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Puerto Plata dating guide advises how to date Dominican women and what are the best places to meet single girls in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

Dating Guide

A group of girls enjoying at the Kviar club in Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata is one of the most famous cities in the Dominican Republic. Some people have a long list of what they enjoy when they are in this city. It is not surprising when they add the girls or women of the city to their list.

If you have encountered these women before, you will concur that they are gorgeous creatures. Asides from being beautiful, they have a certain sex appeal that surrounds them. You cannot pass these women without taking a second look.

It comes in handy that they have a bubbly personality, so it is fun to be around them. You will also notice that these women are free and open-minded. These women do not mind having sex with you on the first date. What matters is that they find you attractive also.

You will see women of all shapes and sizes in this city. Many of them have ample breasts, and we know that you might want to have a taste of them.

It is easy to be with these women if you play your cards right. After all, they are not the type to stick with the local men alone. They are open to trying out having relationships with tourists. They are usually eager to converse with foreigners.

How to Date Dominican Women

If you can match their energy, you can date a Dominican woman. These women usually meet a man halfway. They do not leave all the work for a man. However, it will not be wrong if you arrange cute surprises for her.

A Dominican woman likes a man who is understanding and compassionate. This is not to say that you should be weak as they also love a confident man.

This city is a comfortable and conducive environment to have a relationship. This is because there are beaches and many other places for a date.

A typical Dominican woman does not like stress. Thus, you need to take things easy with her. If you sense that she is uncomfortable about something, you should not poke any further. When she is ready, she will share it with you.

It is also best to state what you want from the beginning. Since these women are free and open-minded, they will not find it offensive if it is only sex that you want.

You will always see a woman willing to enter into a relationship irrespective of the terms you state. Thus, it is best not to hide anything from them or be deceptive.

If any of these women find out that you were deceptive about your intentions, they will end things.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

You can meet a single woman anywhere in Puerto Plata. The women of this city are not the type to jump into marriage as they like to have fun first. Thus, you will see many single women.

A typical place to meet a single woman in Puerto Plata is at a university or college. These young women are usually hyper in character, and they are eager to talk to foreigners. If you ever meet them and they are physically attracted to you, they will talk your ears off.

The educational institutions are swarmed with many single women, so you can make a choice.

Do not waste time checking out these educational institutions. Some of them are:

  • Softmatica College
  • Dominican University O & M

You can also meet single girls at busy places. The shopping mall is the busiest place you can see in any city.

You get to mix and mingle with both foreigners and locals. Surely, you will see many women, so you can also make a choice. It is not out of place to walk up to women in public areas in Puerto Plata.

Some shopping malls in Puerto Plata are:

  • Plaza Milano
  • Canoa
  • Joyeria Las Americas

Top 10 Nightclubs and Bars to Pickup Girls

They are:

  • Clubber Disco: It is one of the small nightclubs in Puerto Plata, but it stands out as a great place to hang out. There are also some resorts close to this place, making relaxation better. There are high chances of picking up a girl when you party at this club. We are sure that you will love it.
  • Kviar Show Disco & Casino Puerto Plata: This place doubles as a disco club and a casino. Thus, you will have a swell time. You are sure to mix and interact with others in a competitive environment, and this place provides that. You will see many women, and you can pick up a girl if you desire. What matters is that you will have fun.
  • Marotte Disco Club: Are you looking for a place to party from start to finish? This is the perfect club to visit when you are in Puerto Plata. They have an array of excellent drinks to keep you occupied, and they come at affordable prices. You will enjoy this place and its song selection.
  • Downtown Bar & Lounge: It is a chilled and relaxed spot to hang out in the city. People usually swarm this place because of its serene environment. The management of this place ensures that nothing is lacking as they care about their customer’s comfort. Visiting this lounge gives you access to many women, and you will love it.
  • Latin Disco Club: There is a feeling of warmth when you step into this club. It is because there is no discrimination between locals and foreigners. You can interact with many people, including women. You will have a swell time, and it is even possible to lose track of time due to the fun. People have only excellent reviews about this club.
  • Lust Afterwork: As the name implies, things tend to get freaky around this bar. Women are usually in abundance, and they are free. They do not mind flirting with you, and the atmosphere is usually excellent. Ensure to shot your shot at any woman you desire, as the chances of picking up girls are high.
  • Big Lee's Beach Bar & Grill: You can enjoy many things at this place, starting from the views and atmosphere. This bar not only has drinks but serves grills and other enjoyable items. It comes in handy that they come in big portions at affordable prices. The experience is usually unique, and you will surely pay a return visit.
  • La Casona Bar: If you ask about the top bars in Puerto Plata, the locals are sure to mention this place. It provides a lively and friendly environment, especially as there is the provision of music. People are usually on broad smiles and happy at this bar. It is a top location to pick up girls.
  • Tropical Bar: It is one of the beach bars in the city, so you will get a unique view while you enjoy your drinks. If you are looking to enjoy some of the best beers in the city, this is one of the places to visit. If you want to pick up girls, you can do it at this place.
  • Chalo Corner: We doubt that you can be in Puerto Plata without hearing about this place. It comes in handy that they provide top security, so you are safe while at the bar. Not only does it provide an array of drinks, but you will also have access to women and enjoy an excellent atmosphere. It is a great place to hang out.
Party at the Clubber Disco in Puerto Plata

Dating Apps

They are:

  • Tinder
  • Baddoo

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