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Pristina dating guide advises how to date Kosovar women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Pristina, Kosovo.

Dating Guide

Pristina is one of the busiest cities in Kosovo as it is the economic and business center of the country. Visiting the country of Kosovo is something that holds the interest of many people as culture is exciting and different from what you might know.

There is also the fact that they have beautiful women. Many people hold back at first when it comes to relating with these women. This is because they are Muslim, and you do not want to do anything to get on their wrong side.

However, you will realize that these women do not act according to the stereotype surrounding Muslim women. You might be expecting them always to wear their hijabs. But that is not usually the case. Pristina women are liberal in their lifestyle. Wearing hijabs is usually out of choice.

If you are interested in tall and slender women, you are in the correct city. When you behold these women, you will concur that a woman does not have to be curvy before she is attractive.

It will interest you to know that Pristina women are hardworking. They are usually either at their workplaces or at school. They strive to be financially independent so they can get whatever they want without issues. Being financially independent also adds to their self-respect.

How to Date Kosovan Women

Dating a Kosovan woman is not as difficult as you may imagine as they are not conservative. It comes in handy to remember that these women are intellectual and open-minded.

One way of connecting with them is by engaging in conversations. These women love to engage in dialogues. They also have versatile knowledge. Once you are ready to have conversations with them, they will take it that you have their time.

They love it when men show interest in them. Once you are attentive, there are high chances that they will accept your offer.

It is no brainer that you must not insult their customs and traditions. Although they are liberal, they are protective about their religion and other practices. Once you are respectful, they will have higher respect for you.

Always remember that these women are financially stable. Thus, they are not swayed by your wealth. If you go around flaunting your wealth, it is a turn-off for them.

Kosovan women love it when a man is gentle. All forms of pride or aggressiveness are also a turn-off for them.

When you connect with these women, you will see that they are some of the sweetest women worldwide.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Since Pristina women are liberal and open-minded, you are sure to see them in places of fun. However, visiting these places during weekdays may not be the right idea.

Since they are also hardworking, they will be busy with either school or work. However, they may turn up at these areas in the evenings to relax.

With the knowledge that many of these young women are invested in their education, it is not out of place to visit the educational institutions in the city. After all, you will love to have a feel of how the educational system works and how it differs from what you are used to.

The educational institutions in Pristina are:

• University of Pristina

• European College of Kosovo

• The American University in Kosovo

You will see many young women at this place, and most of them will be single. Thus, it is one of the top places to meet single girls in the city.

Another place to meet single women in Pristina is the shopping mall. Since the malls are always busy, there is no how you will not meet a single girl.

Pristina women love to interact with tourists, so it will not be out of place to walk up to them.

Some of the shopping malls in Pristina are:

• Royal Mall • Albi

• AR Center

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

Some of the nightclubs and bars in Pristina are:

• Taverna Tirona: Not only do you enjoy drinks at this place, but they also have grills. There is the provision of music to set the mood at the bar. It creates a suiting atmosphere to hang out, and this attracts many people. You will see many women, and picking up a girl is possible.

• MIQT Pub: It is one of the top places in the city where you can enjoy the best beers. They also have delicious burgers and a beautiful environment. Many people come to relax in this garden, and you will not regret the experience. You can interact with many people at this pub.

• Bon Vivant: You are sure to have a swell experience when you visit this bar. You can enjoy some excellent jazz music. We do not know how it happens, but people are always happy at this place. It is an enabling environment to meet and pick up girls in Pristina. The cocktails and meals are some of the best in the city.

• Studio 21: It is no ordinary bar as there is a specific energy that attracts people. You get to mix and mingle with others in different ways. It could be through dancing or sharing of drinks. You will have a fantastic experience and might want to make return visits to this bar.

• Large Bar: You will be more comfortable in a place that has courteous staff. This happens at this bar. It is a place where people visit to relax after a stressful day. The women you will see are usually free, and picking up a girl is possible. You will not regret visiting this place.

• Zone Club: It comes in handy for you to know that entrance to this club is not free for foreigners. However, that will not deter the fun that you will have. It is a disco bar, and we are sure that you will dance your hearts out. It is one of the top clubs in the city, so you will see many people.

• Bab Club Premium: The positive and energetic vibes at this bar is something that attracts many people. It is possible to dance from the beginning until when you leave this bar. Everyone is usually lovely, and you will see women that will get your attention. You can choose your spec since the women are usually much.

• Hamam Jazz Bar: You can enjoy live music when you visit this bar. It creates a lively environment for people to interact, and you can link up with any woman you desire. You will enjoy their drinks, especially the cocktails. It is one of the top bars in the city and a place for both locals and foreigners to interact.

• Rockuzinë: There is almost nothing that you cannot get at this place. It serves as both a restaurant and a club. They have an array of food items on their menu, including pizza. All their food options are tasty, and you will have fun at the bar. You will make memories at this place that will last a lifetime.

• Klubi 《M》Club: It comes in handy that this place is constantly popping, so you can visit it any day. You are sure to have fun, and the staff are attentive. They strive to ensure that everyone is comfortable. You will see many women, and you can also pick up girls at this place.

Dating Apps

One of the top dating apps in Pristina is Tinder. It serves as a way to meet many women.

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