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Porto dating guide advises how to date Portuguese women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Porto, Portugal.

Dating Guide

Hot girls of Porto at the Casa da Praia club

When it comes to dating in Porto, approaching a woman is not that difficult out here. Portuguese people are well-known for their open and friendly personality and are very generous with everyone. The women of Porto are very beautiful and welcoming. If you’re planning to date a Portuguese woman in this city, you will not face any problem talking to them. However, they are quite selective about who they want to be in a relationship with, and you will have to put in the effort. However, there can be a language barrier as only 32 percent of the population of Portugal know English. Make sure you learn few sentences in their local language to start a conversation. Moreover, they are extremely confident and have a very strong personality, which makes them slightly intimidating. They don’t like rude behavior, and thus, you should always treat them with respect. If they don’t like you, then they will simply just walk away from you. The dating culture of this city is quite similar to the western countries and has an equal and balanced level. Portuguese women are very open and welcoming, and every topic is interesting for them. They are very intelligent and are very outgoing. However, Portuguese women appreciate it when you try to control the date or their conversation. Make sure to maintain a balance of chivalry and confidence to impress these women.

How to Date Portuguese Women

You have to be a flirting master if you want to impress and date Portuguese women. Even though Portuguese girls are fluent in many languages, but they will be impressed if you attempt to speak in their language. However, private hygiene is also essential, so make sure to scrub yourself, shave, get your hair straight and apply some good fragrance. If you want to date a modern Portuguese woman, then you need to be fashionable. Do wear the right apparel for different events. Although wearing fashionable clothes is not a vital factor, being an excellent lover is more important. Make a beautiful compliment about her, it is the essence to impress a Portuguese woman. Make sure you have goals in your life and you’re successful. Be yourself when you’re meeting a Portuguese woman for the first time as she will be more interested in your real self. Arrange a beautiful date for her along with various trips where something interesting can happen. These may be Friday concerts in bars, exhibitions in museums, city festivals, car, and air shows, etc.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

In the country of Portugal, there are a lot of interesting places to visit. This city has a vibrant culture and lively locations and the popularity of these places continues to grow. Porto is one of the major cities in this land that showcases and celebrates beauty and class. This city has a lot of colorful architecture and welcoming citizens, which calls for attention and love. As a result, many people from all around the world come to this city for a vacation or to settle down. You will have a great time in this city, and the locals, especially the women, roam around everywhere. The women out here are quite funny and interesting, they have a depth to them that makes them great partners. They not only possess a variety of interests but also like going to places with their friends, and sometimes alone. Therefore, if you are planning to date these ladies in Porto, you may find many opportunities. However, you will have a wonderful time visiting the places and might meet someone special. Of course, you will meet different types of women at these places and you have to interact accordingly. You will probably meet more girls at shopping malls and districts. Some of the popular shopping malls are:

  • Iguatemi
  • Shopping Total
  • Moinhos Shopping
  • Porto Alegre CenterLar
  • Praia de Belas
  • Barra Shopping Sul

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

There are many nightclubs and bars where you can enjoy your nighttime. You’ll meet a large number of single girls in these places. You can approach them without any difficulty and can have a chat with them while enjoying your drink. Here are the top 10 nightclubs and bars in Porto:

  • Baixa bar – This is an amazing spot right in the center of Porto’s nightlife. If you are experiencing the nightlife of this place for the first time, make sure to visit this bar. You will find a wide range of cocktails and a lot of women around here.
  • The Gin Club - This is the most popular bar among gin lovers. The gin club will provide you with a menu filled with different gin options. You may find it hard to order your favorite gin combination and may end up having more than one.
  • Adegas sports bar – It is one of the favorite sports-bar among the local people of this city. This bar will offer you amazing burgers and almost 60 different beers from around the world. However, it is not only popular among sports fans, but also foreign peoples.
  • Industria Club - This is one of the oldest and most exciting clubs in Porto. It was opened in the year 1986. This club has some of the best national and international DJs playing every night. It is located in Foz just by the river Douro.
  • Pride bar – It is known as the most popular LGBT+ club in the city of Porto. The night scene of this venue has some of the best drag shows in town. When you’re visiting Porto, make sure to visit this bar for once.
  • Zoom Porto – It is another LGBT+ club located in the old town of Porto. It is built in a warehouse and is one of the most famous clubs in Porto nightlife. However, it well-known because of its extravagant parties.
  • Plano B – This is an absolute Porto club scene institution along with a chilling room. It is especially for the people who not only want to talk but also drink. There are also two dance floors where you will find both national and international DJs playing weekly.
  • Hard club – This club is located in Mercado Ferreira Borges which is a historic building. The hard club has 2 concert rooms, one with the capacity of 1000 standing people and the other of 350 people. Although, this is more of a concert hall and there’s no open and closing time. Make sure to check the schedule for the upcoming events on their site.
  • Pherrugem – It is a rock, indie, and alternative music bar. At Pherrugem, the Thursdays are dedicated to rock music and they’re the most popular nights.
  • Maus habitos – This bar is located on the 4th floor of a warehouse. It mixes art, alternative music and is a place that encourages and promotes all kinds of cultural performances.
Party at the industrial club

Dating Apps

There are many dating apps that you can use in the city of Porto to find the women of your choice. Here are the two most used dating apps:

  • Bumble - If you match with someone in Bumble, then it’s up to the woman to start the conversation. It is not that different from Tinder in reality. Bumble does ask a few more questions like whether you like Netflix or nightclubs. However, it doesn’t encourage people to fill out their profiles than Tinder does.
  • Happn - Happn uses a GPS feature to connect you with different people you’ve crossed paths with. Although it is a strange way to connect two people but is quite an interesting way to meet new people.

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