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Natal dating guide advises how to date Brazilian women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Natal, Brazil.

Dating Guide

Natal is the capital and largest city of the state Rio Grande do Norte, located in northeastern Brazil. It is a major tourist destination and an exporting hub of crustaceans, carnauba wax, and fruits, mostly melon, sugar apple, cashew, and papaya. The city had a total population of 890,480, making it the 19th largest city in the country. It is known for the beautiful Brazilian beauties who reside here. In the city of Natal, women are known to be quite short. They measure less than 160 centimeters as well. But these women have some exotic-looking naturally dark shades of hair. They have well-tanned darker skin tones.

Women in Natal are known to be beautiful and attractive due to the mixed racial background of most of them. The women who generally hail from the northeastern part of the country are known to have Afro-Brazilian roots and are natives of the land for the longest possible time. Not many women here have European ancestry, though a small chunk of the population is related to Europe as it is the closest capital city in Brazil to Europe as well as Africa.

How to Date Brazilian Women

With a large variety of women that are offered to you by the city of Natal, you are literally too split for choice. To pick up girls in Natal, you are recommended to choose viable targets, approach them with lots of charm, some money in your pocket to pamper them, and a good amount of convincing skills to talk them smoothly into the sheets.

You are recommended to be calm and composed while approaching women, they are known to be polite and are open-minded to approaches by strangers. Remember, if you wish to get laid, you shall have to make a memorable and impactful approach as most women are pampered and hit on by a great percentage of surrounding men. Begin by making a bold compliment or by expressing a controversial opinion.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The beaches of Brazil are renowned for white sands and blue waters. The better place to meet girls during the daytime is the beaches as they are thronged by the sexiest women of the country, enjoying the ocean, in their sexy bikinis leaving almost nothing to the imagination. Given below is a list of beaches that you must visit around Natal to meet naughty females:

  • Ponta Negra Beach
  • Brisa do Mar Beach
  • Fortaleza dos Reis Magos
  • Praia do Forte
  • Zumbi Beach

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

At night, the city turns into one big party place which stays alive until after midnight. Natal is a great place to go out and have a good time. A typical Natal Brazil night involves going to a nice bar, have a drink, and enjoy some live music. The nightlife in Natal does play a rather large role in increasing the chances of hooking up with sexy local women during the nighttime.

  • Taverna Pub

This bar in the basement of a castle-motif youth hostel is not exactly a first-class pub due to its bad acoustics and cramped space. However, it constantly draws in the 20- to 30-year-old age group who can’t get enough of the DJs and local bands who play live every night. The pub stays open until 4 AM.

  • Ponta Negra

One of the prime Natal Brazil nightlife locations is found at the Alto de Ponta Negra which is on high ground above Ponta Negra. It is a nice place to have a pleasant stroll if you are not inside of its numerous bars, discos, cafes, restaurants, and knickknack shops. Casa de Taipa is popular for its tapioca and 40 various types of fillings, as well as ice cream and coffee. The place is open until midnight.

  • Salsa Bar

This is one of the best dance places in Alto de Ponta Negra, boasting an open-air dance floor where up to 30 locals and tourists can show off their dance moves from 7 PM to 2 PM. Apart from the many types of cocktails, the house also serves fantastic crepes and other small snacks.

  • Praia da Pipa

In Praia da Pipa, you can go and have a drink in a pub to warm up for a late party. At around midnight, the place is bustling with parties everywhere, from clubs to hotels. These Natal Brazil nightlife parties can go on the way until past 3 AM.

  • Cervejaria Via Costeira

This brewhouse is big and wide, with a sumptuous cold cut buffet and cold beer on tap. The crowd is made up of an outgoing mix of Brazilians and foreign tourists. Customers say it is the best bar for couples.

  • Forró com Turista

Most likely, you may find yourself in a party where the only dance is forró, a type fast simple two-step where partners dance close. Forró is perhaps the northeastern Brazilians’ (including Natal) most popular traditional dance. You can get introduced to the dance at Forró com Turista at the Tourism Center courtyard where shows and dances take place every Thursday at 10 PM. Someone will always be on hand to teach you how.

  • Zás Trás

Zás Trás are traditional folkloric shows with dance music on stage. The shows vary but they mostly feature Afro-Brazilian, capoeira, and samba that demonstrate Brazilian culture.

  • Sgt. Pepper´s Rock Bar

Considered the best place to flirt Christmas, the bar combines a great selection of drinks and concerts to pack the jinx. Five bartenders preparing twenty types of cocktails. Pop-rock and blues are the rhythms played on Sgt Pepper's, after the presentations of the resident bands such as Groove MP (Tuesdays), Yanks (Wednesdays), Uskaraveklho (Thursdays), and Mad Dog Blues (Saturday).

  • Balacubaco Vitrola Bar

This is a bar that follows the philosophy of the mixture of attitudes. The excitement takes place from Monday to Saturday and the main attractions, according to who is the party is a cold beer, beautiful people, and a nice atmosphere. The name of the house, up the street from the pizzeria Cipo Brazil, was the expression of the same name, created at the time of Tropicalia, in which the Brazilian culture gained strength, style, and attitude. It denotes the joining of independent artists.

  • A Casa Lounge Bar

For those who cannot decide between the excitement of a nightclub and a bar of the calm, The House Lounge Bar is a great choice. Always seeking to innovate, it unites the two environments, so appreciated by the public. The idea came to create this space just for the lack of an establishment in town with the concept of bar-ballad. Each day a different rhythm invades the runway. Bands and DJs take turns on the task of stirring goers. Thursday has Forró of The House, already on Friday and Saturday, the choice is the pop-rock band and DJ. Also on Sunday is the Sunset House of the Sun, complete with the very pagoda.

Dating Apps

As a tourist you could use any of the following online dating options to get laid faster in Natal:

  • ParPerfeito

The name literally stands for Perfect Partner in Portuguese and is one of the most preferred websites as it has been around for over two decades. Needless to say, the website has an insanely large user base with a good amount of publicity in popular cities of the country.

  • Badoo

Badoo is popular in other parts of the world as well. It does make its presence felt in the country of Brazil with a sizeable amount of active female users and a familiar interface for most global tourists.

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