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Minsk dating guide advises how to date Belarusian women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Minsk, Belarus.

Dating Guide

Girls are incredibly gorgeous in Minsk. They are striking women who are tall, have a flawless appearance, have blue eyes, and long hair. They are usually family-oriented and value their relationships. They usually prioritize housework and raising the children while their husbands are the ones who are to be the providers. They usually believe that as a woman here you need to be married by the age of 30 years. They are also known to be aberrant. They believe that it is bad luck to give a lady a bouquet with an even number of flowers. Also, women who are unmarried do not sit at the table corner as they believe they may cannot get married if they do. They believe that this brings bad omens to their marriage life. These girls are usually confident and positive. They also take their time to dress well downing themselves in women's wear. Here in Minsk, it is rare for you to find shy girls as most of the ladies can openly show you love and affection easily. They always use make up and do not feel comfortable if they havent applied it but they never overdo it.

It's not hard to date in Minsk. It isnt that much of a hassle as the single ladies here are not so conservative. You just have to man up and prove to her that you have control over what you are doing. You will be lucky if you want a relationship not just physically but emotionally as most of these women are in for it.

How to Date Belarusian Women

Belarusian women are usually interested in foreign men and are not shy to talk about it so it will be easier for you to attract the attention of Belarusian women here in Minsk if you are a foreigner. Belarusian women usually trust their best friends so much thus you will have the upper hand of making her fall for you if you can make a good impression of yourself to her best friend. You will need to prove to her that you are able to take care of her best friend so that she can convince her to get into a relationship with you. Listed below are some of the tips that you need to adhere to in order to successfully date a Belarusian woman here in Minsk:

You need to maintain direct eye contact with her when talking. These women usually build the impression that you are genuinely interested in her when you keep direct eye contact. It also tells her that you are interested in what she has to say thus making her to respond the same way.

You can also smile when you are with her. This proves to her that you enjoy her company and that you are also an approachable person. They are usually known to be blown away by genuine smiling and usually respond positively to men who enjoy smiling when they are with them. Couple that with direct eye contact, she will definitely respond positively to your advances.

Respect is usually paramount to every relationship. Showing respect both to her and everybody else proves to her that you are a man of morals. It will also make her respond more positively to you.

You also need to hold interesting conversations with her. Belarusian women are usually intrigued by men who are creative when talking as this makes them more interested to what you have to say. Catching her attention will make her open to you and making your dating experience worthwhile.

You also need to prove to be healthy and also to be financially stable. Belarusian women are usually known to be housewives thus they require men who are able to provide for them and also handle big responsibilities in the family. These women usually like to take care of the children and also do the house chores while the man is supposed to go to work to earn money that will be used by the family. You will also have an added advantage when you are romantic to her.

You also need to be sincere. Belarusian women usually like sincerity and to find it in a man who continuously proves it to her is usually one of their dreams. You need to be sincere of your love to her and she will respond positively to you.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

As a majority of them speak Russian, if you can only speak English, it is going to be a bit difficult for you. One of the most popular places that you can meet with single Belarusian girls here in Minsk is at the Victory Square as it is one of the most popular places that these women hang out. You will see gorgeous girls everywhere. The mall or shopping centers are other locations where you can meet single girls here in Minsk. Some of the popular places to meet single girls here in Minsk are:


Galileo Mall

Stolitsa Underground Mall

Central General Store

Galleria Minsk

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

The nightlife here in Minsk is usually characterized by bars and nightclubs where you will be able to find beautiful girls. They are usually diverse thus they usually fit everyone as you can choose the one you are comfortable in. they range from the ones where you can party hard and dance your heart out while there are also those ones where you can just relax and enjoy soothing music while mingling with beautiful girls here in Minsk. Some of the bars and nightclubs found here in Minsk include:

Loft. It comprises of both a restaurant and a nightclub. You will be able to dance heartily at the nightclub here where partying is usually throughout the night. The cocktails served here are usually amazing and are served by charming bartenders. There are many parties and concerts that are usually held here making it a popular place for youths to come to have a good time. You will be able to mingle with the girls who come here to party. There are also some who are interested in having casual relationships and even one-night stands thus it is also a nice place to pick up girls.

Re:Public. It is believed to be the best concert club here in Minsk. Multiple live performances are usually held here with both local and international bands performing. There are usually many parties that are held here thus many girls usually come here to experience the amazing vibe that is found here. It is also a popular venue for holding festivals and movie nights here in Minsk. Majority of the people who come here are usually students thus making it a popular spot for meeting and picking up girls.

Rich Cat Club. It is one of the most famous clubs here in Minsk. Many events are usually held here including barmen shows and hookahs. The drinks offered here are usually amazing. The music played here is usually pop and RnB creating that relaxing vibe here. You need to note that this club has a dress code where all men are required to wear a suit. There is also an entry fee of $10 for men while girls enter for free. You will be able to find gorgeous girls here with whom you will have a good time with.

Cherdak Bar. This bar is usually open all through the night and you will get to party and enjoy amazing cocktails here. They are usually served in jars and pannikins. It is best suited for those who enjoy soothing music while relaxing here. It is filled with amazing lighting features, comfortable sofas, and soothing music creating that soulful vibe here. You will also be able to meet wonderful girls here with some of them being interested in having casual relationships.

Svobody 4. Although the wine selection available here is usually small, the quality of the available wines compensates for this. The interior décor of this place is amazing and you will also be able to enjoy amazing music here. The romantic vibe here attracts many girls who usually come here to relax and enjoy the amazing atmosphere here. You will be able to meet with beautiful girls here. The staff here is charming as they offer quality services to customers. The prices offered here are relative to the services that you receive.

Bogema Live Club. Here, you will be able to find local girls who usually are not shy of showing romance to you. You need to dress up decently, apply some nice cologne and come and have a good time with the girls that usually come here. Many themed parties are usually held here and even karaoke parties. You can never be bored here as there are many events here for everyone to enjoy.

TNT Rock Club. Here, you will be entertained by rock bands who usually play covers and even their original songs here. You are guaranteed of having a good time here with the girls who come here to enjoy the music and amazing cocktails that are offered here. There is also a terrace where you can go and relax with the girls you have picked and enjoy the night together.

Huligan Bar. Parties usually rock this bar on Fridays and Saturdays as the music that is played here on these days is usually lively. On the other days, you will be able to enjoy movie nights and also live performances by local bands. Majority of the girls who come here are usually open minded and are not shy to engage in casual relationships or even in one-night stands with men here. The cocktails offered here are usually amazing with the concoctions available here being many. The prices offered here are usually very cheap thus attracting many local girls.

Next Club. It is one of the most popular bars here in Minsk. Here, you will be able to enjoy the lively music that is played while drinking the amazing cocktails that are offered here. Many local girls usually come here to party and have a good time. You can buy a girl a drink here, dance together, and later go to bed with here at the nearby hotel which is the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Most of the girls who come here are usually open to casual relationships and even one-night stands.

Graffiti. The music that is played here is usually lively and creates that party atmosphere that is usually experienced here every night. The DJs here play music across all genres including rock, funk, jazz, and even rock 'n' roll. There are usually live performances held here by local bands who entertain the crowds. You will be able to enjoy amazing beers here offered at very affordable prices. It is usually flocked by the youth especially girls who have come here to enjoy themselves. They are usually not shy thus you can approach them and ask them for a dance. You can even get to know here and find out if she would be interested in having a casual relationship with you, a one-night stand, or even a long-term relationship with you. The entry fee to this club is usually BYR 70 on nights when there would be live performances. Fridays and Saturdays are usually the best days for partying as events and parties are mostly held on these days.

Dating Apps

Online dating has become more popular here in Minsk over the years. Many Belarusian ladies usually register in these apps to search for a partner, flirt, or even look for someone to have casual relationships with. Some of the dating apps found here in Minsk are:

Badoo. You will be able to flirt with gorgeous girls from Minsk using this dating app. You will first need to enroll then you can look at the various profiles available then you can initiate a conversation with the ones you like using this app.

Fdating. This app is usually best for those seeking to have long-term relationships with Belarusian women here in Minsk or just engage in a one-night stand with them.

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