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Oslo dating guide advises how to date Norwegian women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Oslo, Norway.

Dating Guide

Hot girls of Oslo at the Lago club

Oslo is the capital and most populous city of Norway. The city municipality has a population of 697,000 people. In comparison, the metropolitan area has a population of over 1.5 million people living within its boundaries. There are many reasons tourists visit Oslo. One of them is women. Casual dating is on the rise in many parts of the world, but it has long been a fixture in Norway. Norway is a country where the standard rules of dating are reversed, and mostly sex comes first, and emotional intimacy follows slowly if the vibe is right. For travelers visiting Oslo, it is straightforward to get laid, but it's tough to get yourself into an intimate relationship. Norwegians are famously reserved, and so emotional intimacy takes lots of time. People here are also amiable and easy to interact with. Norwegians also tend to love some people from certain nationalities more than others. Most women find Australian men fascinating due to their accents. There are many places in Oslo to meet women and get laid if you play your cards right. Some of the popular ones include Storo Storsenter and Lambertseter Senter. Another popular way to meet women in the city consists of joining popular dating sites like Mingle2day.

How to Date Norwegian Women

Norwegian women are beautiful, and you will often find yourself getting attracted to them. The women here are in good shape with average height and natural. Norwegian women fancy tall men and will go any length to get your attention. Women here also have varying characters; you will meet some who are overcaring, some are shy, while others are short-tempered and outspoken. Women between the age bracket of 18 to 29 are the best choice for casual dating. These women are good in bed and are likely looking for casual dates and not serious relationships. Be careful if you get attached too quickly because girls here switch partners very easily without a second thought. There are no particular guidelines for dating these girls, so always work with what's works for you best. Any girl who likes you will always make it easier for you, but if they don't show any sign of interest, they may not be much into you. Here are some unique guidelines to successfully date a Norwegian girl.

  • Learn the local language: If you want to date a local Norwegian girl, be prepared to learn the local language. Women here appreciate that very much. Learning their language shows how much you appreciate them and their cultures. It's a great way to increase your chances.
  • Norwegian women love nature very much: If you are the kind that loves nature, you have a great chance to connect with people here. Trying some outdoor sports is also an added advantage when it comes to dating local girls.
  • Invite them to your home: Since you've probably had sex, they have nothing to worry about. Invite them over simple prepare food and also watch some movies together. This will improve your bonding and chances to date them.
  • Allow them to pay for bills after dates if they want to: Norway has a very egalitarian society; hence gender roles are less applicable. it is perfectly okay for the lady to pay half of the restaurant's costs or even the total costs.
  • Physical contact: Whether they are shy or not, Norwegian girls love being touched. Even if it's the first date, always hold their waist or put your hand around their shoulder; they will never say no to this type of action. This helps them feel safe about your interest.
  • Always use a good perfume: Women here love guys who smell good. Fresh smells indeed attract some of the gorgeous Norwegian beauties. They love new scents as if you have just left the bathroom.
  • Always be honest with your needs: Girls here love real people. Being straightforward is essential for a successful date. Suppose there is something you don't like. You are expected to say it even if it makes them uncomfortable. Honesty is the cornerstone of Norwegian culture, and most people value these attributes with admiration.
  • Dress well: Norwegian girls love guys who have a great sense of fashion. If you want to impress some Norwegian babe, always wear nice clothes. Good t-shirts and nice pants with a good cut will make it easier for you.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

If you want to meet Norwegian girls in Oslo city and have them interested in you, the locations you choose matter greatly. There are three main places to meet up with single girls while in Oslo city, and one is in the different nightlife spots where you can flirt with waitresses. You can also opt to get online with apps like Tinder and Badoo, which are used by hundreds of thousands every day. Another great option is open places like museums, parks, beaches, and famous streets. Universities and colleges are also great spots to pick up single girls. Unlike most western cities, the problem is not meeting girls but where to take them for dates. The good thing about these women is that they will help you come up with date ideas. Here are some of the favorite spots to get single girls in Oslo.

  • Bars, pubs and nightclubs:

Nightlife in Oslo is very vibrant and attracts many revelers, especially young people. Oslo has the best nightclubs and bars in this part of the region. If you want to encounter young and gorgeous Norwegian women, bars and clubs are your best spots. Most women here are wonderful with the idea of leaving with a relative stranger from these bars. Casual sex in these clubs is much popular, making it an excellent option for travelers and ex-pats. While here, always take a little caution due to the level of security. Most people get drunk and lose their valuables. Never take any drinks from strangers or even leave your drink unattended. Some of the city's famous sports include Nox, Herr Nilsen, Lawo, and Stratos club.

  • Shopping malls:

Being one of the most populated cities in Norway, Oslo has various chains, clothing stores, and supermarkets. Malls here feature designer brands and individual labels, especially those from local fabrics. The small cafes, restaurants, and clubs inside malls attract many people, especially women. Most malls also have cinemas inside that attract a large group of movie lovers. Meeting single women in malls is no longer strange but a common thing today. While you can start talking to her, and if the conversation flows, you can then decide to visit a restaurant. In situations where you meet a lady paying for something you can afford, you can pay for them. Norwegian women love that kind of attention. Some of the most popular malls include Oslo city, Aker Brygge and GlasMagasinet.

  • Outdoors:

Outdoors is one of the favorite things Norwegian women love. They are brilliant and active and enjoy intense physical activities, and that shows in their athletic bodies. There are lots of outdoor places to meet up with Oslo girls. Significant options include sports activities in the city, parks, public transport, and sites of attractions. Starting conversations in these places is more challenging than in bars and clubs. You will often meet most of them not in a good mood, resulting in a turnoff. Outdoors like swimming pools and beaches are a little bit different and will likely get a hookup. This is because most people in these places are here to relax or on vacation, so if they see you are foreigners, they will be more impressed.

  • Universities and colleges

Universities are the best spots to meet with single girls in Oslo city. since most of the girls are young and energetic, they will probably be single and willing to mingle. As an international student or a young lecturer, you can quickly hook up with university students without much struggle. As an expert or traveler, clubs near universities are great spots to hook up with local girls and get laid. Some of the famous universities in the city include the Norwegian Academy of Music. The University of Oslo and Oslo Metropolitan Unversity.

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

It's common among youngsters and middle-aged people to visit bars and nightclubs in Oslo. Most of the young men and women love to see a bar before heading home. Beers help them relax and let go of the pain of hard work. As a traveler or an ex-pat looking for a hookup, don't be surprised if a girl comes up to you and asks for a dance. If you spot a girl that impresses you, all you have to do is stand up and offer some drinks. Start a good conversation to impress her. If they don't accept your offer, move on to the next one since there are many girls in the city to choose from. Some of the top clubs to pick up Norwegian women include:

  • Bla: Bla is among the most popular dance clubs in the city o Oslo. It features several rooms and a large dance floor where revelers come to show their moves. The club receives a large number of visitors, especially during weekends. The significant crowd here is people from local communities and a few travelers looking to hook up with local women. It's a great place to hang out and connect with people.
  • Gudrun's: Gudrun's is a great place to mix bar and club feeling. It features two floors with one bar downstairs and a second bar upstairs. The upstairs has tables and seats where people relax while they drink, while the downstairs bar is a dance club with a large dance floor. The place receives many visitors all week long, especially travelers and ex-pats. It's a great place to hook up with local women.
  • The club crystal: This is among the most visited clubs in this part of the region. The club is flooded on weekends, especially by the young generation who party till dawn. They feature several well-decorated rooms with each room playing a different kind of music. the dancing floors are large to accommodate many people willing to show their moves. For those looking for luxury and quality, this is your best shot while in the city. It's also an excellent venue for ex-pats looking to hook up with local women due to the large number of women visiting the club. This is also one of the clubs you can easily get laid if you play your cards right.
  • Jaeger: Jaeger is considered a club, but it's much of a bar. It is among the most visited bars in the region, receiving people all week long. It features two bars and a large smoking area. The significant crowd in this bar is primarily middle-aged people and those that work within the city. It's an excellent place for tourists looking to meet and interact with new people.
  • Elsker: It is the most popular gay club in this part of the region. The club features three floors and three large bars. It attracts a large number of LGBTQ and many straight people. Most people visit during weekends due to the various offers given by the club. The place also attracts some of the most popular DJs in the city, especially on Fridays. It's a great place to hook up and dance till dawn.
  • Oslo Soul Experience: It's one of Oslo's legendary summer clubs, receiving many visitors all week long. The club runs all week from 9 pm to 5 am. here you can dance all night long to techno, hip hop and house music depending on the night. It features several rooms and a large dance floor for revelers to show their moves.
  • Baroque: This is another famous dance club in the city of Oslo. They offer a genuinely authentic music experience all night long. The club attracts many party lovers from all parts of the city due to its excellent sound systems and thrilling nightlife. The club receives a large crowd of revealers, especially during weekends and during special events. It's a perfect place for ex-pats and travelers looking to get laid by some hot Norwegian girl.

Dating Apps

Dating apps have risen in popularity in recent years. Using dating apps is a great way to prevent wastage of time checking out for girls on the streets. There are many dating apps on the internet serving different purposes. Some have extensive follow up while others have few users. The most common dating apps used in Oslo include:

  • Sucker.no
  • Moteplassen

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