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Moscow dating guide advises how to date Russian women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Moscow, Russia.

Dating Guide

Russian women here in Moscow usually have an open-minded approach to relationships. They focus a lot of time and effort to look good. They also have independent personalities. Most of these ladies usually have bright eyes, pale complexion, and blonde hair. They also have petite figures and tend to be tall, about five foot five.

You need to note several tips before dating a Russian woman. These women usually have personalities which are very different from the women in the west. They usually focus a lot on their feminine traits and usually like to parade it. They usually attracted to men who like taking charge. As a man, you will need to gather all your confidence and charming traits then approach the woman you like first. Russian women depend a lot on the man to make important decisions thus you need to prove yourself capable and trustworthy. Russian women also like to have intelligent and creative conversations thus being smart upstairs will give you the upper hand in wooing these ladies. They are usually open to dating foreign men and most of them won’t mind going to bed with you the very same day you met. These women are highly intrigued by men who have a good taste of fashion and are well-mannered. It is advisable that you stay away from ladies who are social media” drama queens”. This is because these type of women are only interested in spending your money and nothing more, resulting in you wasting your time and your dating life.

How to Date Russian Women

Russian women usually expect a lot from men who are dating them or are interested in dating them. They are usually bold and are not afraid to tell a man beforehand if they are interested or not. If you have the qualities that these women desire in men then you approach them, they will respond positively to your advances. They are usually charmed by interesting and confident men. The first impression that you will make to a girl is most likely going to affect how she will respond to your advances. While a majority of Russian women will be willing to go to bed with you on the first day you met, there are some who would prefer that you go on a couple of dates together before they can trust you.

Some of the Russian women here in Moscow are usually not that concerned about a man’s physical appearance while others definitely are. At all times, you need to dress decently and portray confidence as this will enable the woman you are dating to be more interested in you. Of course, wealth is something that dazzles most women and Russian women are no different thus a man who is rich, is guaranteed to catch the attention of most women here. He will catch the attention of the most beautiful Russian women here in Moscow. Many of them would even be willing to go to bed with you on the very same day you met.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Moscow usually has a lot of places where local girls here like to hang out and these places are just perfect to meet single Russian girls. These spots include restaurants, bars, and even nightclubs. You need to portray several qualities in order to effectively attract the attention of girls here in Moscow. Then you need to display good mannerism, hold creative conversation, and some bit of flirting when interacting with them. They are usually open minded thus you can confidently approach them with the odds of being blown off very minimal.

Many of the Moscow girls usually hang out with people during the day with the aim of socializing and building ties with them. For men who do not know how to speak Russian, you should not babble or speak a lot of words at a go when interacting with her as it would make her loose interest in you since she won’t be able to understand you. Instead, you need to speak slowly using direct sentences. You also need to be well groomed when approaching these girls. Moscow girls are usually intrigued by men who have a great taste of fashion. Dressing well will enable you to attract the attention of many girls here in the capital. Note that when choosing your dress code, keep in mind that different areas here in the city adhere to different dressing styles so do some research first.

One of the most popular places that you can meet single girls here in Moscow during the day is at the shopping malls, train stations, and the metro. Do note that majority of the Russian girls here in Moscow are usually busy going to work or studying thus it might be hard to socialize with them during this time. Moscow is also filled with many tourist attractions where girls usually like to hang out thus providing another popular option for places to meet girls here in the city. You will be able to meet both local and foreign girls at these attractions. You need to be at your best behavior and make a good first impression. Some of the best places where you will be able to meet single girls here in Moscow are:

Gorky Park



Historical State Museum


Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Thursday and Friday nights are usually the nights when the nightlife on Moscow starts to pick up shape. Many of the ladies who go to the different bars and nightclubs want to have fun. Approaching ladies at night is much easier than during the day. The weekends is now when partying is at full gear with many people partying and clubbing at the various entertainment joints in the city. Some of the bars and clubs that you will be able to hook up with ladies here in Moscow are:

Icon. It is the best bar in Moscow for you to hook up with a lady. It is mostly crowded with students who are here to get wild. Most of them won't be surprised if you approach them as they too have come here to have fun. Party and dance with them till late. Enjoy the amazing drinks here and also buy several for the lady you like. People come here to get wasted so chances of you hooking up with a lady here triples.

Krysha Mira. This entertainment joint doubles as a restaurant during the day and a bar at night. You can come here to enjoy the party atmosphere created here while enjoying the high quality drinks offered at affordable prices. The ladies who come here know how to have fun relaxing so be confident and charming when approaching the lady you like. Buy her a drink and flirt with her. Show more interest in her by paying attention to what she is saying and complimenting her where possible but be sure no to overdo it. This will ultimately increase her interest in you and will be open to spend the night with you.

Gipsy. It is one of the most popular nightclubs in the city. Partying and clubbing here is guaranteed throughout the night. The great music that is played here cuts across genres such as electronic, house, hip-hop and house. The drinks here are through the roof and are served to you by a charming staff. The cocktails offered here are tasty and very affordable. You will be able to party with close to 300 people here, which is a huge crowd. The number of ladies who come here is high and you will get to flirt and interact with them easily here.

Soho Rooms. This nightclub is usually popular among the famous locals here in the city. The ladies who come here are very gorgeous and want to spend a good time here. Splash your money around here to be able to catch the attention of ladies here more easily.

16 Tons. At this nightclub, you will he able to enjoy both local and international music that is played by various artists. Ladies come here to be entertained by these live shows. Ensure that you have interesting topics when you flirt with the lady you like here. Be more straightforward and a little pushy so that this lady can understand your intentions.

Chesterfields. This nightclub has introduced a ladies night on Wednesdays. You can come to this club at this time and you will find many gorgeous ladies to choose from. You will have to splash your money around here so as to increase your chances of spending the night with her later.

Pravda Club. It has two levels with the lower one housing several bars while the upper one is a venue for holding private parties and events. The drinks served here are worth every penny. You can ask the lady you like here for a dance or even arrange for a personal night out at the upper level for an extra fee.

Lookin Rooms. It doubles as a restaurant and a bar. Parties here are wild and very entertaining. This bar has two levels with the upper one being a huge dance floor where you can dance with the huge crowd that comes here. The lower level has a bar and a lounge area where you can relax and enjoy the amazing drinks offered here. Partying here is guaranteed from 11 am to midnight from Monday to Thursday while the fun continues until 6 am from Friday to Sunday. The ladies who come here come to have fun so bring your party groove so as to capture the attention of women here. Approach the one you like with confidence and ask her for a dance. Make sure you Charm her and make her night interesting and you just might end up spending the night with her.

Mendeleev Bar. This bar creates a romantic atmosphere Herr which you can use to woo a lady that you like here. Majority of the ladies who come here come to relax and enjoy the amazing drinks that are offered here at affordable prices. Buy a couple of drinks to the lady that you like here. Flirt with her and ask her politely if she would like to take the fun to your place.

Night Flight. This nightclub is located along Tverskaya Street in Moscow. It is believed to be the oldest club in the city. It is frequented by the wealthy locals here in Moscow. The prices offered here are very high but it is equivalent to the amazing service that you will get to enjoy here. The drinks offered here are tasty and are sure to get you drunk. The staff is charming and offer fast and professional service to customers. Ladies who come here have high taste so you need to dig deep into your pockets so as to impress a lady at this nightclub. Buy for her an expensive drink and invite her to your table where you can flirt with her seductively. Compliment her often and if she responds positively to your advances, invite her to spend the night with you at your place.

Dating Apps

Ladies here in Moscow have greatly embraced the use of dating apps to find their partners or even just someone to flirt with. Many of them have uploaded their profiles to these apps thus men can scroll through and single out those who have the same interests as them and then begin chatting. These women are usually open minded and will reply to your messages almost immediately. Russian women are usually beautiful and won’t mind dating and even going to bed with foreign men.

Interestingly enough, there are apps that omit the language barrier problem as they are equipped with language translators. This makes it easier for foreigners to flirt with these women without the worry of the language barrier. Some of these apps also provide you with profiles of women who are looking to have sex. You need to go through the profiles and bios of the women who have registered with these apps then you will be able to get in touch with those who you share the same interests. Some of these dating apps include:



Charm date

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