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Medellín dating guide advises how to date Colombian women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Medellín, Colombia.

Dating Guide

The dating culture of Medellin is very common and you can date a woman very easily. Being a foreigner, you have the advantage of getting dates. The people around here are very open-minded about dating and getting into a relationship.

Unlike some other countries and cities, it is not a big deal around here to show affection in public such as kissing and hugging. You can date whoever you want without any problem from the society and community. However, most of the women whom you will date, will not look forward to spending their whole life with you.

They indulge in a relationship just to spend a little bit of time and have fun. Although, there are some important things that you should keep in mind while dating girls in this city. You will have to pay all the expenses of her transportation, food, and shopping on your first date.

Also, they love to have excitement on their dates like dinner, dancing, shopping. Make sure that you are interesting and a fun person.

There are no restrictions in public places if you want to approach any girl or show your affection. So, if you like to go on a date with a girl in this city, you can approach her whenever you want to.

How to Date Colombian Women

Here are certain tips that will help you to date a Colombian woman:

  • Make sure you learn how to dance – If you want to date a Colombian woman, make sure you know how to dance. Colombian women love to dance salsa, vallenato, and reggaeton. Even if you don’t know how to dance, do give it a try. She will love it when you will put in the effort.
  • Try to know more about her choices – Make sure you put it in the effort to know more about her and her choices. If she loves wine, take her for wine tasting; if she loves chocolate, bring her chocolates. Some of the Colombian women love going outdoor on a date. Make sure you choose a beautiful outdoor place where you can take her on the first date.
  • Say nice things to her – Colombian women appreciate it when you say nice comments about her. Make her feel special and appreciate her beauty and she will love your effort. However, you have to make sure that you don’t overdo it and never rush yourself.
  • Take care about your hygiene – Make sure you take a shower, shave properly and dress well when you’re meeting a Colombian woman for the first time. The Colombian girls are very particular about hygiene and dressing sense. They want their men to be clean and well-groomed.
  • Make her laugh – Colombian women love men who have a good sense of humor. If you’re going on a date with a Colombian girl, do make her laugh by cracking funny jokes. A smile and a good dose of humor will create a good impression.
  • Don’t be late – Make sure you don’t appear late when you’re meeting a Colombian woman for the first time. However, punctuality is not the quality of the Colombians, especially for the woman. They make appear late but you should wait for her.
  • Pay the bill – They usually offer to pay the bill, but don’t take them seriously. She will expect you to refuse her offer and pay the bill. Moreover, this a way to show your interest in her that you enjoyed her company.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

There are many places in this city where you can visit to find single girls easily. Although, single girls are scattered everywhere in this city. You may have a greater chance of getting multiple dates in some specific places. However, getting multiple dates is very important in this city as the girls around here may cancel the date at the last minute.

Also, having more than one date will help you to find the girl quickly and will save your time. You may have 3 dates in one day in this city. This will speed up the process of finding your true life partner. However, here are some famous malls in this city where you can easily find single girls:

  • Oviedo
  • Santa Fe
  • El Tesoro

As the girls like to dress up and look beautiful all the time, you can find them in these famous shopping malls. The fashion section and the branded stores in the malls are mostly filled with single girls. Also, the nightlife and famous attractions in the city are very popular for having a date.

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

As the people around here are very open-minded and approaching. You will find most of the Colombian girls enjoying their nightlife in the bar and clubs of this city. Here are some famous night-clubs and bars of this city:

  • Trilogia Live Bar – Although, this is an expensive bar, you will fall in love with Trilogia. Colombian girls love to have fun and here you will many girls who are seeking someone to spend their time with. However, you will also hear beautiful rock music from the 80s and 90s being played by the live band.
  • Salon Manga – This is a place where you should visit if you’re seeking single girls. The walls of this place are full of old photographs of great men and women. You can go out on a date with your partner in Salon Manga. This place is very refreshing and soothing and is worth visiting.
  • Ziruma Tiki Bar – This is a rooftop bar that will offer you an amazing atmosphere and you will find a lot of single women. Mostly, college students, young men, and women visit this bar.
  • Dancefree – This place is located near the Poblado metro station. You will enjoy a lovely evening in this nightclub along with some beer. You can also hit the dance floor with your dance moves and also meet other women. However, both the locals and foreigners visit this place and the prices are comparatively cheap.
  • Dulce Jesus Mio – This is one of the finest places to visit in Medellin. The place is very unique and the interior is decorated with theme lights. They not only have a great sound system but also hosts night-long comedy shows.
  • Rock Cafe Dali – You will spend the best time of your life if you visit this place in Medellin. This dive bar will offer you rock music, cocktail shots, pizzas, and beautiful people. However, make sure to visit this place for meeting girls as well as enjoying quality time with them. Therefore, it is cheap as well as classy.
  • Sixttina – It is one of the popular nightclubs with the best technology in Latin America. You will have an awesome experience combined with the DJs, VJ’s, and the lighting and special effects.
  • Club Babylon – If you want to meet women, make sure to check out the club Babylon on Thursday night. On Thursdays, most of the women are present here enjoying their night-life. However, make sure you have a plan before you approach the women.
  • San Carbon – This is a beautiful bar that offers professional and dutiful service. You can take your partner out on a date in this place. The services here are quite prompt and you’ll also hear good music. As a result, the ambiance is very welcoming as well as romantic.
  • Three Cordilleras Brewery – This place is famous for its traditionally marketed beer. You can taste pink beer around here, which tastes sweet. This brewery gave it a girly flavor. However, it attracts women.

Dating Apps

Two most popular dating apps are used in Medellin:

  • Badoo – This dating app was launched in the year 2006. Badoo is a very popular dating app in Colombia. Most single guys and girls use this app to find the right partner for casual dating as well as a serious relationship. However, you need to send out a lot of messages as their filtering system for fake profiles is not the strongest.
  • OkCupid – Ok Cupid is a free dating site that uses complex algorithms and a question-matching system for finding your best possible matches. It has a huge user base which is over 50 million and there are no fees for signing up.

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