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Mombasa dating guide advises how to date Kenyan women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Mombasa, Kenya.

Dating Guide

A group of hot girls at the La Follia Club in Mombasa

Kenyan Women here in Mombasa are very beautiful and open-minded. Majority of them are liberal and open to new experiences and adventures which can also mean dating a foreign guy. Since Mombasa is a tourist city, you will be able to find both local and foreign women here. There are many interracial couples as well so you will find women with different skin tones. They are usually fascinated foreigners as they are seen as having a lot of money. Most of the Kenyan women here in Mombasa are party girls thus, if you have a lot of money, you will be able to have a fun and wild time with them. Most of the ladies here are petite and have an athletic figure.

They know how to show love hence the city is famously known among the locals as "Mombasa Raha" which translates to mean that Mombasa is a place of romance and fun. The ladies here openly express romance to you and usually love to receive it back in equal measure. They love receiving gifts and also being taken to fancy places. Most of these ladies are usually young and would like to live their lives to the fullest and therefore, they love exploring. You will also find ladies who are up for casual relationships and instant hookups. You will be able to meet with most of these ladies along the streets and beaches in the city. As a foreigner, especially of Caucasian decent, you will most likely catch the attention of ladies here in the city. Even if you do not approach them, after a while, a few of them will approach you to strike a conversation with you. Some of these ladies are looking to get married to foreigners so it is best that you state your intentions when flirting with them.

How to Date Kenyan Women

Kenyan ladies here in Mombasa are usually elegant and very sexy. Since the city is full of beaches, during the day, you will find them in bikinis or even skimpy outfits. They like men who dress well with most of them preferring those who put on casually. A tight jeans or shorts and a cool tshirt will do the trick. These ladies also love to be dating with men who are good looking, have a good physique, and a good sense of humor. They like being entertained with interesting topics when they are with their dates. Money will be a huge boost as some of these women love men who are financially stable so that they can help them in their entrepreneurial endeavors while some just want to be able to spend money on various luxuries. Be romantic and respectful when dating these ladies and you just might be lucky to get your relationship to move to the next stage.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

During the day, it will be best that you head to the malls and beaches so as to be able to meet many ladies here in the city. Most of the ladies here like spending their day along the beaches. At night, you can meet up with them at bars, pubs, and even nightclubs. Be confident and charming when flirting with them. Splash your money around and you will most definitely catch the attention of the ladies your are interested in. Some of the popular places that you will be able to meet single ladies ladies here in Mombasa are:

  • Bamburi Beach
  • Nyali Beach
  • Shanzu Beach
Bamburi Beach is a great place to meet the local and foreign women in Mombasa

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Nighttime is usually the best time to hook up with ladies here in Mombasa. Most of them are out to have a good time and are usually open-minded. They are sexually liberated and won't mind going home with you as long as you are charming and play your game well. Always state what your intentions are as some ladies here are interested in getting married to foreigners and therefore might want a long-term relationship. The joints, drinks, loud music, beaches, and gorgeous ladies help creating the amazing party atmosphere of Mombasa. Some of the bars and nightclubs that you will be able to hook up with ladies here in Mombasa are:

  • Pixies Lounge Bar: It is among the most trendy bars in Mombasa. The management here has worked on installing an outdoor seating arrangement so that people here can enjoy the romantic atmosphere found here. The staff is charming and work to make you feel special. Approach the Lady you like here and flirt with her seductively and let her response guide you on the next course of action.
  • Florida Lounge: It is popular among both locals and tourists here in Mombasa. The drinks served here are truly amazing while the lighting features here create that party atmosphere. The staff here is excellent and work hard to make you feel special. A section of this bar floats on the Indian Ocean creating that romantic feeling. Approach the lady you like here, buy her a few drinks and invite her to enjoy the romantic view with you. Play your cards well and you will be spending the night with her later.
  • Bob’s Bar: You will be able to enjoy amazing drinks here. There are two sections at this bar where one of them is ideal for drinking while the other is a dance floor. The terrace here makes the dance floor to be very romantic and a venue for hooking up with ladies here.
  • Tapas Cielo: You will be able to enjoy amazing cocktails here that are served to you by experienced bartenders. The mood here is usually relaxing so be calm and confident when you approach a lady here. Be more seductive when flirting with her and of you are lucky, you'll get to go to bed with her later.
  • Pirates Beach Bar: You will be able to enjoy the party atmosphere here while being close to the beach. The drinks offered here are superb with the dance floor creating an opportunity for you to hook up with ladies.
  • Bella Vista: It doubles as both a bar and a nightclub. The DJs who come here play a wide range of music genres making partying here to be guaranteed. The music is loud with the lighting features creating that party atmosphere. The bartenders prepare for you amazing cocktails that are worth your money. Buy a couple of drinks for the girl you like here and invite her to your table.
  • Avanti: It is one of the most luxurious clubs here in Mombasa. You will be able to enjoy foods and drinks here that are served to you by a very charming staff. 0ric3s here are on the higher end but equals the service that you will receive here.
  • Sheba Lounge:. It is an Ethiopian themed bar. You will be able to interact with both local and Ethiopian ladies here. Most of them are out to have a good time so charm them and you will most likely spend the night with them.
  • Just Drinks (J.D’s) Bar and Restaurant: You will be able to enjoy tasty cocktails here. The staff is charming and very friendly. The amazing views that you will enjoy here create that romantic atmosphere here for hooking up with ladies. The music is also great
  • Casuarina Club: It is an Ethiopian themed club. The interior decor of this club is truly mesmerizing. Couple that with the amazing drinks and great music that is played here, the party atmosphere is on. Be more lively when approaching the ladies here. Invite them to the dance floor and party with them. If you feel she is responding positively to you, you can suggest to her that you take the fun to your place.
Girls enjoying a party at the La Follia club

Dating Apps

Most of the ladies here in Mombasa have signed up on several dating apps where they can flirt, hook up, or even find their partner for life. Kenyan ladies here in Mombasa usually revere foreigners more thus you will have a better chance of dating them if you are a foreigner. They also like someone who is charming and very romantic when flirting with them. You will need to ping them first since only a few will text you first. You also need to state your intentions as there are those ladies who just want a hook up or a one-night stand. Some of the dating apps that you can use to flirt with Kenyan women in Mombasa are:

  • Tinder
  • Mingle2
  • Meet4u

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