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Nicosia dating guide advises how to date Cypriot women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Dating Guide

Most of the girls here in Nicosia are white with a few them being black or brown. In Nicosia, most of the girls dress up in line with the western culture. In rural areas, traditional dressing is more popular. Most girls in Nicosia understand the trends in fashion and usually strive to dress well. Nicosia is usually not a popular venue to find many girls to have sex with. Christians are the majority of the population and Islam is the minority faith. In dating and friendship, Christianity is one of the most liberal religions. The Christian community in Cyprus is known as Greek Cypriots and has no religious norms. Turkish Cypriots are Muslims, however, and they have some dating and relationship rules. So, it would be a daunting task to try to pick up a Turkish Cypriot. The mindset also plays an important role. Greek Cypriots did not face regulations while they were growing up. However, because of family restrictions, Turkish Cypriots are reserved. The Cypriot people are not very welcoming and are relatively hard to get along with due to their long history of war and their enemies in Cyprus. This condition has badly affected the girls of Cyprus and Nicosia as their country and countrymen are supposed to be loyal. They are only supposed to establish ties with Cypriots and it is improper to have a relationship with foreigners. Therefore, if you are trying to take Cypriot girls in Nicosia, especially in public, you can face rejection, ignorance and even violent reactions.

How to Date Cypriot Women

Well-known, friendly and respectful guys have a great opportunity to attract girls in Nicosia. Guys who assure the girls about keeping the relationship a secret would have a fair chance. Getting acquainted with a foreigner is considered improper. A good way to solve this issue is by promising the girls full privacy and confidentiality about whatever happens between you two. Doing this will not be very straightforward, but if you manage to plant a thought in the girl's mind that no one else will know about the affair, she will be more likely to give you a chance. Guys who are well dressed, and well-groomed are more likely to date these ladies.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

There is strong chance for meeting girls during the day, but this is no guarantee. The kind of girls you encounter and how you handle them during the day depends a lot on your success. During the day, you can seldom find many girls who move about the city. You need to persuade her that the relationship you intend to have with her will be kept a secret. You will be able to meet women of all ages especially in the evening when they return from work or school. Some of the popular areas to meet single girls in Nicosia include:

The Mall of Cyprus

Asmaaltı Tezgah Cafe

Dereboyu Avenue

Ledra Street

Nicosia Mall

Acropolis Park

Alsos Akadimias National Forest Park

University of Nicosia

Cyprus Museum

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Here in Nicosia, the bars and nightclubs sum up the amazing nightlife that you are going to enjoy here at this city. The most popular areas lined up with bars and nightclubs here in the city are Themiskotli Dervi, Evagorou, and Grigori Afxentiou. You will be able to find many naughty women at these clubs who are open to hookups and casual relationships. Approaching single girls here in the city is not usually easy at night as they tend to hang out in groups at night. You need to be confident and straightforward when talking to girls at night here in Nicosia. They are usually turned off by shyness and nervousness so do not portray those. You also need to dress decently so as to catch the attention of many girls at night. Showing off your money will give a straight pass to the hearts of gold diggers here in Nicosia. Some of the bars and nightclubs here in Nicosia include:

New Division. This bar is housed in an old building here in the city. The lighting features here are low creating that romantic atmosphere found here. The DJs here play the latest hits and when the music is turned up, the party mood sets in. you will be able to enjoy the amazing drinks that are usually served here. Live bands also perform here on certain days. You will be able to meet girls here who have come for the party, drinks, and entertainment. You can even sweet talk her and if you are lucky, you get to spend the night together.

Silver Star Wine Bar. The décor of this place is truly amazing including the wine barrels that are used here in place of tables. As it is located close to office buildings here in the CBD, majority of those who come here are from work and are ready to unwind the activities of the day. You will be able to enjoy local and international wines and even cocktails. Local DJs usually entertain people here who usually throng here as the night progresses. Many girls who come here have the aim of relieving themselves of the stress of the day. You can take this opportunity to talk to them and even as them if they would like to hook up with you.

Patio Cocktail Bar. The architecture of this place is truly magnificent with the amazing interior of this place being a plus. There is a beautiful garden here where you can relax and chill while enjoying your cocktail. There are also delicious cuisines here which you can enjoy. The DJs here are very experienced as they play some of the coolest music here. The ladies who come here come to relax thus you can approach them and even offer to buy them drinks. You can flirt with them and enjoy the night together.

Babylon Bar. This bar is housed inside an old building. You will be able to enjoy amazing beers at the garden that is found here. You can choose a romantic spot to spend the night with the gorgeous ladies who come here.

Granazi. This bar is located in one of the residential areas in the city. The interior décor of this bar is truly amazing. It has a simple outward appearance but inside is where the magic is. You will be able to enjoy amazing drinks here. There are also live performances here on certain days. The DJs here play all kinds of music including pop and jazz. The ladies who come here have come to have fun and relax thus you can easily approach them.

Lost + Found Drinkery. This bar is popular among the youth here in Nicosia. The drinks offered here are very amazing with the DJs playing the latest music on the decks here. You will get to have fun with the girls who come here to have fun and even drink some of the amazing cocktails served here.

Palaia Pineza Bar. This bar is located inside a metal store in the historic area of Nicosia. The parties here usually go up until the wee hour of morning. You need to be at the bar by 9 pm so as to be able to book a table. Many people usually prefer to sit in the streets close to this bar when it is around 1 am. People come here to party so it is a great venue for you to meet girls and even ask them if they won’t mind hooking up with you.

Plato's Bar. The interior décor of this bar is breathtaking. There is no loud music here thus be prepared to enjoy the night relaxing and enjoying amazing drinks. The ladies who come here also come to unwind about the day while relaxing. You can buy her a drink and offer to sit next to her and enjoy the night together.

BrewFellas. Here, you will be able to enjoy amazing beers at very affordable prices. This bar is best for those who enjoy chilling out while drinking some of the best beers in the world. The ladies who come here also enjoy this relaxing atmosphere and the amazing beers found here. Approach them with confidence and sit with them when they respond positively to you. If she enjoys your vibe, you might even ask her if she would like to go to bed with you.

Vino Cultura Wine Bar. Here, you will be able to enjoy tasty wines at very affordable prices. The romantic atmosphere created here makes it perfect for you to flirt with the girl you like. If she responds positively to you, you just might be lucky if she accepts to spend the night with you.

Dating Apps

Online dating has continued to grow with both the youth and even the grown ups signing in these dating apps to find their partners or to just flirt. Many young women are creating attractive profiles and it is now up to men to charm them and make the conversation between them to be interesting. There are also several women who have signed up in these apps looking for ‘clients’ thus you need to know what you are looking for first. Some of the dating apps you can use to find women here in Nicosia are:

Tinder. It is the most famous dating app worldwide and is also the most commonly used here in Cyprus. With this app, you will be able to know the location of the ladies you are flirting with. You will have to go over their profiles so as to narrow down to those whom you share interest with.

Happn. With this dating app, you will be able to chat with ladies that have been suggested to you by it thus, it does the hard work for you that you would have used to go over numerous profiles. It is also a location-based app.

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