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Nice dating guide advises how to date French women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Nice, France.

Dating Guide

France is one of the beautiful countries in the world. When it comes to dating French women, the rules slightly differ from other European countries. Nice is a beautiful city in France and the capital of Cote d’ Azur. It is currently the 5th largest city in France. The city is beautiful during the summers and has a pleasant atmosphere during the winter months. There are many young and beautiful ladies in the city which will leave you mesmerized. French women have a generous and polite nature. Mostly, people over here do not indulge in casual hook-ups. They like to have a serious and long-term relationship with their partner.

It is normal for French women to hang out in restaurants and cafes with their male friends. This custom doesn't change even if the women are married to someone else. Here, French men and women try to keep their date a casual affair. People meet their partners through their community and friend circles. There is no such thing called 'casual dating' in Nice, it means you are having a relationship with that person.

If you are looking for a casual date in Nice, then it is still possible. You need to have some skills to impress a French woman. You should be kind, humble and appreciate the French culture of dating and other customs. It is not necessary that you should be extremely handsome and have a macho figure to attract French women. You can attract them with your generosity and carelessness about the world.

How to Date French Women

Dating in real life in France is far different from what you see in movies. You may think that you will instantly fall in love with someone and kiss them near a beautiful lake. In reality, you have to pay attention and use your intellect to impress them. However, French beauties also want to get involved in a relationship with no strings attached. This is because they don't want someone to control their life and freedom. So be fully prepared before you try to woo them with your style, charm, and gestures.

French women are beautiful, elegant, and have their own personalities. However, dating in France has a vast difference from dating in the U.S. The pick-up culture of the U.S. is not popular over here. But, it doesn't mean that French people don't flirt. Here, people consider flirting as an art. While approaching French beauties you have to be very subtle with your style and don't try to rush.

You should know the basic customs while you are in France. For example, French people greet with a kiss on both cheeks while meeting and saying goodbye. You will also observe that French women are quite direct when it comes to flirting. As it is said, they are open-minded and friendly. They have their certain gesture or body language when they get attracted to you. Such as, they will randomly touch your shoulders, laugh at your jokes, and smile, etc.

French women are straightforward. If they like you then they will feel not shy to approach you. So, remember to behave well and have good manners even when you are talking to others in front of them.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Nice is a mesmerizing city with several romantic places. You will observe that French people don't shy in showing some Public Display of Affection (PDA) on the streets. It looks like they don't care about what the world about showing their love in front of everyone. They will walk around holding hands, hug and kiss each other in public places. Nice has several places where you can meet hot and beautiful single French girls. Here in the list below are some romantic and beautiful places to meet single girls for a date.

  • Blue Beach
  • Castle Plage
  • Hobo Coffee
  • Blue Beach
  • Plage Le Sporting
  • Central Commercial Nice valley
  • Nice Etoile
  • Cap 3000

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

The nightlife of Nice is no less than the beauty during the daytime. There are numerous nightclubs and bars where you will find beautiful and sexy single French ladies. It is not very hard to impress French ladies. You need to use your charm to attract these women towards you, and then they will directly offer you to spend the night together. Also, you can impress them with your way of talking and gestures. But remember not to speak French unless you are fluent, then they will find a way out from the date. The bars are eclectic with groovy music and amazing lightings and obviously, a great range of drinks. You can offer them drinks and extend your hand for friendship or flirt with them. Here are some amazing bars and nightclubs in Nice where you can meet single girls.

  • Le Feeling

It is a discotheque and funky nightclub to meet single girls at night.

  • Bay Side

This is a bar where you can get exotic drinks for the night. Girls come here to hang out with their friends.

  • Le Volume

It is one of the happening nightclubs in Nice. It hosts live performances and single girls regularly visit here for its concerts and other programs.

  • Le Ghost nightclub

It has a very comfortable seating area with a wide range of drinks. You can come here to pick hot women to have some fun together.

  • Shapko Bar

This is an awesome pub with live music performances. You will find hot and gorgeous women come here to enjoy their free time at night.

  • Wayne’s Bar

This bar is famous for British locals in the city. If you want to meet British girls, then you can try this place.

  • Waka bar

It is also a bar and pub where young girls and boys visit during the evening and have drinks and dance. Young girls don’t mind dancing with new people if they find you attractive.

  • Le Glam

It is an extremely beautiful and funky bar to visit. You will find several chicks dressed beautifully dancing and talking with new people.

  • High Club

This place attracts a massive crowd of young girls and women in the city. It has a great ambiance and various drinks so you can offer and be fiend with the ladies.

  • Le Velvet Club

Le Velvet Club gives fun and exciting vibes. Ladies do not want to go to other clubs after visiting here. So you have a great chance to impress French women here.

Dating Apps

Many online dating apps can help you in finding gorgeous French beauties. The people of Nice are digitally educated enough than the rest of the world. They know the uses of different apps and websites whether it is about dating or not. Dating apps are also very popular among the younger and the middle-aged generation. The city is also liberal about same-sex dating and you will find many homogenous couples around the city. So, the available dating apps can help you find appropriate matches whether for a serious relationship or casual hook-ups. These apps which are listed below can help you meet your desired match in Nice.

  • Happn
  • OkCupid
  • Bumble
  • Meetic
  • Tinder
  • AdoptUnMec
  • Hinge

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