you go. The Portuguese women have similar beauty features to a Mediterranean woman. They have a gorgeous and sexy figure, awesome skin and hair colors, and an amazing sense for dressing up. The city has unique festivals and culture which also attracts thousands of tourists across the year.

Women from across the world also visit Madeira for exploring the place and relaxation. They also don't mind becoming friends with new people. Most girls who visit as a tourist in Madeira belong to European Union. So, now you will have the chance to meet up and explore the city with different women. However, Portuguese women are polite and easygoing if you want to have a friendship with them. Or if you don't want any special or long-term relationship then you don't need to be sad. Because there are a lot of Madeira women who also want to have a fun time with new people. You will find plenty of single women from different age groups.

If you can impress the women here, they can offer you to explore the city along with you. They have nice, friendly behavior and open-minded as well, but don't think that all women are looking for hookups. However, if you are not looking for a strong and long-term relationship, you can find many single girls for that too. But, they are very careful and particular about this. So, if you want to date Portuguese women in Madeira, then you can read the information provided below.

How to Date Portuguese Women

Madeira is a beautiful city and most women over there are Portuguese. However, dating Portuguese women will not be difficult if you are confident enough. They are funny, broad-minded with beautiful eyes and gorgeous figures. This city is situated around the Middle-east region, but unlike them, the people here are not orthodox. If are planning to visit Madeira, then you should keep these below-mentioned tips in mind to impress Portuguese women.

They are very open-minded- Portuguese women are brought up in a very open-minded way. They are outspoken, bold and do not feel shy about revealing their feelings. Besides being extremely gorgeous, they are passionate and friendly in nature. They can easily make new friends and meet new people.

Portuguese woman and bold and strong- This is a distinctive feature of Portuguese women. They are bold in expressing their feelings. They don’t hesitate to interrupt you if they don't like certain behavior of yours. They like to take their own decision whether to want to be friends with you or other life decisions.

Give Respect Earn Respect- As you have understood, if you want respect, then first give respect irrespective of gender. Women all around look this specific quality in men. So, don’t try to belittle Portuguese women on pity things. You just need to be kind and generous towards them and you will find that they are instantly attracted towards you.

Happy-go-lucky girls- Portuguese women are happy and cheerful and they are ready to do something exciting to have fun. They visit various clubs, parties, festivals where they meet new people. They are cheerful and you will feel positive vibes around them. Portuguese women like to meet men who are serious about their life decisions and be cheerful too.

Respect their culture and traditions- The Portuguese women are fun-loving but they always love and respect their culture too. They expect that their partners should also follow and know the details about their customs. So if you are trying to impress a Portuguese woman, make sure that you know some basic traditions and festivities.

Be adventurous- Portuguese woman like men who love to do something adventurous in life. They like men who are trying to explore different things with them. You can go hiking, explore the city, learn new skills, etc. If she finds out this quality in you she will come forward to explore the city with you.

Learn Portuguese- Yes, impressing and dating a Portuguese woman will become easier for you if you learn the language. They can also help you in learning Portuguese and this a great way to develop interest and spend some time with each other.

Don’t be over-possessive- This is the one quality that Portuguese women do not like. Remember they have their own life and choices. If they feel that you are getting over-possessive and interfering with their life decisions they will instantly reject you.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Madeira Island is considered among the best islands in the world. It has several beautiful and romantic places where you can meet women. Be it a cathedral, shopping mall, garden, parks, beaches, etc. The city is filled with a lot of green trees and parks. Other than that, the city has lots of clubs, casinos, bars, cafes, and restaurants. In these places, you will found abundant young girls and women from different age groups.

You will get several chances to meet Portuguese women and befriend them. However, women in Madeira do not mind getting approached by foreigners. Tourists from across the world arrive to explore these beautiful scenic places. Just remember that you need to be humble and generous to the women you meet.

The city is safe during nights and you will often see that women are comfortably roaming around in the streets. After the evening, the view of the city becomes more romantic, especially near the beaches. The parks are lit up with soothing lights and people arrive there for evening walks or spending some time near nature. You will spot young girls enjoying their free time near the beaches with their friends during the evening. Portuguese women are very cheerful and open-minded. They will not hesitate to help you if you get in any trouble.

The cafes and restaurants are also a great place to meet up young girls for one-night stands. If women are not impressed by you they will instantly let you know. So it is recommended not to nag behind the women you want to impress. It is guaranteed that once you visit this city, you will remember these moments for your lifetime. We have curated the list to help you where to find young girls and women in Madeira. These places are:

  • Forum Madeira
  • Café Promenade Maltez
  • Valley of the nuns
  • Praia Formosa
  • La Vie
  • Praia da Calheta
  • Forum Madeira

It is a shopping mall located in Madeira. This is a beautiful open mall, and home to shops of lots of famous brands. This mall also occupies restaurants and 6 cinema multiplex. Single girls and women regularly arrive here for shopping and restaurants with their family and friends. You can also find them roaming in the mall in their free time. It is a great place to meet young and beautiful women in Madeira.

  • Café Promenade Maltez

It is a famous European restaurant and bar in Madeira. The locals here are fond of its coffee and cake. The budget-friendly menu attracts all kinds of people. You can find many single girls and you can also approach them over here.

  • Valley of the nuns

It is a small village located near an extinct volcano. This is a great place for exploring the city and finding girls who arrive as tourists from across the world.

  • Praia Formosa

It is the largest and exotic beach in Madeira. The beautiful rocks nearby make it a great attraction for tourists. Young girls arrive here during the evening to spend their leisure time.

  • Pastelaria e Padaria Momentus

It is a beautiful café located in Funchal. The variety of deserts and exotic coffee makes it a great attraction for young girls. Ladies and young girls regularly visit here which will be beneficial for you to impress them.

  • La Vie

La Vie is a huge shopping center in Madeira. It attracts thousands of visitors daily. Local girls and women come here for shopping for its affordable pricing. You can visit here and can ask a single girl to help you with shopping. In this way can make some friends with them.

  • Praia De Calheta

It is also a beach in Madeira. You will find that locals and tourists are roaming around the beach even at night. This beautiful beach attracts a lot of girls who arrive for some party and meet new people.

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

The nightlife of Madeira is so also popular among the tourists. Various parties and festivals are regularly organized in Madeira throughout the year. There is an ample number of clubs and nightclubs as well where you can meet single Portuguese girls. You will notice there are more clubs when you start moving towards the coastal areas. It has funky and exotic restaurants, bars, pubs, and disco clubs and they don’t shy from going to the dance floor.

It feels like the city never falls asleep because the clubs are often filled with massive crowds. Here, you will find those young single girls who are basically students also arrive in these clubs. However, if you are trying to find middle-aged women, you will not be disappointed too. The middle-aged women here too want to date and or one night stands with younger boys.

Visiting a nightclub in Madeira is the best way to pick up girls for hook-ups or one-night stands. Here is the list of some of the best nightclubs in Madeira.

  • Vespas
  • Babel disco
  • 23 Vintage Bar
  • Casablanca Escort nightclub
  • Dubai
  • Marginal
  • Maresia Beach Club
  • Maktub Pub
  • Pukiki Tikki Bar
  • Challenger Bar

Dating Apps

Portuguese women are most serious when it comes to relationships. But, it doesn’t mean that you will not fund anyone for hook-ups or casual dating. Nowadays, meeting new people and approaching women have become a lot easier. It is possible due to the evolution of dating apps. If you want to begin your conversation with single girls before an official date, then dating apps are helpful. You can just make your profile in these dating apps and select the women according to your preferences. You can read their bio which gives an insight into their looks and thoughts. Then you can decide if you really want to go on an official date with them or not. Here are some dating apps which you can download on your smartphone and start dating and find a perfect match.

  • Bumble
  • Tinder
  • Hinge
  • Happn
  • Badoo
  • Plenty of Fish (POF)
  • OKCupid
  • Coffee Meets Bagel

Wherever you are trying to meet or date single girls, it important to know that be respectful about their dating culture. These tips and information will help you to find a perfect match for you for any type of relationship.

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