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Podgorica dating guide advises how to date Montenegrin women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Dating Guide

Hot girls of Podgorica at the Imanje Knjaz club

Podgorica is the capital and largest city of Montenegro. The metropolis is among the most visited in the region, receiving a large number of visitors annually. It is located in an extraordinary geographical location in between mountainous areas and the coast. Apart from the wide range of attraction sites, women in Podgorica are cheerful, beautiful, and intense. Due to westernization, you will also find that many girls are almost stereotypes incarnate. Women here love hearing about exotic stories; tell them where you come from and how different it is from their city. Girls here also the same fighters. If you are one, don't be afraid to show your martial arts skills. It will increase your chances of winning them. Getting laid in the city of Podgorica is quite tricky. The hookup culture here is new, and many girls are unsure about it. There is also a societal pressure that keeps girls from being sluts which is very intense in Slavic nations than in other western counterparts. For quick hookups, always go to the clubs that are popular among university students. University girls are known to be very liberal, and since they are young, they are more into hookups. Tourists are also free pickings, and you can bet you will have fun with them. While dating here, try not to go straight to the point. Ease her in and offer a few drinks as you introduce yourself. After she is puzzled and you've made her laugh a few times, you have a much easier time getting her into bed with you.

How to Date Montenegrin Women

Dating a Montenegrin is not hard, provided you are aware of the prevalent cultural norms pertinent to dating. The society here is quite old-fashioned, unlike the western countries. Men are expected to display masculinity when with their ladies. Despite the traditional approach here, women are very liberal and not afraid to voice out their opinion. They are also not easy to impress; hence will require you to display effort and patience. Here are some unique guidelines to successfully date a Montenegrin woman.

  • Be a good fighter. Montenegrin girls find good fighters to be hot. This includes both martial arts and street fights. If you are a good fighter, don't be afraid to show your skills, it will win you some points.
  • They find polarized men more attractive. The community here values traditional masculinity, and so do the girls. Having a nice car is also a big plus if you got money also feel free to flaunt it. Many girls in the city are attracted to the smell of money.
  • Height is also a desirable factor. If you happen to be taller than the girl, you have a chance; if you happen to be short, there is hardly a point in trying. Most of the girls in the city won't even consider girls faster than them.
  • Families play a huge part when it comes to dating. Girls here can't date someone whose families disapprove of. Some families have very aggressive parents who might end their relationship due to race factors. If you happen to be black or Asian, there is a high chance that the girl's father won't approve of you.
  • Always be honest with your needs. Montenegrin girls love real people. Being straightforward is essential for a successful date. Suppose there is something you don't like. You are expected to say it even if it makes them uncomfortable. Honesty is the cornerstone of Montenegrin culture, and most Montenegrin value these attributes with admiration.
Romance and dating is a norm in Podgorica

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Despite the low population in Podgorica, there are plenty of places you can visit and pick up local women. The few universities and colleges in the city are an excellent hub for meeting open-minded girls. Girls here are welcoming, extraordinarily gorgeous, and vibrant. There are other prominent places to meet up with single girls while in Podgorica city, and one is in the different nightlife spots where you can flirt with waitresses. You can also opt to get online with apps like tinder and Amanda, which are used by hundreds of thousands every day. Another great option is open places like museums, parks, and famous streets.

Bars, pubs and nightclubs.

Podgorica nightlife is somewhere between relaxed and lively. It is not too crazy and still cannot be labeled as boring. Montenegrins enjoy partying as much as other European Citizens, which is evident in the vast crowds seen in various party areas in the city. The mood in these nightclubs is always set for partying, so drees up for the occasion. If you happen to be a cute girl, don't be surprised if a girl comes up to you and asks for a dance. If you spot a girl that impresses you, all you have to do is stand up and offer some drinks. Start a good conversation to impress her. If they don't accept your offer, move on to the next one since there are many girls in the city to choose from. Some famous clubs to pick up local girls include Greenwich, forest Lounge and Wine Bar, Irish club Saint Patrick, and Culture Club Tarantino.

Shopping malls.

Chatting with women in Podgorica is very easy due to the lack of language barrier. Most of the women here speak fluent English, making the day game very easy. The small cafes, restaurants, and clubs inside malls attract many people, especially women. Most malls also have cinemas inside that attract a large group of movie lovers. Meeting single women in malls is no longer strange but a common thing today. While you can start talking to her, and if the conversation flows, you can then decide to visit a restaurant. In situations where you meet a lady paying for something you can afford, you can pay for them. Girls highly appreciate such gestures in Podgorica. Excellent shopping malls to pick up girls include Delta city, The Capital Plaza, and Montenegro Mall.


The city of Podgorica is magnificent, with diversified tourist attraction sites and rich history. There are lots of outdoor places to meet up with Montenegrin girls. Significant options include roadsides, parks, public transport, and areas of attractions. Starting conversations in these places is more challenging than in bars and clubs. You will often meet most of them not in a good mood, resulting in a turnoff. Outdoors like swimming pools and beaches are a little bit different and will likely get a hookup. This is because most people in these places are here to relax or on vacation, so if they see you are foreigners, they will be more impressed. While here, never mistake the interaction for something else. Montenegrin girls love meeting new people. The local women here are also very proud of their culture and would get impressed if you express sufficient curiosity. Some of the highly visited spots include Moraca Beach, lake Skadar, and Ostrog Monastery.

Universities and Colleges.

There are not many universities and colleges in the city of Podgorica. The few have led to the rise in the number of educated Montenegrin women attributed to societal modernization. Education has taught many people to respect different cultures and other peoples' way of life. University girls are known to be very vibrant. Super friendly and ready to hook up even with foreigners.

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Podgorica is today a modern city with a rapidly growing nightlife scene. The city has a wide selection of bars and nightclubs to pick up local girls. Knowing the best places to check out can be a very daunting task for anyone unfamiliar with the city. Most of these clubs are often crowded, especially during weekends. famous clubs in the city include:

  • Mojito: Mojito is among the most visited nightclubs in this part of the region. It is located in Bokeska, Podgorica.The club offers a wide range of mixers, spirits, and flavored syrups at meager prices. The main crowd here are local youths and expats looking to party and hook up. During weekends, the club management invites some of the locally acceptable Djs to entertain their customers. It's a great place to hang out and interact with new people.
  • Buda Bar: This is among the popular bars in the city, especially among students. They offer a wide range of beers and spirits at low prices. It features two rooms and a huge dance floor where revelers show their moves. Buda bar receives a large number of visitors, especially during weekends. It's a great place to hang out for those looking to hook up with university students.
  • Blues bar: This is among the iconic clubs in this region and dubbed the city's home of Techno music. it is located in Novaka Miloseva, Podgorica. The doormen at the entrance are very strict, so always lay relaxed at the door. Most of the crowd here is composed of local young travelers and expats. The club attracts many locally accepted DJs and famous local musicians, especially during weekends and major events. It's a great place to visit and meet new people. While she also up your game, and approach a few hot local girls and start a chat.
  • Culture Club Tarantino: This is one of the famous clubs in this part of the region. It is located in Bokeska, Podgorica, close to the Blues Bar. The club offers a friendly atmosphere that sets the motion for partying. Most of the music played here is techno, pop music, and electronic music. the club runs on Thursday to Saturday from 8 pm to 4 am. It is usually crowded, especially during weekends, making it a great spot to pick up girls.
  • Image Knjaz: This is among the most visited clubs in this part of the region. It is located in Mariza, Sadine Podgorica, and receives many revelers, especially during weekends. It offers a great selection of drinks and an expansive floor to show your moves. Commonly played music is techno, pop, and electronic music. The club invites famous local DJs and musicians to entertain their customers on weekends. The attendants and waitresses are super friendly and easy to interact with. There are also lots of local girls ready to interact with foreigners. It's a great spot to hook up with single girls who can eventually get you laid if you play your cards right.
  • Bibliotheque: This is a popular outdoor bar that receives a lot of attention, especially from those working in the city. It receives lots of visitors, especially during evenings after work and crowded during the weekend. It is located at the heart of Podgorica city and offers a wide selection of local and international wines and beers. The bar invites acoustic musicians who perform several times a week and a venue in which great bands perform. It's an excellent place for ex-pats and travelers to hook up with local girls.
  • Caffe Berlin: Caffe Berlin attracts an artsy crowd of students, writers, and actors. It is known to be a beacon for the creative community in the city of Podgorica. It is located in Njegoseva, Podgorica city. The club features only one main dance floor and a small sitting area; services here are top-notch with lots of stunning waitresses who would love to serve you more than drinks if you play cards right. It's a great place to hang out and hook up with local women, mostly students.
  • Forest Lounge and Wine Bar: This is a stylish and sleek restaurant and bar located in Vojvode Masa Durovica, Podgorica. It is among the most visited bars in this part of the region, especially among wine lovers. They offer a wide variety of foods and drinks at meager prices. The significant crowd here is the travelers and local youth. It's a great place to hang out and interact with new people.

Dating Apps

Technology has changed the way people relate and date across the Globe. Podgorica was among the cities that were reluctant to appreciate online dating sites due to their trust culture. The best thing with dating apps for foreigners is making friends and creating a connection before you land in berlin. It's a great way to prevent wastage of time checking out for girls on the streets. There are many dating apps on the internet serving different purposes. Some have extensive follow up while others have few users. The most common dating apps used in Podgorica city include:

  • Tinder
  • SinglesAroundMe

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